Waiting Too Much of a Weight Half Past Dead

For those capable of understanding our momentum, this is a long-distance call as per Paul Simon’s http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=paul+simon+baby+in+bubble&FORM=VIR E1#view=detail&mid=F241624AC11909C39ED1F241624AC11909C39ED1

Note: This is an unedited first draft. http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=video+the+band+the+weight&FORM=VIR E11#view=detail&mid=C969C30793679C92440DC969C30793679C92440D …The traveler begins “The Weight” by giving the impression that he is visiting the Holy Land. The traveler is weary from his long journey (e.g., “feelin’ half past dead”), and is looking for a place to stay and sleep, as in the New Testament Gospel of Luke story of Joseph and Mary prior to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth in Bethlehem.”

Waiting Too Much of a Weight Half Past Dead
Dedicated to Lisa Ling’s potential and Jett’s future
by Oxman, 10:00pm PST, November 3, 2013… heading for our Great Beyond

“If they released ALL incarcerated people nationwide suddenly, with absolutely no conditions, no preparation whatsoever, as horrible and dangerous as some hardcore incarcerated are… if ALL the prisoners in the country tried to do as much damage as they could in a year they wouldn’t be able to come anywhere near doing the damage certain corporations do in a single day… every single day.” — the author’s thirteen-year-old home schooled son educating a mate, repeating a thought that he’s heard around the house repeatedly

Beckett, my hero, told me that he didn’t care for the poetry of Rilke, but that there was something about Rilke’s Panther which penetrated. “Penetrated” was the word he used. You should read the German poem’s translation below before reading this article, this piece intended to penetrate your atomized armor.

Heard Robert Pollie of the Seventh Avenue Project on radio today… Sunday… another day going away as I write… interviewing Michel Werner of Sweden… director of http://www.atnightifly.com/index.php?id=1… At Night I Fly and Three Poems by Spoon Jackson… moving me to focus immediately again on directly working to get the incarcerated citizens of California — as many as possible, as soon as possible — released… with as few conditions attached to their release as possible.

It is possible to create the watershed in history that this hints at. And anyone interested in what’s behind all that presumptuous blah blah — which is, I promise you, spot on steeped in my work over the last eight years (and beyond that, actually) — should contact me post haste… so we don’t waste anyone’s heartbeats… moving at the pace of an arthritic snail. [Pause.] For you see, this all could have been attempted yesterday. Accomplished.

Hey, I’m not just aiming at the release I speak of. Oh no, I’m just as focused on transforming life dramatically within prison walls… for those who cannot be released as per my “plan for action”… and helping the public to self-educate about ALL the issues which well-intentioned PIC-centered documentaries focus on incessantly.

Ultimately, like yesterday, we will ACT. In solidarity. Gladdening the hearts of very many people… some incarcerated… some loved ones of the incarcerated… those of some concerned citizens who have worked forever out of compassion, who have protested re the status quo.

We will perform a miracle.

“The AIC program at California State Prison, Sacramento — New Folsom — is featured in ‘At Night I Fly.’ In January 2010, the program was eliminated due to the state’s financial crisis.” — from http://www.atnightifly.com/index.php?id=4

Financial crisis? Miracles don’t require money. We don’t need money to do the right thing by the incarcerated souls who are suffering. Not a cent. We need sense blended into a plan for action which follows a fresh paradigm. Meaning, ALL the well-meaning efforts of the past — which continue to this day — are obsolete when it comes to treating imprisoned souls humanely, when it comes to bringing about the kind of transformation which is begged for by our societal momentum.

Obsolete? Yes, obsolete when embraced as one’s primary or exclusive means for bringing about change. I’ve got a brand new ticket for a ton of people… to get out from behind those bars.

The Panther

His vision, from the constantly passing bars,
has grown so weary that it cannot hold
anything else. It seems to him there are
a thousand bars; and behind the bars, no world.

As he paces in cramped circles, over and over,
the movement of his powerful soft strides
is like a ritual dance around a center
in which a mighty will stands paralyzed.

Only at times, the curtain of the pupils
lifts, quietly–. An image enters in,
rushes down through the tensed, arrested muscles,
plunges into the heart and is gone.

The above poem by Rainer Maria Rilke and so much of what Samuel Beckett wrote during his long literary life helped me to… understand a little bit… more… to want to act. Tennessee Williams, a disciple of sorts of Rilke’s elaborated on that poem for me, and Beckett at the Museum of Modern Art in New York… watching clips of early Buster Keaton flicks… with the great director Alan Schneider… preparing for their cinematic experiment titled Film… in the sixties… shared a bit about their thoughts on… incarceration. I’ve also got the words of the great Edna St. Vincent Millay tattooed on my heart — inside my heart, every beat — about Sacco and Vanzetti… embedded before I was fully eight-years-old. And, among other experiences, my time trying to save Troy Davis… knowing from the get-go that a petition alone would not turn the trick needed.


I hope that Judith Tannenbaum http://judithtannenbaum.com/prison-arts/ gets in touch with me. I hope that Spoon Jackson gets back to me. I hope that Suraya http://suraya.org/ responds to my outreach. And I do hope that someone associated with Werner’s documentary — of the many missives I sent to Sweden and elsewhere — will reply soon.

Enough with these bootless cries! I will be ready for Matt Damon when he calls. Ditto for Dr. Song of my most previous posts. But I will not wait like Vladimir and Estragon. Not for anyone. Not like anyone.

I wrote this particle, these words which are part article and part poetry, so that any citizen of the world who laments our inhumanity can know that someone has a game plan to discuss. A proposal for action that is unlike anything attempted before. Like nothing all those well-meaning non-profits have embraced, which are not NOT NOT NOT slated to get even the innocent or minor offenders out, or secure for others any significant humane help. Not about to transform anything which will reduce the fear or rape within the walls. Not about to do a fucking thing that’ll make a big enough of a difference to make it worth my precious heartbeats or theirs to talk about, let alone boast about.

What can you do? Some of you can check out what’s on the books vis-à-vis what a humane governor for the Golden State can do UNILATERALLY to get a prisoner you care about out virtually overnight. For starters.

When I say humane, I’m not talking about Brown or any Chief Executive we’ve ever had at the helm. No, it would have to be a different kind of person.

HOW could such a person secure the Sacred Seat of Sacramento?

Oh, don’t you worry about that ahead of time. The first order of business between us will be addressing whether or not we MUST release and transform in 2014… with historic numbers and in unprecedented ways. Meaning, do you understand and feel that we cannot survive if we allow the status quo to stand?

While I wait for Dr. Song to read and reply to my outreach in the previous post. While I wait for two local Santa Cruz youngsters to get back to me on how to set up an online announcement designed to test the waters for Matt Damon. And while I wait for 1001 others* to do the right thing respecting my latest missives and calls… which continue 24×8….

*It should freak anyone out to learn exactly who else I’ve been waiting to hear from.

While I wait for all that I WILL NOT WAIT. For I’m forced to wait for death, but I will NOT wait for life. To live life. To let others live blessedly like I do. Push for that.

Is anyone out there? I am here. I will always be here for you, for what we must now do in solidarity. [Pause.] Note that numbers matter less than clarity.

The incarcerated will dance their way out as we get our way. We will create a watershed in history, a Woodstock for the Incarcerated, HOPE on the horizon in capital letters… for sure, no more capital punishment, nor any more time served which should not be served, and an end to the sources of our societal bleeding.

O bailan todos o no baile nadie.

aptosnews@gmail.com for discussion http://theband.hiof.no/articles/the_weight_viney.html

Nov. 4 update: Spoke with Ben Dorf, PR and Marketing guy for http://www.filmbuff.com/about. Will he connect me with the director of FLY? That director would be thrilled, I’m certain, to know what I’m trying to do. Regardless, I think I’ll next ask Ben to connect me with people I’ve tried to reach previously (repeatedly) who are associated with another PIC-centered documentary of FilmBuff’s, THE HOUSE I LIVE IN. Yes, I’m going to do that.

Nov. 5 update: It’s now approximately 24 hours since I wrote the above update… and not a word further from anyone, except Suraya did send an email inquiry late last night. Waiting for the follow-up to my reply now, but my outreach to others — as per the last few postings here, actually — is not generating anything whatsoever thus far… that can be seen or felt for the future… which holds the CA gubernatorial contest less than 365 days away now.

Before 10am today I received the following from Ben:

“Thanks again for your interest in THE HOUSE I LIVE IN. I’ve copied on this email Kara and Shirel from the filmmaker’s team and can speak to you about the movie further.”

11/7/13 UPDATE: While waiting to hear back from Suraya on pieces posted subsequent to this one, I received (7:20pm or so) a very short response from Jim Carlson, former director of Arts in Corrections at New Folsom… but no one else; my outreach was extensive by any standards. I replied immediately asking for some serious exchange. I’m now waiting.

http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=video+the+band+the+weight&FORM=VIR E11#view=detail&mid=4537E2D71FF83EE284B54537E2D71FF83EE284B5