Oh, Do I Have A Parasol Brother For You!


“God gave Noah the rainbow sign, no more water but fire next time.”

Oh, Do I Have A Parasol Brother For You!
Dedicated to avoiding the violence James Baldwin cried out against
by Saturated Ox

It’s 10%, not 1%, and they’re holdin’ enough heavy fire power in every sense of the phrase to daze to death 200% of the population.

Federal officials aren’t going to do zip for the incarcerated (or 90% of the country).

State politicians in California could do something significant for at least its own residents if they cared.

It’s possible to secure significant reins of power in CA so that a governor would not need new legislation to make positive changes. Would not even have to talk to self-serving legislators.

The gubernatorial seat could be secured without hardly any support from anyone who voted in the last two gubernatorial elections; by focusing on the approximately 50% who — understandably — have given up on the electoral arena.

You can have a totally trustworthy person at the helm in CA, guaranteed not to have the power in hand corrupt, who would change life significantly for everyone in the state unilaterally, and virtually overnight… legally and nonviolently.

That latter point about “legally and nonviolently” is important because a huge number of citizens think in terms of “revolution” with violence in mind, approaches for securing reins of power which will not work.

EXACTLY HOW the Sacred Seat of Sacramento could be secured is something I’d like to discuss leisurely, in private, AFTER we agree on the need to do something radically different than anything that’s in process at the moment. And AFTER we agree on the URGENCY attached to doing something fresh. If you absolutely must know immediately HOW THIS ALL COULD BE IMPLEMENTED (or any other details), please contact me at aptosnews@gmail.com ASAP.

Okay, in http://www.zcommunications.org/why-washington-is-cutting-safety-nets-w hen-most-americans-are-still-in-the-great-recession-by-robert-reich.ht ml a case is made for the fact that 10% of the population nationwide — the percentage might be higher in California — are making out like bandits midst what’s an economic downturn for most, with bleak prospects for the future, the disparity in wealth likely to increase, the suffering and austerity measures in gear likely to escalate.

That doesn’t mean, however, that 90% of the population is with you in your interest — if you have one — in bringing about dramatic change in our momentum. [Remember, please, the I'm not just talking about economic momentum, though that's what's in the spotlight here at the moment.]

Oh no, for in practical terms about 40% of the population is in such dire economic straits and/or fucked up in some irredeemable way that you can’t say they’re with you at all. They’re way too busy surviving day by day or moment to moment to move in solidarity with anyone on anything significant. Certainly not on any ongoing basis. Documentation on that upon request.

Now, for the remaining potential 50%, let’s discount at least another 10% on the basis of their being pretty much totally into self-absorbed, self-centered activity. The collective good is something that does not resonate with them.

So what of the remaining 40%?

From the top of my head, I don’t hesitate to say that you’ve probably got another 10% minimum who differ so much with your basic values — peripherally or otherwise — that they wouldn’t be willing to plot and plan and risk with you by their side. Nope, theyre not aligned sufficiently with your fundamental outlook to do what’s necessary to deal with the powers that be together with you and yours.

Yours? What do you have left here? I think we’re down to 30% now.

Which means it’s time for a break. A thinking person’s break. To wit, to note that the recently popular OCCUPY MOVEMENT was very fragmented. Whilst waxing and waning ecstatic about the 99% figure on all the placards and banners, the most core members of the so-called movement were engaged in what were called General Assemblies addressing tactics and strategies… for awhile. I know a bit about the dynamic that took place because I traveled nationwide attending tons of gatherings under the GA umbrella.

http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=out+of+the+rain+etta+james&FORM=VI RE1#view=detail&mid=44C5F5363E9C08B8C23244C5F5363E9C08B8C232

I inserted that Etta James song ’cause I wanted to bounce off the umbrella imagery momentarily, to make the point that we’re NOT out of the rain courtesy of the OCCUPY GAs… or anything else here and now or on the horizon. To emphasize that point up the wazoo.

And I wanted to underscore that you can get rid of about another 5%… ’cause they like to argue or like to take forever or insist upon leading or are overly attached to a particular ideology or are purists in some other sense.


Not if you’re incarcerated. And we’re all incarcerated… even if we’re pulling in the big bucks.

That’s why you need me till the Sun shines again.

Oh, do I have an umbrella for you!

Thing is, though it won’t cost you a dime… all the 10%’s money can’t buy it. And their fire power will be measly in the face of the Sun next time.