Jeez, Zeese… Disease

Note: Unedited first draft here. Y’know, I keep making references to Ben Affleck lately… and now it’s become serious… once again. To wit, I hear that the lastest Tom Hanks flick will be up for an Oscar. Whoa… yet another abomination to be lauded! People with sense and decency really have to pull away from their Entertainment Addiction for a moment, their To Each His Own Taste mantra… just long enough to smell the deadly propaganda, the U.S. Company Line which says, to give one example, that Somalis don’t have good reason to be boarding foreign ships to engage in criminal activity. Why? ‘Cause just like the back story for Blackhawk Down was slighted, to put it mildly, the U.S. role in provoking criminality via its foreign policy and corporations’ activities abroad has been designated for The Memory Hole for way too long with the help of Hollywood. Please ask me why their Past is Imperfect in a well-designed political sense. To the point where it spreads disease.

Jeez, Zeese… Disease
To call a toxic spade that you’re digging with a toxic spade
by Ox

I think my contact said that he was related to Kevin Zeese. And he, like Kevin, wants to bring about what could be described as left-of-center change. So… why doesn’t he contact his cuz, connect me in a way that I haven’t been able to do on my own? Kev has connections. And his cuz, my contact, feels very aligned — last I heard — with my values, my agenda, my vision for… leftists in California and beyond.

I’ve put Matt Damon on hold for the moment… until I receive a response to my missive of this morn respecting my frustration with putting up a Draft Damon presence online. And until I get word back from Zeese’s cuz on Damon’s connection today with long-standing buddy Ben Leni Riefenstahl Affleck. Yes, the same Ben who’s been on a bender with his Eastern Congo Initiative, bedding down with genocide-loving louts from Rwanda and elsewhere.

Kevin’s cuz is a sweet soul. No question about it. He means well. AND he has experience in realms that count. His connections are of peripheral concern to me. But, naturally, I want to secure help in networking. For, unlike him, I’m not so sure — as per the previous post — that we’ll be around in 2018 to keep fighting the good fight… if we keep embracing primarily or exclusively the tactics and strategies and outlook that are dominant in leftist circles these days, which have been pretty much exclusively using up our collective energies for quite a long time.

Like Camus, he rejects traditional religion’s trappings, but is formed by its codes. He’s a very serious Jesus-like soul, and trustworthy. That said, like his cuz, he couldn’t be more off the mark when it comes to our deadlines, or with regard to what protest means are worth the heartbeats, how we’re going to change the status quo. Oh, that sounds presumptuous? Well, read below what his cuz is up to these days. It’s a worthwhile read for one and all ’cause the cuz is immersed in a dynamic which damns ALL activists, it seems.

In the November, 2013 issue of Z Magazine, there’s a Kevin Zeese piece titled, “Protesters Take Over Trade Building Exposing Secret Negotiations.” Below are some of my responses, in no special order, and in no way intended to represent my comprehensive take on the article.

1. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) — Zeese’s focus — is indeed an overwhelmingly important issue, but the select readers who will come across his reportage in the publication put out by Lydia S., Eric S. and Michael Albert is relatively small, and I’ve personally come across “the information” a number of times in other alternative outlets recently, none of which boast big followings. Raising the question of what Kevin expects to change with his documentation.

2. Banners calling for “a democratic process” and a “release of information” are not going to cut the mustard, as they say. And that way of protesting and spreading the word and planting seeds is one of the major ways ALL the allied groups mentioned in the article go about trying to change the status quo, interrupt our momentum. In short, when banners (or any of their first cousins, like placards held up during marches in circles) are embraced as one’s primary or exclusive means for bringing about change, well… nothing’s going to change.

3. They “took over” an office building to make their points. Again, such occupying cannot be a major means for bringing about lasting change. It needs a supplement of some kind, nothing of the sort being on the horizon for those groups.

4. No one got arrested, but… keep pushing along the same old lines and see what happens. And… what happens and doesn’t happen, then, from that happening.

5. “Seven advocates dressed as workers….” How much time does all this take? Basic question: Is it worth the activist heartbeats required to pull it off?” Meaning, what supplements or alternatives were discussed… prior to preparing the BIG PROTEST? I ask that, in part, because I never got a chance to offer up my grassroots thoughts to either Kevin or his “partner” Margaret Flowers… both of whom keep posting articles on Counterpunch without contact information; I broke through the inaccessible Kevin and Margaret wall at one point, only to be dismissed prematurely on the run, their run to… nowhere? Sorry if that sounds too sarcastic, but I am trying to stir up some exchange here, and the usual polite blah blah clearly hasn’t worked to date.

6. “…the TPP is NAFTA on steroids….” Great catchy phrase to bandy about, replete with a decent delineation of what we can expect if we don’t stop the momentum. BUT BUT BUT… no proposals for action that have any bite. That said, I do have what I consider a new way to fight. AND I have the energy to take part in ongoing discussions of alternative actions* if my “plan for action” is rejected. BUT BUT BUT… no interest in my grassroots adrenalin.


The half dozen above should generate some discussion with me, I pray. But look at how Zeese’s fine article concludes:

“Protesters have promised to escalate their tactics if President Obama continues to undermine the Constitution, transparency, and democracy.”

Wow. IF? At this juncture, IF? Give me a break, please. And escalate? I’m sure that the powers that be are shaking in their boots, the ones currently stepping on our necks when they’re not in goose-stepping lockstep.

The Jeez in my title here is an oblique reference to Jesus. It’s with that kind of seriousness that I think of Kevin’s cuz. And because the cuz comes with such a Jesus-like agenda… I ask humbly and respectfully that he consider connecting me with Zeese… for the purpose of having some private grassroots discussion.

Is that asking too much? [Pause.] It’s asking a helluva lot less than what Zeese is asking the powers that be to change. Less, too, than what he’s asking the apathetic, resigned, cynical and atomized public to embrace as things stand.

The fist thing, Jeez, is to knock things down… like Jesus did in the Temple. But… in a different way, for a different way out of our disease.

Afterthoughts: In the Zeese article linked to his name in the title above, one finds the conclusion below.

“People across the world are standing up and demanding that government be responsive to them, not to the rule of money; that the economy be re-made so it serves all in a democratic and egalitarian way. Progress is being made toward the world we want, every day, by millions of people around the world. You are not alone, you are part of a worldwide movement.”

Well… yes and no. I’d love to discuss why the above sentiment begs to be qualified. See, as one possible point of departure for such a discussion.