The Davis Party

Unedited first draft here. Hi, Paul! Abbracci, Steven & Satellite. Hello, Dr. Shively & Gang. Hugs, Suraya. Let no leaf fall. My heart is all but out of me. [Warning: Those who don't acknowledge that we have collective deadlines of any kind will certainly think I'm crazy here, but.... Ditto for those w faith in the status quo.] Update as of 10:30am PST 11/13, Wednesday: Molasses is the operative word, our moving at an arthritic snail’s pace. Wow, I do hope that readers will take the Davis conceit in an appropriate way, not lose the day over a lack of imagination. [Troy Davis was executed on my birthday in 2011; I thought of him a lot while writing this, and I have a great story to tell about him if anyone's interested, about him and me... and maybe you.]

The Davis Party
In the spirit of Davies, which is not quite a Davis, but….
by Oxman… not quite an apeman

Maybe I should call it the Black ‘n Blue Davis Party, or the “Bucket of Blood” Davis Party… so that readers will know I’m serious here. [Elaboration on all, upon request.]

My thirteen-year-old, with a little help from trustworthy “experts” in various fields, could do a better job at being Governor of California than Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman or Grey Davis or Pete Wilson or Arnold or all of them put together. In part, because he wouldn’t compromise one whit on the major crises of our times. AND he would help the public to understand that compromise — contrary to popular misconception — is not always necessary, rarely necessary when it comes to the really crucial issues of our day. The need for new legislation nil; citizens are ill thinking otherwise. Fun-filled will is all. ALL.

So with Miles Davis and Ossie Davis in mind — and my being driven out of my mind by the lack of response to date to my 24×8, unconditional outreach eight years in — I’ve come up with a Davis ticket for 2014 gubernatorial California which my youngster and his unaffiliated, non-politician friends and family and other loved ones can live with. A tentative list which could constitute a start for the write-in campaign proposed under the umbrella of TOSCA might comprise:

1. Angela Davis needs no intro, but there’s something worth saying at the top here. To wit, in spite of this and that difference I might have with A.D., fact is that there’s no doubt that if she were in office that one of the first cards she’d play at the very first opportunity is the “Get Out of Jail” card, for sure. And if the reader glances at my previous post, and checks out what I listed as “Reason #2″… well, you’ll see just how important that card is to me. I mean, I’m really down with the need for heavy attention being paid to other issues, but ain’t nuthin’ gonna get better as long as tons of the brothers and sisters and cousins who are rotting away incarcerated aren’t pardoned, or provided with way more humane treatment… for starters. And there’s no excuse not to go down that necessary road, none whatsoever, every reason to do so post haste. Don’t waste my heartbeats please if you can’t relate to that hot plate, mate. And keep in mind, if you will, that I’m really pissed off that I haven’t been able to gain direct access to Angela Davis for years now… even working really proactive at the whole shebang, even with having made inroads with some of her close buddies. The point being… there’s something in Angela worth the candle… all that aside. I don’t care if she doesn’t want to be the next Guv of CA, I just want to bounce off of her vis-à-vis tactics, strategies and recommendations. Ditto respecting you too, reader, whoever you are. [Then again, Dr. Devra Davis could relocate here.]
2. Mike Davis
3. Baron Davis
4. Kristin Davis
5. Geena Davis (with Reza Jarrahy)
6. Brandon Davis
7. Marvin Davis
8. Jermey Davis
9. Dee Dee Davis
10. Vernon Davis
11. LaVan Davis or Dana Davis
12. Alana Davis or Meryl Davis or Jan Davis

I stopped searching at D’Mitch Davis on

Perhaps you’d like to put in your two cents here orthographically, not with $, as the campaign will be run — as per the TOSCA delineation above — on a zero budget, for all practical purposes. Know a Davis, perchance? Everyone can find a Davis of some sort, yes? Open to retorts here.

Would sure like to hear from someone before a Jefferson Davis or worse takes over the Golden State.

By the way, for what it’s worth, whoever you recommend does not have to actually reside in California. If that’s not clear from the TOSCA sound bite, or if anything needs clarification please let me know at ASAP.


1. Perhaps someone knows someone named Davis who they can lightly introduce me to, to help initiate discussion of something; neither you nor they have to be taking the above seriously. Nor does anyone have to be a fan of Miles, Ossie or Angela. What their hearts beat for to such a degree.

2. Speaking of degrees, perhaps someone will want to discuss with me what I can do with my library (spotlighted two posts back); it’s a stupendous potential donation which could help tons of people and a given community and/or serve as the basis for some serious fund raising for a worthy non-profit. Or… maybe “degrees” will stir up interest in a new kind of dialogue about Climate Change; I don’t want readers to think that I’m ONLY interested in the ongoing torture of people of color. Or… then there’s the potential for me to serve as a mentor or teacher for youngsters somewhere, somehow… gratis… for the purpose of showing them why most degrees from so-called institutions of higher education today will be meaningless by 2018; see the previous post for the skinny on that. To what degree am I out of my mind? Totally. Gladly so.

Emergency insert: Remember, this is an unedited first draft, please. Rushed.

3. When Ray Davies sings “I don’t want to die in a nuclear war….” it’s one of many points in the lyrics when readers/listeners should take quiet stock. I lived through the time when we were supposedly on the brink with the Kennedy/Kruschev confrontation. You should let me tell you the back story to that, which few educated people know about. But, more importantly, I’d like you to understand that that brink is nothing much when contrasted with the horror on the horizon we don’t hear about enough daily. It’s much more of a likely scenario, in case you didn’t know, than ever before. And if you do know, I’d like to know what you are doing about that. Whether or not appearances tell the truth for you. Whether or not — with your children playing in the backyard (safely you fancy) you are, in fact, resigned to the notion that you can’t stop our momentum on that score. That, as you go out the door to fight the good fight in some tiny corner… you’ve actually given up on the Big Picture. That’s a degree of crap I can’t countenance.

4. Me? I’m going to end war on earth. And not just wars courtesy of the U.S. Anyone who glibly, knowingly delivers the stock cynical line straight out of Central Casting in Hollywood, effortlessly putting down my so-called idealism needs to ask themselves how they can be so sure of their position when they’re so on the run from morning to sundown that they can’t take out the time to argue with me, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or organic juice together… leisurely. Look, I read those books too. But if you glance at my background/credentials/family info under the ‘About Us’ banner above, maybe you’ll get a glimmer of why I’m so passionate about our not needing to buy into the guaranteed violence which acceptance of war makes necessary*. You’ll see mention of Howard Zinn there, and before you send your offspring off to be offed by strangers… you might want to first understand why I’ve embraced Howard’s attitude about “Just Wars” and such. There are apemen, and then there are apemen. Gypsy Rose Lee was never anything like Rosie O’Donnell. All pacifists are not the same. Don’t dismiss me prematurely. I have your loved ones in mind. 24 hours a day, 8 days a week.

*Here’s hoping that it’s clear that I don’t only care about vets. And that “wars” includes the alleged war on drugs. Also, too few know about today’s historic highs of rape in the military; there should be a war about that! Whatever, we should be able to have it so Dwight F. Davis, founder of the Davis Cup international tennis competition, turns over in his grave; he was the 49th U.S. Secretary of War.

5. As per Ralph Nader’s piece today (11/12/13) at es/, I’d like readers to note that there’s something else (in addition) that 30 million impoverished American workers and their loved ones “should not and cannot wait any longer” to address. No matter your pov of Ralph, whatever your politics.

6. I know what solidarity means. I know how it can be brought about sufficiently, in a new way… in time. I know why I’m on this earth. E3#view=detail&mid=59826480DED838B66AD959826480DED838B66AD9

From my beloved Beckett: “Fail. Fail again. Fail again better.”

P.S. There are a lot of “reservations” I have about both Thom Hartmann and Amy Goodman. That said, even though I haven’t carefully read through the entire transcript of  , for those who think for one moment that we can wait until 2018 to do something fresh to deal with our various crises, you might want to at least glance at the link directly above… provided by — permit me to remind you — what I consider a very mild alternative media outlet. The urgency is real.

I humbly and respectfully request that those who are in a position to do so, help me to connect with Mary Su of Walnut Creek, Sergio Romo, Steve Young, Johnny Weir, Graham Nash, Steve Nash (not to begin replacing Nashes with the ashes of Davises), Conan O’Brien, and/or any of the Davis parties above. I’ll be adding to the Wish List here, methinks. Someone must be able to make use of a grand library while the Bad Moon rises.

You can go “around tonight” with me. Your life won’t be taken tonight.