American Addict 2’s Cues & Dues

Special update: It’s after 10am PST 1/7/14 and no word yet from the American Addict quarter. 11am… still nothing. After 1:11pm… zero still. It’s very still around here, thinking about all the documentary film people I’ve reached out to… who have not responded even with a Thanks, but no thanks reply. Todd Darling of and Roy Germano of are but two examples of many who have not engaged with me. In fact, there are a score of people associated with socially-conscious film fare who are using obsolete forms for motivating citizens into meaningful action, and totally ignoring my outreach. Even when I offer to serve their personal agendas as they see fit. It’s all worse than very puzzling. And I have no clue as to what cues might work. See additional updates below.

Note: (”Addendum for American Addict”) should be read prior to checking out this rushed, unedited first draft. And, ideally, it would be sweet if the reader tuned into the Etta James song at the bottom here… before doing that. I incorporate some of what’s delineated at in my writing, and I pray that the reader will not be lost prematurely because of my style of writing. The bottom line should be… moving in solidarity… freshly. Honoring my request in boldface below should do. The one underscoring that discussion is due.

American Addict 2’s Cues & Dues
by Oxman

“…rough beast, its hour come round at last….” — Yeats

This is a bit presumptuous of me, yes. But I talked to Dr. Smith on the phone finally yesterday, and — having learned that he and Sasha Knezev & the whole crew are due to film a sequel of sorts to their American Addict documentary — I felt obliged to rush out another posting here… in the name of urging them all to grant me the private rendezvous I’ve humbly and respectfully requested BEFORE THEY FINISH FILMING.

For if they don’t they will have missed a window of opportunity which will not come again. One which would guarantee both cinematic efforts being the talk of the nation for 2014. One which would enable them to create the necessary watershed in history which is being begged for by one and all as I write.

The pain which Dr. Smith deals with at his Comprehensive Pain Relief Group in L.A. derives from many sources, which I’m sure he’d be quick to tell anyone. The thing is he’s applying tourniquets of a sort, and I want him and his colleagues to join hands in solidarity with me to address the many neglected sources of our bleeding. He DOES address the source of bleeding with his documentaries/work. BUT ALL documentaries these days — as underscored in — are contributing to our documenting and entertaining ourselves to death in lieu of taking meaningful action in solidarity.

Now it might be that with AA2 you’ll find some recommendations for “getting involved”/”taking action”… which sort of thing has become almost mandatory these days with socially-conscious cinema. BUT the obsolete forms of protest and obsolete ways in which people are encouraged to bring about institutional change need to be looked at again… from a very fresh angle.

And that’s where I should be able to contribute something singular.

But a hard rain’s falling. [Pause.] Daunting misty mountains facing us, yes, but — post haste — let’s not waste any more heartbeats.

Time for Etta’s umbrella.

This morning I came across -robert-reich.html. Funny, Roberto is on the cover of the Fall, 2013 issue of Documentary… hawking Jacob Kornbluth’s Inequality for All.

Dear God… help me here, please. Same old same old. Ad infinitum.

What do we have here? Marching in circles with placards. Circulating petitions. Writing to Congress. Holding seminars and sponsoring conferences. Publishing articles and books… as if the scorecard weren’t already in. Planting seeds with cinematic efforts and lyrics which will not bloom in time.

We have DEADLINES, dear people. Dear, dear concerned citizens who want to make a difference.

Well, there IS a way that hasn’t been tried. And, again, that just might be where I can serve as an asset for your immediate mundane purposes AND your grander vision, your authentic desire to make this a better world.

For that, though, you must invite me to have leisurely discussion with you, with ample heartbeats set aside for obligatory, in-depth Q&A.

If I we had been born in the tiny little hamlet in the state of Morelos we wouldn’t be able to do zilch… if we were still living there. If we had been born on February 9, 1737 in Thetford, England, in the county of Norfolk, we certainly would be impotent these days… lying so deep in the dirt.

But let’s skirt around that hysterical historical play and say — in no uncertain terms — that being where we are at this very moment… we are fortunate enough to be in a position to do more than merely make magnificent documentaries.

All cues are in. And our dues are clearly defined.

O bailan todos o no baile nadie. RE1#view=detail&mid=44C5F5363E9C08B8C23244C5F5363E9C08B8C232

I thank God for your eye, your ear. Merci for your sweet heartbeats.

Contact the author at “We do live on in others” was placed under the title of “Addendum for American Addict” when it was one of the two most recent postings presented on the Home Page; posting this piece that “intro” was lost. And on that note, please understand that my ‘payments’ are now coming due, my obligations. To those who cared about us long before we were born.

7:10pm: Wrote twice today to IDA Board President Marjan Safinia. Nothing from anyone thus far… even with offers extended to raise funds for IDA purposes by my colleagues. SEE ASAP, and contact me… while I’m waiting to hear back from someone.