All Riding On Gay Guv, Buddy for Our CACA

Note: If this posting offends anyone, let me know and I’ll immediately do away with it. It was rushed out just prior to dinner tonight without a thought given to editing or anything. Eliquate and everyone connected to them should plow through the previous post first.

“What do you think would happen if, say, a very talented gay comedian took over the Golden State, honoring transparency and inspiring trustworthiness, all on a zero budget? I mean, what do you think would happen, really, would be likely to happen around the whole world? Is anyone thinking? Does anyone have an imagination?” — one of the author’s beautiful home schooled teenage charges hosphorescent+ride+on+live&FORM=VQFRML#view=detail&mid=BE7815F949E7016 B5E47BE7815F949E7016B5E47

All Riding On Gay Guv, Buddy for Our CACA
Dedicated to B.W.
by Ox

The thing is, why NOT secure significant reins of power. That’s the question. Especially if it doesn’t cost you anything. I mean nothing, not in terms of time or money. No distractions from present primary priorities either. And, look, you gotta consider that you’d be saving the world, at least having a shot at doing so.

All that in contrast with apathy, resignation, cynicism, ignorance, habit and/or atomization which current rules your life.

Hey, a gay guy has a lot to gain, yes? Sitting in the Sacred Seat of Sacramento, directing traffic so to speak. Acting as Head of the Regents of the University of California educational system, well… you’d certainly light a few fires, no? & put some out too, yes?

Like what?

Well, since the most well-intentioned, highly educated, deeply experienced people I know don’t know what flows from that fountain, perhaps I should delineate telegraphically what one could do virtually overnight, unilaterally and without any new legislation coming down the pike:

a) You could totally stop ALL animal torture on campuses;
b) interfere historically with our horrid nuclear dynamic (vis-à-vis both weapons and reactors);
c) provide shelter at no extra cost for the lion’s share of homeless;
d) change the TRULY UGLY name of the UCSC college rag The City on the Hill (which reminds us all of the Native American genocide and the dated notion of Manifest Destiny);
e) reduce student tuition;
f) raise blue collar worker salaries to a livable wage;
g) create a watershed in history respecting undocumented immigrants with regard to health care for their children;
h) impact UNBELIEVABLY/POSITIVELY with regard to many aspects of the curriculum;
i) sponsor arts programs throughout the state which would be cutting edge.

That’s just a sample of nine ’cause I’m pressed with time. Again, stuff that could be done EASILY, without so much as conversation with the gangster politicians, the careerists in office who will NEVER do the right thing for the collective good.

Oh, I forgot, I didn’t provide the blood and bones of the whole shebang. Sorry. But simply look at the telegraphic sound bite delineation at to catch a whiff. Just make sure that you glance at it when you can set aside some leisurely time, for dealing with it on the run won’t do. It’s so very unprecedented that rushing through it would be tantamount to hosting people like the Wright Brothers pitching their new concept of flight in the 10th century… in Tasmania… deep in the woods… with that Devil everyone’s always talking about.

Seriously, though, as you go through the a-i above, please note that I’m just skimming the surface of what could be done as Head of the Regents, not addressing the wonderful angles which could be played out — also unilaterally and virtually overnight — ‘cross the state in other capacities.

You’d have to love such a dude, yes? I mean, wouldn’t you consider him your buddy?

The previous post made reference to the lead singer/writer for a local band which I love, identifying Elliot Wright as “Wright on”… and I think I’ll ride off into the sunset now, giving the Eliquate in-group time to devote some heartbeats to the above whilst I ride on to dinner. Whoa, am I ready to eat!

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Post Scriptum
: Please keep in mind that if one had something like an Entertainer’s Party or Music Party to get things off the ground, the people who were initially providing the electric charge envisioned for the public could simply be on a tentative list, generating general public interest and setting up gigs for themselves on the basis of their participation, but possibly dropping out, allowing themselves to be replaced as we got closer to election day… letting what might be a more appropriate gubernatorial coalition to kick in. The whole kit and caboodle could be played with so that it worked for everyone, suited individual needs. The point would be to get something refreshing into gear, give us all at least a shot at turning the corner on our crises. Climate change alone, to say nothing of all law going south on us, and super surveillance coming down the road on us, begs for our movement in solidarity in some unprecedented fashion. And if anyone wants me to spell out what else we have collective deadlines associated with… simply ask. It will be an honor to rundown what’s threatening to run us all down post haste, waste us like the diet of a bad B-movie. Hey, T… if you see Invasion of the Body Snatchers, be sure to catch the original version. And, hey, why wouldn’t Elton*, Johnny Weir, Jason Collins and many others and come on board? [Pause.] They would guarantee creating that watershed in history I’ve talked about forever… even in a campaign loss. [Instructive elaboration on this all-important point, upon request.] The Gay Party? The Music Party? The Dance Party with a nod toward O bailan todos o no baile nadie?

When I gave out that image, T, of B.W. walking onstage with Elton, and suggested that people would be wowed, you mentioned that they might very well think gay. The thing is, when I substituted a three-headed creature in place of Elton, I was trying to get to the point that if OUR GAY GUY was onstage with the dozen creatures I have in mind… they wouldn’t know what to think, not be able to — not be interested in — using their blown minds. Rather, they’d be motivated viscerally…which is what I dream of as an ideal scenario in recruiting initially.