Indentions in the Sheets

Plea to the NSA and all of its first cousins in bed with Obama & Co, which is pretty much the same as that un-pretty Bush & Co. (Talk about Bad Company!): Please don’t do to me what you’re trying to do to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, what you did to Drake, Manning et alia already. See . More importantly, see _glenn.

Indentions in the Sheets
by o’xman

At parties I am rarely happy
My conversation isn’t snappy
When at home and in my bed
I think of what I should have said

Hey, hey, hey, hey….

Obama droned my mother

And blew my kids away

And now I’m headed DC

To make Natasha gray


And make Malia pay Hey

And Give Michelle the hell Hey

That I live every day


9/11’s nothing

To what I’m gonna do

Indentions in the sheets ‘Yo


For you and you and you TOO!


Indentions for Renditions
Indentions for Renditions
Indentions for Renditions
Blowback for Intentions HEY!

“Indentions in the sheets” is a line from RM=VIRE1, one of my favorite Neutral Milk Hotel lines.

The above could be called the Punk Revenge Song, as Brian and the gals are going to hit me with music soon… to embrace whatever lyrics I write. What a blessing. And how far from a blessing is the fact that our president is now being allowed — BY YOU AND ME! — to drone to death from a distance cell phones! All illegal, of course, courtesy of ELITE IMMUNITY. Meaning, without any consequences or need for approval from anyone, THE EMPEROR is targeting not individuals, but CELL PHONES now. Meaning, there’s no meaning left in life for many, for many who have children and precious homes and parents who might be sleeping near a “radical’s” high tech gadget, which he inadvertently left by his bed on his way to market. Ah, the FREE MARKET wherein the telecom giants can reap unconscionable profits whilst we immiserate others… and they cooperate in all the illegal operations that military teenagers do when they send out those drones to kill those cell phones… from Massachusetts… one of the birthplaces of the democracy we used to have, which can now only be seen in the form of indentions in the sheets. rkers-pay-the-ultimate-price-for-the-killing-of-osama-bin-laden?lite ho d-by-pakistani-state/