Obama’s Getaway Car and You, You and You

Note: This is an unedited first draft for Brian and his loved ones. The basic image and more was borrowed from Glenn Greenwald; 2011 With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful. Metropolitan Books (Div. of Henry Holt and Company), ISBN 0-8050-9205-6 (10). ISBN 978-0-8050-9205-9 (13) is an incomparable work of non-fiction, essential reading today. See my http://oxtogrind.org/archive/1539 for a touch of what he spotlights in his perfect Chapter 4.

Obama’s Getaway Car and You, You and You
by o’xman

“The first step in movement in solidarity must come from a one-on-one encounter. It cannot be started with a thousand so-called ‘friends’, using high tech outreach as a point of departure.” — one of the author’s home schooled teenage charges

“People who cite psychology of the masses or what they call ‘human nature’ or history as reasons for not being able to change the status quo are coping out. Obviously so. For it has always been so, that important change has been encouraged by a handful of souls individually or very small groups in solidarity.” — one of the author’s other brilliant charges

When Obama conveniently promised to prosecute all criminals regardless of how high an office they held (like war criminals Bush and Cheney) during his first presidential campaign, and… then… “rationalized” the “we must look forward, not seek vengeance” mantra of Gerald Ford… in letting them off the hook scot free, he committed at least three dastardly acts.

Before I tell you what they are, though, I want to underscore that anyone who thinks the Whore in the White House has the remotest legit argument in not prosecuting should at least give me the satisfaction of knocking down their delusion definitively. Which will be very easy to do. There was absolutely NO practical justification for looking the other way, every reason to force the day in court… for the war criminals.

The three things Obama did courtesy of his cowardice and corrupt soul:

a) he guaranteed the continuance of elite immunity, especially for any Commander-in-Chief (which precluded the possibility of prosecution for him in the future no matter what he might do!);
b) he enabled Bush and Cheney to brag blatantly in retrospect, making small fortunes with their bravado, feeding the worst instincts in society;
c) he demonstrated that the “hope” he spoke of on the campaign trail was a lie, demoralizing dependent demographics.

Like I said, there are more than three things to cite, many more dastardly tweaks to his behavior. But let’s stop there for now… and pull over to take in the imagery I have for you… leisurely.

Obama drove the getaway car for Cheney and Bush and others.

What the criminals did was on the order of the worst abominations of the 20th-century, equal to the crimes of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Churchill, Truman, Hideki Tojo… whoever you might want to cite. At least in terms of the severity of those they had an impact on most seriously. I’m not talking about numbers here, and I don’t think you should be thinking along those lines either. War criminality is war criminality irrespective of math.

I was going to turn your stomach and provide some gory details, but I won’t.

Rather, I’ll ask you to contact me for discussion… respecting what you want to do about all this now.

For I keep running into people who claim that we cannot have expected Obama to keep his word. They give all kinds of reasons. But they throw them out to me on the run, not allowing for discussion.

Well, permit me to tell you what that means to me.

Quite simply it means that those people are volunteering to gas up Obama. Completely prepared to look the other way themselves — when they’re the ONLY stumbling block left against torture and the like — grabbing the gas pump for our criminal Commander-in-Chief, guaranteeing him what he needs to travel down the road he’s chosen, unencumbered by law or anything else.

They’re — YOU? — enabling Obama to keep driving over this world in his U.S.-made vehicle, thumbing his nose at the 25% of the world’s population which has indicated they now believe we’re the greatest threat to peace on the planet. And they’re — YOU? — setting things up for HORRIFIC Hillary Clinton, the gal who was all for all-out war in Syria, and…. Hell, I’m not going to insult your intelligence by delineating her other atrocious credits, her despicable track record.

The “practical” person who I encounter who acts as if one major party has to be chosen for fear of a worst evil is stuck in a very old rut. And that’s another thing I can substantiate definitively, IF they will take out the time to talk to me. Pay attention to the torture instead of making their personal agenda their exclusive concern.

I mean, what’s the difference between Obama and that “practical” person who makes no time to consider HOW to stop our horrid momentum? Is cynicism a legit excuse? Is resignation about our Big Picture an excuse? Is it somehow okay to dispense with what was ruthlessly established at the Nuremburg trials? Is an anarchist stance an excuse?

What possible explanation is there for gassing up Obama at Pump Time? Is it only people who have bought the bullshit that we’re fighting a war against TERROR? Are there any people left who actually believe that? I mean, people who believe that and are willing to discuss another pov NOT on the run?

I will not insult your intelligence by spelling out why the War on Terror, led by Obama (at the moment) is a sham. Rather, I will simply ask why you’re enabling the Commander-in-Chief. Or why you feel impotent in the realm I’m addressing.

Howard Zinn, bouncing off of Rosa L., always noted that if voting could change anything it would be illegal. He didn’t mean that it wasn’t okay to vote at times. He just didn’t want people to waste too much time on that activity. Certainly not, if they weren’t backing their votes with other actions. He didn’t want that to be one’s exclusive means for participating as an engaged citizen.

When the vast majority of citizens in a given realm cannot be brought around to address something like torture through traditional means, then other means must be sought by enlightened souls. For it’s not just a matter of compassion that calls for that (though that would be quite enough of a reason), but enlightened self-interest. Blowback from the torturous path we’re on is guaranteed.

Oh yes, a final touch with the imagery.

Obama isn’t just driving the getaway car. He’s driving on the wrong side of the road now at will, totally disregarding what we used to call law on several scores, causing all kinds of death and destruction which have nothing to do with war… in addition to what comes from his war activities, I should say. And honking very loud after hours in the process.

And on that count… you can actually count numbers which put him in the same league as those other monsters mentioned above. Which, if true, says what about you?