For James Baldwin and Kathleen Wells and You

Afterthoughts to the article below+: Miraculously I received rapid responses from Kathleen’s station, including a call from K.W. herself. She listened to my blah blah for quite a long time, and now I’m waiting to hear back from her respecting an email I sent her spelling out how some ways in which I thought I could serve as an asset for her immediate personal purposes, while working on some basis in solidarity with her on the macroscopic plane. On the plane that’s necessary to keep her Rowe-centered efforts from being in vain. The pain is… that it’s hard to get anyone to see how making inroads in a particular realm MUST BE supplemented — simultaneously — with Big Picture solidarity to make all the fighting the good fight in specific corners worth the candle. In short, it won’t do enough to have “success” vis-à-vis the Rowe-related injustice spotlighted in Kathleen’s article (link below) if our two-tiered justice system isn’t tweaked post haste. Immediately, for it’s getting worse by the day, and slated soon to culminate in our all having to go much longer than the 15 years Mr. Rowe has been at it to secure even less ambitious advances. [All elaborated on, upon request.] Oh yes, it’s noteworthy that not a soul from the Center for Biological Diversity or Physicians for Social Responsibility has gotten back to me yet on my weekend outreach; zero except for a token gesture from Tucson… which has not followed up on the additional delineation I forwarded this A.M. What am I doing?

For James Baldwin and Kathleen Wells and You
Dedicated to Ida Wells and the wealth of potential which resides in our souls
by o’xman

While waiting to hear back from the concerned citizens associated with the Center for Biological Diversity and many others this morning… not expecting much from any quarter… as per my writing in the previous post, my partner called me into the living room to check out a Sky News segment centering on 0124.html. [Pause.] Unbelievable. Is this really happening? I had heard about that technology previously on a BBC report, but — what?! — Oxford University is now getting behind the whole unhealthy/Big Brother shebang? Too much. Too much. Too much.

Then… salvation. I came across Kathleen Wells’ spot on h-500-million-dollar-liens/. What a beautiful call for movement in solidarity! I climbed the walls as soon as I saw Jimmy’s

“Not everything that is faced, can be changed, but nothing can be changed, until it is faced.”

He had said something similar to me way way way back in the day at Small’s Paradise. A place no one seems to have a trace of in their minds these days. An oasis that helped to make my passion what it is today. Thank you Wilt. Thank you Lorraine. Thank you, Mr. Baldwin.

I think that Kathleen’s piece resonated immediately and most deeply because I had just come across reading about how — immediately after MLK’s assassination — Coretta Scott King had humbly and respectfully requested that Josephine Baker consider leading the Civil Rights Movement. I had gone to bed last night (9 March) dwelling on that fascinating fact.

Then… this morning… bang! =VIRE1#view=detail&mid=4C29B47A50B4533948A14C29B47A50B4533948A1

Oh, Kathleen… Kathleen. Embrace, do, this marriage made in heaven.

I will gladly — it will be quite the honor, in fact — to stir up the chicken soup, and create that watershed in history you seek. If you truly do mean the words with which you concluded your fine article:

“I would like to say to this entire nation that if there was ever a time for all black people, as well as people who believe in righteousness and justice for all, to stand together, it is now. This is not only an injustice to Leonard Rowe, but an injustice to all people, everywhere.”

For I know the importance of what Jimmy gave over so many precious heartbeats for, knocked on wood incessantly for. For, for me, the racial dimension of what we’re all embedded in screams out loud and clear 24×8, never stopping, not even in my sleep.

And I know in my bones and blood how the racism which makes your skin crawl is blended with the horror of Proteus Digital Health and the abominations being perpetrated on Mother Earth. Our collective momentum is truly dispiriting on many scores.

Don’t ask me why I’m ending this rushed, unedited first draft with Nina and the Dubliners and Neutral Milk Hotel. My guess is that I’m merely trying to bond… desperately… to move in solidarity*… in unprecedented fashion… and I don’t question what rises up these days at a given, unforgettable moment.

*’Cross the board, as per your plea, Kathleen. RM=VIRE1#view=detail&mid=842DCCF1E225D21A7719842DCCF1E225D21A7719 =detail&mid=919AE207DE3E8798500C919AE207DE3E8798500C