Premature Rejection, Premature Ejaculation

Opening note: I realize that I’m being NYC pushy. I know it’s the South by Southwest weekend. But tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. Another reason, perhaps, for not connecting. And after that there’s the collective “back to work with tons on the table” talk. And subsequent to that there’s the inevitable citing of the full plate, which doesn’t allow for engagement regardless. I underscored the word because I’ve been through this dance thousands of times. Everyone is busy. Not just you. Too busy. “Too busy” for what? I’d like to talk about that. For concerned citizens are doing zero on the macroscopic plane in solidarity, the level on which we must play to stay alive and to stay decent alongside all that is glorious in life. The silly author whose article on the South by Southwest dynamic (in my Addendum) is sadly out of touch with that. That must be addressed. With more, soon. [Pause.] Before the light that’s lost within us reaches the sky.

Original Opening Note: All concerned citizens of Texas should read the previous post first. Everything — here and there — is unedited. Rushed, in keeping with my sense of urgency. I wrote what’s below while listening to It seemed appropriate, for it has a great sense of solidarity embedded in it. And it addresses starvation. [Pause.] In my view, activists are absolutely starving for a new paradigm for protest. [Pause.] Whether or not others embrace my particular proposal for fresh action is not important. Discussion is, however. As per what’s below.

Premature Rejection, Premature Ejaculation
Before the light that’s lost within us reaches the sky
by Buey

Way below (in boldface) I’ve reproduced a missive which I fired off to Professor Robert Jensen of the University of Texas-Austin this morning. In response to his short email to me saying that he was not interested in running for public office, that his focus was “on teaching, writing and our local projects.”

I recommend that you read what’s in boldface now, and then return to my blah blah here.

Welcome back.

Flannery O’Connor begins her wonderful A Good Man Is Hard To Find with

“The grandmother didn’t want to go to Florida.”

Well, I certainly don’t want to go to Texas. No one in their right mind would want to… if they had what I have in California. The thing is, I’ve offered the world to some of those organizations which Professor Jensen is associated with as a volunteer, and I submit that — as of the moment — I’m being rejected prematurely. I trust that everyone will bust through whatever’s keeping them from taking me up on my gesture. We’ll see. [I've also offered to donate, raise funds, etc. ...but -- thus far -- zero. The question should not be my rejection personally. Rather, the focus should be on WHY... HOW can non-profits not show interest in grassroots discussion desired by someone with my experience, my enthusiasm. In one case, I suggested that as a volunteer I thought that I represented a "marriage made in heaven" for one of the groups.] I don’t want to beat all this into the ground, but fact is that I’ve been through this sort of thing before — nationwide — and it touches upon a dynamic which truly begs to be talked about at length… at the very least. Better, we should aim at dealing with it. Post haste.

Now… what’s this about Premature Ejaculation?

It has to do with my take on what I know lots about. To wit, what goes on through the blood and bones of writers. Not only writers like my beloved Professor Jensen, the ones which write alongside glorious Glenn Greenwald, contribute to ZNet and Counterpunch and their first cousins, those who labor on behalf of Amy’s show… and so on… and so on… and so on… ad infinitum, but organizers of summits and conferences, citizens circulating petitions, concerned sweethearts conducting candlelight vigils, angry souls getting arrested and having their heads bashed in at the barricades, common people marching in circles with placards, those on hunger strikes in and outside of prison walls, those calling for change with bootless cries… embracing obsolete forms of protest six ways from Sunday. JEEEZ!!! They get overly excited about expending their energies too early, exploding into spaces where their heartbeats do not resonate with those who are victims of apathy, resignation, cynicism, ignorance, habit and… atomization.


Understandably — I’ll repeat that, UNDERSTANDABLY — they get off on their work, their efforts, their accomplishments. The thing is NOTHING is going to change significantly enough, soon enough unless the premature excitement which bounces off the walls as a consequence of fighting the good fight in this or that form includes interest in GRASSROOTS DISCUSSION WHICH IS LEISURELY, ONGOING… AND WHICH PERMITS/ENCOURAGES OBLIGATORY, IN-DEPTH EXCHANGE CONCERNING NEW PARADIGMS FOR BRINGING ABOUT CHANGE.

That’s why I offered everything but my first born to the groups which Prof. Jensen supports. That’s why I volunteered to leave my lovely family (which loves my CA presence to bits) to volunteer for their purposes. In the hope that I could make my “gesture” contingent upon such discussion… in the hope that we might be able to address WHAT can be done to supplement all the fighting the good fight that’s going on, including the writing of Professor Jensen.

It would be terrible to reject my energy, heartbeats once again prematurely. It would be a huge mistake for concerned citizens to continue as they are doing without allowing the likes of me to make them question their whole shebang, their orgasm over their particular form of activism.

Thanks for the prompt response, Bob.

Three points, however, as per

a) In spite of the surface points made in my article, YOU are not the ultimate focus. Rather, discussion about alternatives, including WHO should secure significant reins of power (as per and/or so that we can make a difference in solidarity IS;

b) A glance at the details offered up will show that what you refer to as “run for… public office” is not what I have in mind in any traditional sense, that what is proposed is something truly unprecedented for the electoral arena;

c) We could create a watershed in history in Texas (if you and Eliza would choose someone to head a Women’s Music Party to get things started), my guaranteeing enough votes to equal what all third parties have ever collected in any given gubernatorial contest in U.S. history.

The “plan for action” carries the imprimatur of the late Howard Zinn. It is NOT from the top of my head, and it has been tweaked for the last nine years, massaged to fit today.

Blessings in solidarity,



I added the underscoring for the last three words.

The above was sent to Professor Jensen at about 9am PST; he had written to me, I believe, four hours earlier. Now I know it’s Sunday, and a South by Southwest Sunday at that, but it’s going to be interesting to see how long it takes for Bob to “confirm receipt” as requested. That’s not meant to be critical at this point, for in my missive to him I did ask him to glance at a lot of my writing. And for all I know he’s got a full slate already in gear for today. Still… it’s worth noting that I’ve gone through thousands of such situations in which I never received any confirmation of receipt. What’s up with that? That should be discussed ’cause our first order of business should not be preaching to the choir, planting seeds which will not bloom in time and/or “speaking truth to power” (with the usual suspects firmly ensconced in their lairs, like career politicians, incompetent, disingenuous government agencies, corporations and the like as our targets). Rather, our first challenge is to deal with the apathy, resignation, cynicism, habits and atomization which stare us in the face.

Which we are not facing any more than we are facing Millay’s “the face of God” (alluded to in the previous post).

It is now 10:23am PST.

Addendum added about 10:30am
: should be addressed by citizens of Austin at their very earliest convenience. [To put it mildly.]

Update around 11:30am: Zero thus far. Wondering if… when and if Prof. Jensen does get back he’ll choose to contact me by phone or via email. Since we’re moving at the pace of an arthritic snail, methinks I’ll send a copy of the previous post to at least a few of those who — yesterday — I asked to reach Prof. Jensen… to let him know that I was trying to contact him urgently; some of whom… for whom I offered my services. No one acknowledged receipt of my missives. Perhaps Prof. Jensen simply responded this morning to the email I had sent to him. Sending two emails for starters. One to Bob’s main colleague at Third Coast Activist, Pat Youngblood. The other to Sarah, the person in charge of handling volunteers for S.O.S. Alliance in Austin. I’ll use FOR CONCERNED CITIZENS IN TEXAS as my Subject Heading; I’ll simply send the link for the previous post.

NOON update
: Actually, it’s well past 12:00pm; it’s more like 12:12. For most people that means nothing. A sense of urgency about what I want to discuss, though, makes that important… in light of my still not having received any feedback from any quarter. Remember, if you will, that I’m advocating operation 24×8 as per the previous post.

1pm update
: If someone rises at some ungodly hour in Turkmenistan or Texas and they want to reach out to me in response to my inquiries, they don’t have to worry about time zones, disturbing me or my family too early or too late. For it’ll be “too late” if they don’t get with me ASAP, and that’s why I always insert “at any hour” adjacent to my phone number when I sign off with emails. Again, as per my sense of urgency about our collective crises (many of which have “deadlines”), I’m dealing with the ants in my pants by now sending messages to both and St. Lawrence’s Presbyterian Church via their online format; I simply plan to send them both a link to the previous post with minimal introductory words… offering to volunteer again.

7pm update: Time for some poetry.

“It was just about a year ago I woke up from a dream
That filled my soul with wonder
Where the heavens rained down water and it filled the lakes and streams
And the world was shook by thunder
And the waters came together til they formed a mighty sea
And all the land went under”

It’s hard to refrain from reaching out to Eliza, to Red House Records. But… I’ll hold off for now. Hopefully, I’ll wake up to a missive from hubby Bob tomorrow. Or something to chew on from someone new. ORM=VIRE1#view=detail&mid=12C117D3931DE4C9272B12C117D3931DE4C9272B. In Bob Seger’s Sightseein’ he has a very sweet line which bounces off of a reference to artist Yves Tanguy. Something about “….the thirties lookin’ back at me.” [Pause.] All the cynicism — so very fashionable today, so smart — pushed aside, I have dream that would enable us to have the sixties looking back at us in action. [Elaboration upon request.] To do so, however, I can’t be left “all alone by the telephone”… as if Irving Berlin’s looking back at me from the twenties. [Is there some part of that which someone out there doesn't understand? Better question perhaps: Is there anyone out there?]

9:30am PST update
: Earlier this morning, not having heard a word from anyone in the Austin realm yet, I wrote an impassioned ‘letter’ to Nikki and Carlos at ations/, where I got turned on to …which I sent a message to via their online format… offering to donate thousands of books, films, all else being equal, from my personal collection, put together over a period of 40 years plus in academia and during worldwide travels*. Also reached out to and

*The biz about the personal library should be instructive to one and all. For I’ve been trying to donate the special collection for quite some time. See There is a dynamic at play with the rejection, the refusal to even discuss the offer which really begs for… discussion. IF one expects to make inroads along leftist lines, mine our humane potential.

Close to 11am: Now, not having received even confirmation of receipt still, I’ve begun to reach out to others in Texas… far from Austin. No matter what, however, I’m going to want to know why I’m batting zero thus far.

Past NOON update, St. Patrick’s Day, Monday: Nothing still. Everything is still. Before 12:30pm I’ll be sending messages to all three emails at

Going on 1:30pm UPDATE: Just left a phone message for the PODER people, people of color organizing in local communities; it’s one of several telephone messages, actually, which I left yesterday… hoping someone would get with me early on Monday. It’s no longer early, but it’s not too late either. Just can’t figure what people are doing. Are they beginning to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day a bit earlier, taking a few too many nips too soon? Seriously, if anyone actually reads this… PLEASE let me know what you think. I’m in the drink of inactive* activism here, drowning… at the brink.

*Slow motion?

After 4pm update
: Only the Sustainable Food Center in Austin responded, but their “reply” was a generic one. I immediately sent out a request for grassroots interaction, asking them to engage with me prior to my filling out any application form as a volunteer. This total picture does not look good. Let’s just hope that EVERYONE in Austin takes off as a rule for St. Patrick’s Day. Short of that imagined scenario I’d say that the situation is horrific, totally stacked against the possibility of moving in macroscopic solidarity on a fresh basis… with a base in Texas. [Pause.] Ah, a touch (4:20) from an attorney in Plano! Stay tuned.