The TOGA Party

Note: This is a rushed, unedited first draft. To show you how rushed, check out all the blah blah below when I get to rationalizing the use of TOGA instead of TOGAO. I totally missed the convenient fact that “GA” stands for Georgia. Duh! And that, then, “TOGA” stands perfect as is, not needing a word of justification. In fact, it’s like a marriage made in Heaven. [Pause.] Just make sure, if you’re from the Statesboro realm that you don’t use any megaphones vis-à-vis the proposal below. Lower the profile for now the better. You wanna make sure I don’t get barred from campus prematurely, yes? There are other reasons to be whispering right now too. Element of surprise, and all that. [Pause.] One of the reasons I hooked quickly into “Statesboro Blues” is that visceral appeals will have to be employed in an unprecedented fashion to get the public to truly engage in shaping their own destinies collectively, and that tune (bouncing off of that location) has a lot of visceral potential. There are prosaic articles, soulful/lyrical articles and playful articles in my quiver. This straight arrow is a very playful one. Like five rapid to the gut.

The TOGA Party
Inspired by the enthusiasm* expressed by The Best of Statesboro
by The Ox by the bye

*A few years ago, some “friend” took me aside, temporarily causing me to tone down my ranting and raving, and whispered: “Y’know, Ox, ‘enthusiasm’ is not in.” etail&mid=ECC9F1E21409EC15DDB2ECC9F1E21409EC15DDB2

“Because the toga was not worn by soldiers, it was regarded as a sign of peace. A civilian was sometimes called togatus, ‘toga-wearer’, in contrast to sagum-wearing soldiers. Cicero’s De Officiis contains the phrase cedant arma togae: literally, ‘let arms yield to the toga’, meaning ‘may peace replace war’, or ‘may military power yield to civilian power’.” — from Wikipedia

I got news for LGBT people. Ditto for people of color. And anti-war dudes, and women wanting higher pay. And environmentalists of all stripes. And so on. And so on. And so on. Vegans… the whole shebang. Come on bang on my door. Bang it down. Let my ears hear you! =VIRE1#view=detail&mid=4C29B47A50B4533948A14C29B47A50B4533948A1

For when one puts into motion something that’s got a shot in hell at forcing military power to yield to civilian power powered by the participation of record numbers of concerned citizens… well, every single issue which is dear to the hearts of people who have their heads, hearts and souls in a healthy place gets dealt a new hand. Enabling us to upend the toxic, uneven game board on which we’re being played, splayed to death. Helping us to take a stand from a fresh, effective angle. Making sure that as things stand… well, we won’t have to stand any of that any longer.

Downtown Statesboro, meet you there. Free books and unsolicited advice for one and all. And much more that you’ll never get at the nearest Mall or at the Fall football hoedown. Not anywhere.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me! YOU JUST HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, me… with my King family background… my encounters with Flannery and Lester Maddox and Troy Davis… my whole kit and caboodle Peach State past… with all that in gear, comin’ out of my ears… you simply have to be jokin’ me that I didn’t know about the PERFECT SETTING which Georgia Southern U provides.

For what? For what not?, you must mean!

Let’s get slow for a moment, though. Give me a chance to breathe. Give everyone a shot at getting on board with Blind Willie.

‘Cause we’re gonna — cause we can — cover all bases with THE TOGA PARTY.

My mother’s gonna be oh so proud of me, what with the presumption of TAKING OVER GEORGIA AT ONCE! See, ordinarily the acronym would have to be TOGAO, but not with what we’re going to implement. Oh, no…no… no. Nothing to expected form. All expectations shoved aside. Besides the omission of the “A” will serve from beginning to end of the campaign as a breaker of ice, and as a start of some curious discussions, I’m sure.

That’s what happens when you’re making sure that O bailan todos o no baile nadie is honored.

I remember when I was toying with TOSCA employing polka dots, throwing out Polka Dot party as a litmus test, imagining how such fashion might or might not catch on with the general public, how well polka dots might get festooned in the collective memory, how much they might be talked about.

Well, I don’t have any reservations about what togas might stir up. Especially on campuses throughout Georgia, for starters… starting with sweet Statesboro.