Walking with the Raped Woman on the Beach

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Walking with the Raped Woman on the Beach
by Ox

I’m walking with the woman who was sexually assaulted. Her family tags along. We don’t talk about the helicopters making noise above. The ones headed for Humboldt County to aid their colleagues in ferreting out marijuana growers. No, we don’t talk about such things ’cause we’re focused on helping her to feel okay after what she went through the night before. The awful night… that now… will never end… maybe. Nothing else is important.

I certainly am not going to bring up acidification, what’s going on in the ocean to our right.

And the border crossing which led to her uncle’s death last night, that’s out of the question. Bringing that up would make her spin out of control, I’m sure. She was very close to him.

The canal that Jerry Brown wants to dig… well, what good would it do to bring that up? I do wish that I could talk with Dan Bacher ’bout it, though. He did promise we’d be able to discuss his http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/04/14/how-big-oil-bought-sacramento/, but it looks as if he’s going to join the long list of those who have disappointed me immeasurably. Still, I’ll call him once again today.

After her uncle was shot the powers that be deported her niece, who was sneaking across the border with him. That, obviously, isn’t something she should be hit with at the moment. It’s hard enough for her to manage soft steps in the sand, she’s certainly not up for such heavy news.

The electromagnetic pollution by the boardwalk, though, even if we don’t talk about it, is something to stay away from. That sort of thing actually unnerves a lot of people, makes their immune system fall apart quite a bit… even when it comes to psychological resistance. I know about that because of the research my partner and I have conducted with the help of scientists in Europe, where the public is a lot more on top of the dangers of the dynamic of cell towers and high tech gadgetry than here.

The fracking operations which are festooning the nearby land aren’t important either. She’s not living where she has to worry about fire coming through her faucet.

Ah, I could go on to z, I could. I mean, above was easy as pie… eating through from a to f. Tip-toeing around issues which do not have to be brought up when walking with a raped woman on the local beach, any beach, with or without her family nearby. One never has to talk about this when discussing that, does one?

The thing is, folks, after 12,000 walks on the beach with all sorts of souls troubled by all kinds of matters which are all that matter to them, I can tell you definitively that they have stopped thinking about anything else.

Which doesn’t mean that you have to, if you’re walking beside them, trying to help them.


For the so-called other issues impact on her recovery. Are germane for the purposes of preventing future rape.

And in at least keeping alive the thinking, one holds out the hope that one day — sooner rather than too late — it will be possible to find a way to bring up all that relevant related horror.

But there’s no need to risk losing the opportunity to quietly walk with the raped woman and her family, helping her to heal.

One can be tactful, very careful about what comes out of one’s mouth. And when. And then another step can be taken… perhaps.

http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=for+a+dancer+jackson+browne&FORM=V IRE5#view=detail&mid=1CD4BF043B5222593C981CD4BF043B5222593C98

Addendum: I want to whisper something to you, something that must not be heard along the sands in Santa Cruz.

“Obama is currently seeking a greater budget for nuclear weapons than the historical peak during the cold war, the era of Strangelove.” (from http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/04/18/the-strangelove-effect/)

Shhh, please, no megaphones. Truly, I share this with you in confidence for now. Look, I’m only bringing up this downer news to remind you that we won’t be doing anyone any favors if we don’t devote at least a half of a percent of our total activist energy to avoiding a Strangelove scenario in real life. No matter how much time we spend on acknowledging and addressing those who have been overwhelmed by the particular pet peeves and precious issues we embrace. There’s a race on this score too. That half of a percent humbly and respectfully recommended/requested needs to be channeled post haste, in keeping with our (unacknowledged) deadlines. And that tiny percentage MUST be along fresh lines, NOT be a token gesture following an obsolete form of protest. [Pause.] Do you remember either Nevil Shute’s or Stanley Kramer’s On the Beach?