Questions for Poisoned One and All

Questions for Poisoned One and All
To head off the poisoned creole soul, keep it from spreading
by The Ox without rattlesnakes

Awhile ago I took a poll nationwide, making use of the questions below. Let me know if you’d like the results. I’d sure appreciate your contacting me at to let me know your answers.

In no special order

1. How might you change your behavior if you knew for certain that government agencies could not be counted on to protect you respecting health issues? Do you know how the EPA acted immediately after 9/11 respecting precautions vis-à-vis public health?

2. What would you do if you knew that the vast majority of career politicians were in the back pockets of corporations?

3. If you knew that nuclear weapons or nuclear reactors were going to make life uninhabitable in San Francisco in a year from now, how would you alter your present activity?

4. Would you do anything differently if you knew that incidents of police brutality were going to quadruple within two years? Police brutality with no consequences.

5. Would you act differently if you knew that the number of OSHA inspectors were going to be cut in half permanently within the next three months?

6. Would you behave differently if you knew for sure that the U.S. was responsible for the Rwandan genocide?

7. Would you personal plans for the future be altered if you knew that half the jobs in existence at present will be eliminated by 2020?

8. If you could have free health care, including coverage for catastrophic illness, for you and your family if the few remaining indigenous people in Minnesota were removed to Arizona forcibly, would you accept being part of that dynamic?

9. If you knew that Social Security benefits were going to be eliminated by 2020, would you do anything differently than what you’re doing now?

10. Do you think it’s true that using the population density of Manhattan one could fit the entire world’s population into Texas? What would you do differently if that were true?


I pray that your response to the above — your primary or exclusive response — is NOT:

a. getting arrested;
b. marching in circles with placards;
c. circulating petitions;
d. attending a conference, summit or forum;
e. cutting a rap record with socially-conscious lyrics;
f. forking over a check;
g. going on the ultimate hunger strike.

OR embracing any of their first cousins. As your primary or exclusive response.