The Keith Harmon Snow Show

Check out the email I received from Keith Harmon Snow-below. What d'ya
know, someone's trying to snow us about peak oil flow and genocide.
Seriously, anyone who's interested in the Sudan oil map should contact
me at
I respectfully encourage you to POST this Sudan oil map on your web
site or run in your journal, courtesy keith harmon snow & It differs remarkably from the maps that others
have posted showing oil only in south Sudan, excluding the blocks
shown here in Darfur and north Sudan. (See the comparison maps at

I believe it is these blocks which the fighting is all about. Of
course, Sudan expert Eric Reeves, Smith College English professor,
said as recent as June 13 (along with his calls for regime change)
that there was no significant oil in Darfur or North Sudan (and no US
military involvement).

It is from the larger Africa map (attached) which shows the Heritage
Oil & Gas concessions (Tony Buckingham, Executive Outcomes, Sandline,
etc) under Lake Albert, and a large concession in Equateur province of
RD Congo (labelled “Trillion”).

The map is dated 1997 and was produced by Petroconsultants, S.A. of

keith harmon snow