Introductory note: This was rushed out for Kristin Daley and her colleagues. It is an unedited first draft. Thanks for your kind consideration.

Update prior to 9am PST: Kristin Daley just contacted me for more info! That prompt, positive response is rare as flawless chrysolite, believe me. Very promising, indeed.

by O’Xman

This morning (2nd of July, 2014), I noticed something my friend wrote:

“As we are all surely aware, we now face the most ominous decisions in human history. There are many problems that must be addressed, but two are overwhelming in their significance: environmental destruction and nuclear war. For the first time in history, we face the possibility of destroying the prospects for decent existence — and not in the distant future. For this reason alone, it is imperative to sweep away the ideological clouds and face honestly and realistically the question of how policy decisions are made, and what we can do to alter them before it is too late.”

The above excerpt is the conclusion of http://zcomm.org/znetarticle/whose-security/, an article which focuses on U.S. foreign policy. I’ve been reaching out to select members of LEAP this morning (a few from http://www.leap.cc/about/who-we-are/) because the sense of urgency attached to environmental and nuclear issues in the quote needs to be part and parcel of the battle to legalize drugs, and the necessary effort to improve relations between the public and law enforcement, the admirable efforts to radically address our Prison Industrial Complex. And much more, of course.

I am focusing here, however, only on our environmental, nuclear and War on Drugs issues. For I have a “plan for action” which I want to delineate to the good people associated with LEAP, and I believe that if it is embraced post haste it will give us a shot at making (collectively desired) unprecedented inroads respecting their goals… whilst — simultaneously — addressing our environmental and nuclear challenges from a new angle. And those issues must concern everyone.

I do believe that by addressing PROHIBITION from a fresh angle, we can send positive ripples nationwide regarding many matters which have deadlines associated with them.

When it comes to doing away with “prohibition”, I think it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind. One, this is not the 30s… when the federal government and the general public were both embedded in an entirely different dynamic (when it comes to public policies) than they are today. Two, ALL present approaches to changing the status quo demand a supplement. Nothing will change if something new isn’t added to the mix, whether or not it’s what I recommend. [Elaboration upon request.]

Oh yeah, there’s another something to keep in mind. That is, that we can’t proceed at the pace of an arthritic snail. Again, whether or not the people at LEAP and others come on board with me respecting the “plan for action” I have in mind, SOMETHING NEW needs to be embraced right away.

And it’s on that note that I’m hoping that the subjects of my outreach this morning will honor my humble, respectful request for leisurely discussion. For talk NOT ON THE RUN, with ample time set aside for obligatory, in-depth Q&A… following my delineation of the proposal I have in mind.

No one — absolutely no one in any realm of activism — has time today for such talk. Everyone — as per the last 12,000 plus attempts I’ve made in various corners nationwide* — tells me that they’re “too busy” to be distracted from the treadmill they’re on at the time I contact them; their agendas do not allow for anything new to be put on the table for serious consideration. [Even if I offer to raise funds+ for their organization.]

*Elaboration upon request.

I’ve been told time and time again ad infinitum that people’s plates are too full. And they tell me that as if I haven’t heard the same thing over and over 12,000 times, as if they’re the only ones who are busy.

I am busy. I am too busy to write and post this piece actually, having come from Stanford University’s orthopedic clinic yesterday… where my son was given professional medical advice which was both disheartening* and demanding that I personally do my own research into what ails him; the incompetency in that realm represents yet another issue which begs for immediate attention. For one and all. For the Collective Good.

*Stanford is continually “disappointing” (read: disgusting) as per its ongoing support of ex-Provost Rice, unending underwriting of Bechtel’s presence, and tenuring of faculty like Ian Morris (http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/in-the-long-run-wars-make-us-s afer-and-richer/2014/04/25/a4207660-c965-11e3-a75e-463587891b57_story. html?tid=pm_pop), to name just a few abominations from the top of my head.

I beg the reader to open up to me. To invite me as per my humble, respectful request. For a rendezvous… or for — at the very least — telephone talk which is not rushed. [Pause.] ASAP.

Addendum: I’m being very selfish here as I claim to be concerned with the Collective Good. Specifically, I truly believe that my youngest will inherit a world hardly worth living in… in the immediate future, unless our horrid momentum is altered. The War on Drugs is a very personal abomination in my heart, head and soul. I know it is wrong, and I know that my son will not be able to enjoy the beauty of this world unless everyone is free of such horror. O bailan todos o no baile nadie. Here’s to a positive leap forward!


I’m including below two links requested, sound bite delineations of the proposal. A few important points first, however. I believe that it’s important for all readers to review the posting above again before launching into the telegraphic descriptions. They were written for particular people and purposes long ago, and it’s important that the reader tune into the spirit and thrust of who I am, and what I’m proposing now anew. I trust that can happen with a leisurely review of what’s above; let’s hope that that can happen midst a “busy” work week.

Also important:

a. Please confirm receipt of communications immediately in the future;
b. Please (assuming you’ve carefully read my posting) ask me how my son is doing;
c. Please keep me abreast of who exactly the proposal is being shared with;
d. Please provide some feedback ASAP on whatever details resonate or don’t, as you needn’t wait to plow through ALL the blah blah before touching base;
e. Please note that unless you have a true sense of deadlines respecting the issues cited above you’re going to think my sense of urgency is unwarranted, and I’d like to have an opportunity to argue that point with you immediately;
f. Please note that if you think what you’re engaged in at present is sufficient (not needing some kind of supplement), I’d like to address that point with you post haste too;
g. Please, now, check out http://oxtogrind.org/archive/1540 and/or http://oxtogrind.org/archive/1413. I say “and/or” because the bottom line should be that you review until you come across something that resonates or is completely off-putting. At that point — either way — we should talk. At that juncture I humbly and respectfully submit that you begin that participation in the Q&A I’ve been requesting. KEEP IN MIND, PLEASE, THAT ALTHOUGH LEAP WILL BENEFIT FROM TOSCA-TYPE EFFORTS, I AM APPEALING TO THE PEOPLE IN LEAP’S QUARTERS AS INDIVIDUAL CONCERNED CITIZENS, NOT AS REPS OF LEAP; THAT’S IMPORTANT AS PER LEGAL PARAMETERS IMPOSED ON ALL NON-PROFITS.

We do not need money to achieve LEAP’s aims. We do not need innovative approaches contingent upon using high tech gadgetry in fresh ways. We need a miracle, miracles. And miracles do not cost any money, nor do they require technology. I can easily raise funds for organizations as a volunteer, but… no one really requires money to make inroads. Not the necessary advances I have in mind, the most essential ones.

Finally, I should underscore that an updated approach for most states is not included in the links above. Only Kentucky, Mississippi and Louisiana, states with gubernatorial contests slated for 2015, can embrace TOSCA as described at this point.