Off My Rocker

Note: This is written in a rush primarily for two or three people who occupy realms in California which could be said to be at opposite ends of a spectrum of sorts. One is comprised of one or two sweet souls fighting like hell to deal with issues relevant to people of color who are constantly plagued by police brutality. The other is someone from Berkeley who is fighting our militarization of society. They have much in common, of course, but the demographics involved are quite a bit different, to my mind. I trust neither P, E nor B will mind my unedited first draft here, where I go off my rocker for good reason.

UNEDITED. Like all the conversations between gubernatorial coalition members would be, as would be the case re any exchanges with corporate lobbyists et alia. Ditto re secretive shenanigans among those who conduct task forces of all kinds. All that goes hand in hand with a “no closed doors” policy ‘cross the board. If you’re paying close attention to the thrust of these remarks you’ll see how everyone from traditional reformers to anarchists of the most extreme kind can embrace what I’m proposing. [Want 2 tweak?.]

Off My Rocker
by Oxman

I’ll tell you how crazy I am. [Pause.] I’m totally into having the Governor of California tell the public that the whole shebang he/she heads is a sham. That he’s/she’s only secured the Sacred Seat of Sacramento for the purpose of bringing the whole kit and caboodle down… as legally and nonviolently as possible… as decently aligned with the spirit of the overly revered/misunderstood U.S. Constitution as humanly possible. Respecting three major issues — primarily — for starters.

With an uncanny sense of urgency, I’d have the Guv — on The Guv’s Own Media Outlet (GOMO), so no one could edit her/his blah blah — tell the public not to expect any significant changes vis-à-vis racism or militarism anytime soon courtesy of the federal government, and have The Guv underscore that we all had to deal with those two issues in the Golden State post haste… for a number of reasons, not the least of which was our having to address Climate Change from a totally new angle… like yesterday, CC being the third issue alluded to above. That THAT little matter was going to really shatter everyone’s whole shebang in unprecedented fashion.

I’d have The Guv quote Rilke: “You must change your life.”

And following that I’d have her/him fly off of The Gubernatorial Rocker screaming that every single educator in California should take every single pupil/student aside daily, and have them begin each and every class by asking one and all to get up off their collective asses while saying, “I am NOT a racist” (giving reasons why in the process). Daily. And every single day I’d have The Guv, speaking from The Sacred Seat in Sacramento, vigorously and creatively, send out THE SAME MESSAGE. Uttering the same old plea/recommendation ad infinitum, stressing to the max how the whole country had been running on racism pretty much totally… until he/she occupied Sacramento’s Spotlight.

Following that, I’d have The Guv with her/his healthy heart, head and soul announce that we were “…now going to deal with the Big Kahuna.”

“We can’t address our horrid momentum regarding nuclear proliferation of all kinds until we deal with our internal militarization and our militarizing the globe beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. You’re off your rocker if you think that I’m going to sit on my ass and let our horrid momentum proceed uninterrupted, only dealing with it with token gestures. I’m the Head of the Regents of the UC educational system, and on that basis I can unilaterally and virtually overnight transform much of our lives vis-à-vis militarism in our midst, but I need your help to follow through with some essentials. We won’t need any new legislation to come down the corrupt legislative pike initially. For starters, you’ll only need to overcome your apathy, resignation, cynicism, ignorance, habit, complicity, fear and atomization (courtesy of high tech gadgetry and its first cousins). That’s all. Seriously, though, since I can’t be removed from office for cursing, I’ll tell you straight up, ‘There’s a shit load of bullshit that you’re going to have to deal with. And deal with SOON. In solidarity to boot. But it will be worth the candle; it’s absolutely necessary.”

The Guv — an unaffiliated, non-politician citizen — would underscore that a “second term in office” was of absolutely no concern. That everyone’s focus should be on the fact that he/she got into office on a zero budget, and that that miraculous accomplishment — making a statement about how money was not necessary to bring about the necessary miracles we crave — is what everyone should keep in mind. “And mind you, we’ll be — right away, this week — rolling up our sleeves in the street with you, helping to feed, shelter and nurture your mind and spirit in the way in which we’re meant to… with compassion and caution about exactly who the fuck we are on this earth, and what the hell we’re doing… turning this Heaven on Earth into Hell on Earth.”

I don’t want to tell you how The Guv would recommend how teachers and professors could deal with the issue of militarism in the classroom. Not here. Why? ‘Cause anyone who’s been paying attention will know what happens to anyone who dares to deal with THE HORROR OF WAR. The unnecessary HORROR OF WAR. THE HORROR OF WAR that we — as “the greatest purveyor of violence on earth” are guaranteeing continues unabated forever as things stand.

As things stand?

I would ask The Guv to explain to one and all that the aim should not be to replace a white rook with a red rook or a black bishop with a green piece. But that our collective goal must be to upend the toxic, uneven game board on which we’re all being played. On which we’ve been splayed forever. That the whole point of being in office should be to encourage THE TRUSTWORTHY among us — which is almost all of us, potentially (all?, most?) — to be responsible, then, to pick up the pieces, and place them back upon a brand new board, not hoarding anything for self-interest exclusively, at least trying to set up the fresh pieces so that they can glide along the new smoother surface, not have the utterly unnecessarily rough ride that’s been going on much too long.

Now you can read what’s below in the proper spirit. a5adcec/IN–Wheelchair-Toppled-Police offers some video footage which should knock you off your rocker. I’d like the reader to relate to me… how many way worse examples of police brutality come to mind. I could list at least a 101 off of the top of my head… confirming that fact that our society is becoming more militarized by the day, particularly law enforcement realms where — more and more — traumatized vets from Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere are being employed inappropriately, putting “trained professional killers” on hair trigger into the drivers’ seats for reckless/wild police chases, and setting up sick scenarios whereby officers who have a low level of tolerance for frustration (coupled with refusal to acknowledge deep-seated out-of-the-driver-seat fears) are expected to rise above their natural, visceral disgust with opposition or disrespect or temporal delay of any kind — in any way, shape or form — do what they feel they need to do (REGULATIONS BE DAMNED!) to not be vulnerable whatsoever to the slightest threat. [Pause.] Knowing that — like our overseas service men and women and contractors — they can count on immunity from prosecution at the best possible odds offered by Las Vegas.

I’m going off of my rocker hearing people justify the kind of behavior in the footage above (and worse) and/or watching on the sidelines while concerned citizens in, say, Berkeley (to take one example from 101 I could give you from the top of my rocked head), spending an infinite number of heartbeats beating a dead horse with its powers that be, pleading for them to do the right thing vis-à-vis drones, not wanting the already-too-militarized force they have to become more forceful with high tech gadgetry… ignoring the Big Picture of Law Enforcement Militarization Momentum which is rapidly running amok nationwide, narrowing our rights into a tight corner… where Habeus Corpus used to stand. [Pause.] I can’t stand by and do less than nothing about all that with them. I’m obliged to push their well-meaning efforts into a larger arena, one where they can have a shot at halting the horrific pot shots the police are randomly riddling the “rabble” with… with — increasingly — no consequences.

I know about .htm six ways from Sunday. Ditto for United_States. And I’m unhappily hip to the relationship between all that and our austerity momentum, which undercuts treatment of the mentally ill… courtesy of the overseas abominations which set the stage for inappropriate applicants being funneled into the Law Enforcement Employment Tunnel.

It knocks me off of my rocker. And it makes me reconsider the words of Rudolf Rocker:

“Political rights do not originate in parliaments; they are, rather, forced upon parliaments from without. And even their enactment into law has for a long time been no guarantee of their security. Just as the employers always try to nullify every concession they had made to labor as soon as opportunity offered, as soon as any signs of weakness were observable in the workers’ organizations, so governments also are always inclined to restrict or to abrogate completely rights and freedoms that have been achieved if they imagine that the people will put up no resistance. Even in those countries where such things as freedom of the press, right of assembly, right of combination, and the like have long existed, governments are constantly trying to restrict those rights or to reinterpret them by juridical hair-splitting. Political rights do not exist because they have been legally set down on a piece of paper, but only when they have become the ingrown habit of a people, and when any attempt to impair them will meet with the violent resistance of the populace. Where this is not the case, there is no help in any parliamentary Opposition or any Platonic appeals to the constitution.”

I got into Rocker once again this holiday weekend after talking to a dude about last night (July 4th). Malatesta, then, drove me into a Rocker corner, from which I haven’t fully emerged yet. ‘Cause it’s a good bet that my friends in Berkeley (referenced above) aren’t blending the thrust of Malatesta with what Rocker says must be done. Which MUST be done. Post haste. I have a sense of urgency about all this.

There is a window of opportunity right now to do something, an opening which is fast closing. An op which will not come again. Cop a moment with me, please. Waste no heartbeats in doing so.

Clearly, we must secure significant reins of power… so that neither law enforcement nor any other area of our lives runs rampant over good sense, threatening our very survival. There are many issues, of course, which have zero to do with law enforcement matters directly, which demand immediate attention from a new angle. And that “new angle” I submit must make use of the electoral arena. Following a fresh paradigm, of course. I hate electoral politics as it stands as much as anyone in this two-tiered justice country. Hands down, easily… I don’t want to have anything to do with career politicians. That said, if one wants to at least try to do something legal and nonviolent, it behooves us to explore what new paradigm, if any, might be available to us… for making a difference in the electoral arena.

In — who I read only because he posted something about Malatesta — one finds,

“Doherty has said that he is a ‘principled nonvoter’ who has ‘been saved the embarrassment of ever having to feel any sense of responsibility, of even the smallest size, for the actions of any politician.’”

Very cute. Great stuff with which to score points over coffee or organic juice at the local overpriced watering hole. But to get down with my frown, permit me to point out that that’s easy cynical shooting down straw figures two feet from the basket. One has to be a basket case to not easily agree that career politicians — in almost every single instance — are not worth our heartbeats. That the whole scene they inhabit, which compounds ignorance with ignorance without letup, should be shot down.

That said, if one wants to at least try to do something that’s legal and nonviolent and which really has a shot at making a difference for us collectively, the electoral arena demands to be explored above and beyond the easy dismissal… which Doherty’s no-brainer comments latch onto.

In Kentucky, Mississippi and Louisiana — which have gubernatorial contests slated for 2015 — one can attempt to implement something along the TOSCA lines delineated in and The contents of those links, written long ago for particular people and purposes, need to be updated, but they should do for starters. To start discussion.

IN ALL OTHER STATES… IMMEDIATELY… instead of simply staying away from the polls… not participating whatsoever, I submit that we’d all be better off if you — registered or not — sent me an email indicating that you did indeed want — all else being equal — to see the TOSCA-type gubernatorial coalition (TBA) for your given state in lieu of having another career politician at the helm. [Necessary elaboration upon request.]

When the light that’s lost within you reaches the sky and you wake up to why I’m here on this earth, which has so very much to do with why you’re here*, and you reach out to me

*We’re not here to sit on our rockers… unless forced to do so.

I’ll give you the email options.

We’ll, obviously, have to set up a number of them. For, clearly, we can’t have anything like millions of “votes” sent to a single email address.


If you don’t believe that The Miracle I speak of can possibly happen, I humbly and respectfully request that you look at

Addendum: Other issues, equal in importance to what’s touched upon here, can be dealt with post haste, once the ball gets rolling on the above. First, though, we must curse what’s happening, and call a shovel a shovel… especially when it’s digging our own grave, bought at top price with our own bucks. Buck the status quo? I know a better word.

“The ball is now squarely in the California Highway Patrol’s court. It must take swift and firm action against the officer that used excessive force. This will send the message that at least this is one woman, a black woman, who should never have had the ugly glare following her assault cast on her.”
— from atrol-freeway-beating-casts-ugly-glare-on-ass

With all due respect, we do not want the ball to be in their court. It is not necessary for that to be the case. We cannot afford to simply say, Your move. We are obliged to steal the ball, as it were, and remove the obstacles which having the ball in their court will never curtail. Steeling ourselves for the confrontation which we’re avoiding; off ‘r rockers.