Less Moore at the Moment

Note: One of my main mentors from the 60s was Lester L. Moore, Professor of Dramatic Art and Speech at Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey in Newark… the flower of the Garden State. He, like Fred Moore http://wn.com/fred_moore_(activist), was an authentic soul. We need more Moores like that, not whores. We must call a shovel and shovel, especially when it’s being used to bury us, bury our moment of opportunity… which will not come again.

“Be gracious and give more than is immediately demanded of you….” — William Lewis Moore to Governor Ross Barnet of Mississippi

Less Moore at the Moment
Dedicated to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_L._Moore (CORE’s Moore)
by ROx

“More worrying though is our endless push for more. More oil, more gas, more everything we can get our hands on. Sadly, we have learned nothing from Bubble Economics that seeks only to maximize, everything apparently made right now because the United States has won the World Cup of Oil, donning laurels for its nation-saving hydraulic fracturing. Witness less unemployment, sky-high share prices, the cheapest oil in years. Everyone’s singing. More, more, more, how do you like it? Endless expansionist economics at its worst.” — from John K. White’s http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/07/07/the-world-cup-of-oil/

“Who are the true psychopaths, the ones doing the shootings, those who hire them—in the name of the people—to do the shootings, the American people complicit in the enterprise of global hegemony—or all three, and the framework for legitimating war, intervention, murder, social and economic pillage, in our name?” — from Norman Pollack’s http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/07/07/blackwaters-death-machine/

Remember, if you will, that our military — arguably the greatest single polluter on earth — is related to the thrust of both quotes above. And not just for the moment. That’s been the case for quite awhile, and their whole shebang is slated to get far worse, including unimaginable horror… which seems to be guaranteed the way things are going. [Pause.] Sorry. I didn’t know you didn’t want to talk about our military in any negative way (so soon after the 4th of July).


The two people I’m most waiting to hear from at the moment (around Noon PST, 7/7), among the 101 others who were subjects of my outreach this week, seem to be primarily focused on (in L.A.) police brutality) and (in Berkeley) law enforcement’s use of drones. At the moment.

At the moment, I am wondering why I haven’t heard a word yet respecting my most recent missives to the two dudes. I know they’re busy, and I know that they’ve promised to get in touch at the first opportunity, but… I’m chomping at the bit.

BECAUSE… when they do finally phone, I’m guessing — as per the “response” thus far to my mention of the need to do more than they’re doing at the moment — they’ll address their particular pet issues of the moment, not focus at all on either the suicidal greed which is captured by the White quote, or the complicity issue which is at the core of Pollack’s pontificating.

They are fighting the good fight, that’s right. And they deserve applause and support for their efforts. That said, we’re all dead unless they and lots of other concerned citizens truly deal with the self-serving economic attitude and the ways in which we have to personally change our lives AND… a number of other matters… which will go unnamed here merely to keep things as simple as possible for the moment (so soon after

http://dissidentvoice.org/2014/07/sixty-five-million-left-out-of-july- 4-celebration/ AND http://dissidentvoice.org/2014/07/the-untold-history-of-independence-d ay/ AND http://dissidentvoice.org/2014/07/the-fourth-of-july-the-spirit-of-177 6-and-the-celebrations/ and http://dissidentvoice.org/2014/07/july4th-contradictions/).

We all have to do more at the moment. Including me. I can’t keep simply posting my blah blah for my highly select audience, the people whose teeth I pull daily in an effort to get them to glance at my bootless cries. Me, the two dudes… and at least a core group of other activists who get it need to move in solidarity along new lines.

For, I ask you, what good will it do if we prohibit ALL forms or invasive surveillance and law enforcement threat and brutality in Berkeley and do the same in L.A., dealing with ALL the related issues dear to the heart of the oppressed people in southern California.

Michael Moore, at the moment, is less than useless regarding all of the above. He’s making money and guaranteeing his ongoing spotlight, as usual. But he’s also draining the energy of concerned citizens — who have limited resources, time and attention spans — away from moving in solidarity following a fresh paradigm.

Meaning, most people can’t read a book and/or view a documentary AND deeply consider the new kinds of actions which are now called for. Oh, Moore might plant some seeds, but how exactly do they bloom? In what form?

Well, his tame, safe, self-serving efforts might encourage someone to attend a Berkeley City Council meeting, or join a group which is marching in circles in protest in L.A. In effect… not doing enough, most who participate in such ways hardly being able to get it together to meet their personal obligations once a given day is done IF they’ve joined in the activist fun a la Miguel. They bore themselves down into a hole.

We would all benefit by having a little less boring Moore in our activist lives at the moment.

We can change things. But first… we must believe that who we think we are at this moment can be different. Needs to be Lester and William and Fred Moore different.


: The reader would do well to ask me about my thoughts on http://dissidentvoice.org/2014/07/counter-intelligence-spying-deters-d emocracy/#more-54879 if the above resonates; instructive points to be made bouncing off of the not-so-obvious embedded within it. Ask me first about my experiences with Scott Noble and the folks at Dissident Voice. Then ask me to elaborate on http://oxtogrind.org/archive/1719, especially the part which focuses on documentarians.