On Qana Anon And On

Written obliquely. For good reason. By Anonymous.
Dateline: Sunnyvale, California.

Word has it that the local Jewish Community Center has very recently been plagued by pamphlets, graffiti, and the like (inside and in the parking lot) with anti-Israeli exhortations.

Punch line: The police are keeping the protest under wraps, not making their investigation into the sources of the multiple indiscretions public to ward off the potential for copycat crimes -honoring the request of two local rabbis.

The buzz nationwide is that a new paradigm for protest has been born.

Without resorting to the carnage inflicted at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, anti-Israeli individuals –those citizens who want to stop Israel's current momentum/abominations in Palestine and Lebanon, and head off the likelihood of attacks on Syria and Iran– are poised to descend upon calm centers of Jewish Culture, etc., and