Courting Kathy & Her Kind Colleagues’ Court

IMPORTANT UPDATE as of 10:50am PST, 7/23/14: No one should waste time reading the pseudo-lyrical blah blah below. Rather, they should request that I forward my recent exchange of emails with Kathy Edwards, Development Manager for Atlanta, Georgia’s Gideon’s Promise… along with a condensed rundown of ALL my communications with her and others associated with her organization, which includes Trilogy Films of Montclair, New Jersey. The whole shebang is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. [Pause.] And for anyone paying attention and disturbed as a concerned citizen the entire kit and caboodle should be highly instructive. Remind me to tell you about hardwick-dismissed-from-bench in relation to all this, please.

Introductory note: As I told Kathy today, I haven’t heard a word from Travis, June, Dawn or anyone thus far. That’s okay, but I do want to talk to people at GP respecting what that means to me vis-à-vis activism, and — in particular — what I’m proposing. See This is unedited.

Courting Kathy & Her Kind Colleagues’ Court
Dedicated to Howard, whose imprimatur for TOSCA has been invaluable
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I know I’m stretching with the word court, but I like to play. Like I did in the previous post when I inserted some footage of the Platters singing Only You, taking the love song to spotlight the importance of the reader vis-à-vis my main activist appeal.

With music it’s particularly tempting to behave childlike, since with TOSCA — my proposal for making electoral inroads — I see The Lyrical and The Backbeat and their first cousins playing a core role in overcoming the apathy, resignation, cynicism, ignorance, habit, complicity and atomization viscerally. Our first order of business.


Okay, I guess it’s time to get down to the nuts and bolts. On bended knee. Like when one prays and/or begs. For whoever is reading this — and no one hardly ever reads anything I write unless invited to do so respecting a particular post — whoever is reading this I humbly and respectfully beg to let me channel my heartbeats into your present agenda while simultaneously moving in solidarity with me on some macroscopic game plan.

One which rises above the narrow parameters imposed on your non-profit by the powers that be, to keep you from having the impact that I want you to have.

I mentioned to Kathy on the phone this afternoon (7/22) that the three young attorneys featured in Dawn Porter’s glorious documentary Gideon’s Army struck me as totally trustworthy souls. And that that quality was exactly what was needed to pull off the miracles which are now absolutely required to deal with our horrid momentum. That trustworthiness — so rare, virtually impossible to find in the circles which career politicians corner themselves into — should be used above and beyond the courtrooms.

The court of public opinion could be greatly affected if a greater number of screenings were secured for Gideon’s Army. And that’s where I may come in.

Meaning, a MUCH greater number of screenings is what is needed, and something along the lines of TOSCA is the only way to stir up interest in that film and the crucial issues it spotlights. [If I'm wrong with that attitude, I'd like to have the chance to argue my point.]

Flannery O’Connor, an incomparable Georgia writer who passed in the 60s, began her classic A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND with the following line:

“The grandmother didn’t want to go to Florida.”

Well, all of my history with the Peach State notwithstanding, I don’t really want to travel to Atlanta, to put it mildly. Don’t want to trade my cushy situation in the Golden State… leave my lovely family… to travel to toxic Atlanta. [Pause.] I could probably point out many local sources and sites of pollution there which residents are totally unaware of, having studied the realm for quite a long time. That said, I’d fly out or hitch out to Gideon’s Promise headquarters in a heartbeat if invited. I can’t afford it re time or money, but I’d charge out for a rendezvous with bells on if invited. Court personal disaster.

There is a high court where Kathy and her colleagues work. High in the singular sense of superior. Above and beyond my mundane concerns.

How can I say this?

Look, the Southern Public Defender Training Center changed its name to Gideon’s Promise in great part because of the impact Gideon’s Army made on decision-makers in that realm.

Well, I want to give everyone in the nation an opportunity to change what must be changed post haste, what can be changed right away… IF they view the documentary in special circumstances. Unprecedented circumstances.

The decision-makers in the GP realm… I want to put them at the helm in a number states… so they can get up off from bended knees… dispense with bootless cry pleas to gangsters.

Then I will be the only one on bended knee… in thankfulness.


HOW to pull off what I’m talking about is another discussion. It would be a slam dunk to spell out the easy steps… which won’t cost a dime… and which won’t distract the good GP people from their present agenda. Easy as pie, as they say.

Now it’s the time to address the WHAT and the WHY. And to find out WHERE the decision-makers at Gideon’s Promise stand respecting what I’m handing them gratis.

A good and trustworthy man is hard to find. And this is his bang on the ear with love.

I’m going to appreciate their kind consideration of the above.