Derrick Jensen’s ENDGAME: Details Upon Request

Sure, it's a good thing that Mickey Z and Adam Engel wrote something on Derrick Jensen's latest book for the rotting website that's known as Press Action. I'm happy whenever anyone calls attention to Endgame. Anywhere.

But they couldn't have read, understood, or-really-agreed with the premises Derrick delineates in his two volumes. Otherwise, they'd have written something quite different. Details upon request, as always.

For this book is THE book for everyone to read and sleep with, to absorb and do something different with-.ASAP. Details upon request.

My old mentor, George W. Weber, used to remind me all the time that there were certain things one couldn't say in a classroom of thirty that could be spoken on a one-to-one basis. Derrick manages to push the parameters for activist writing to the ultimate end whilst making it quite clear that there's more to explore in confidence.

Citizens only have time to read one book meaningfully at present. Details upon request.

This is IT.

If you've read it, I trust you're following its thrust. If not, re-read it.

None of us need any more reviews.

Details upon request.