Emmy Explosions Top World Trade Center Watershed: “8/27″ vs. 9/11

Emmy Explosions Top World Trade Center Watershed:
-8/27- vs. 9/11

by Richard Oxman

“Day by day it becomes more clear that the earth itself and its wild members are beginning to fight back, and day by day they more strongly beckon us to join them.” — from Derrick Jensen’s Endgame

Saw the Emmys on 8/27. For reasons you couldn’t possibly guess.

Watch the next Emmy Awards, and you may be treated to an historic event, part of the historical record as per Everything changed after September 11th.

There was some controversy surrounding this year’s Emmy event:

It was meant to be funny. But a fake plane crash during the opening Emmy awards skit made many cringe on Sunday the same day 49 people died in a fiery plane crash in Kentucky.

The skit, aired live at the start of NBC’s Emmy telecast, brought a swift response from the general manager of NBC’s Lexington, Ky., affiliate, WLEX.

“It was a live telecast. We were completely helpless,” Tim Gilbert was quoted as saying on the Lexington Herald-Leader’s Web site.

“By the time we began to react, it was over. At the station, we were as horrified as they were at home,” Gilbert said.- Italics mine.

But that’s a Big Zero when contrasted with the focus of this article: Decapitated DiCaprio et. al. After all, the diff between Ken Lay(ing us low) and the star of “24″ (keeping us high?) is only a capitalist matter of where someone first chose to audition when young, yes? “Entertainment Tonight,” anyone?

Horrified? 9/11 cognoscenti will be shocked. Helpless? My take is that what I’m talking about here — THE BLOWING UP OF SO MANY CEREMONIAL CELEBRITIES IN SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES — will/would be serendipitous for those who want to bring down so-called civilization. A la Derrick Jensen’s two volumes of Endgame.

Virtually NO TV as usual. Requisite, incessant reruns.

And those who watch will not be able to watch without withering.

Forever. Outdoing the unimaginable.

‘Cause, surely, it would wind up being the beginning of many 8/27s.

Richard Oxman, rmoxman@yahoo.com, is not a supporter of 747s, those highpoints of civilization. He thinks they should come down and stop polluting the heavens, what’s above us. Oh, the numbers that are run on us! The ones we run by ourselves.