Congo Conga Line in Very Black Waters

Congo Conga Line in Very Black Waters
Rage on the page w –as always– a lyrical suggestion for action following a “new” paradigm for protest.

“It is time for our culture to start seeing more value in living beings, whether gorillas or humans, than in our high-tech gadgets such as cell phones.” –Keith Harmon Snow of

“It’s a long time since anyone cared about Black Africans or their devastated landbase. Did they ever? People here don’t even know what a landbase means. The mining companies on which we depend certainly don’t view Congolese as choking canaries in the Earth’s Mine Shaft, portending a bleak future for us all. No, they just continue giving them the shaft like the Belgians did over rubber, Mobutu did with diamonds, and the last few administrations have done vis-a-vis coltan. All the while thinking that the abomination can continue. That we can fuck Africa to death…and get away with it. Neither Bill Gates, Bono nor CARE dare address what’s really going on. They’re just doing steps that join a long winding line which goes nowhere.” — An insider at Barrick Gold and Sony

The Democratic Republic of the Congo should be the richest country in the world. But what’s done to the land and the people there, what’s been stirred up by outside powers-that-be forever, make that impossible. They have half the life-expectancy of Andorra…in large part because of us.

Your cell phones, pagers, computers and diamond jewelry guarantee that these dark days. Death Camp Slavery Lives! As the whole process of stealing minerals contributes to ecocide, in general*.

*Before arguing “the necessity of…”, consider simply eyeballing everyone re: complicity. A “warning label” on gadgets wd do quite nicely for starters. Saying one can’t give up one’s cell is a helluva way to avoid the more fundamental issue.

Anyone who’s interested in a delineation of the web of U.S. corruption and conflicts of interest between mining companies, etc. and the U.S. Government is welcome to ask for it. But that’s unlikely, for me to receive a request. I know that, for even the most well-known humanitarian organizations are in on the Congo Conga Line, uncaring, plotting, dancing to numbers. And ordinary citizens are…too busy. Hardened. Darkened.

How appropriate/ironic that Heart of Darkness is required reading in academia. How inappropriate for those with their own hearts and brains in darkness to ask me why we home school our boy. Why we’re not worried about his…socialization. Acclimating.

War for the control of the DRC…began in Uganda in the 1980s, when Ugandan President Museveni –as bad a dude as any of our official Hitlers– murdered his way to power with the high-tech assistance of Buckingham Palace, Whitey’s House and Tel Aviv.

Now, a little bit more from a fellow who risks his life daily to get this information to us:

“Paul Kagame, now president of Rwanda, served as Museveni’s Director of Military Intelligence. Kagame later trained at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, before the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF)…invaded Rwanda. The RPF destabilized and then secured Rwanda. This coup d’etat is today misunderstood as the ‘Rwandan Genocide.’ What played out in Rwanda in 1994 is now playing out in Darfur, Sudan; regime change is the goal, ‘genocide’ is the tool of propaganda used to manipulate and disinform.”

That was Keith Harmon Snow again, the fellow who puts together

In 1996, Kagame and Museveni (with the Pentagon) began their covert war against Zaire’s (Congo’s) Mobutu Sese Seko (a mass murderer, one of our many “Hitlers” who we had been supporting for decades). It was time for a regime change. “A decade later, there are 6 or 7 million dead, at the very least, and the war in Congo (Zaire) continues,” says Keith…backed up by definitive figures provided by many others. Unreported or tweaked, those stats. Always. As always.

Mainsteam sources of news –so-called left and right– contribute to the mental illness of all who take their product –their misinformation– in. “No matter how astute you believe yourself to be at ‘balancing’ or ‘deciphering’ the code,” says KHS, with regard to the Congo.

Let me lay it all out for you in very simple terms.

One, what’s been going on in the Congo is every bit as bad as what went on with the Nazi Death Camps. Two, the unchecked actions of U.S. profiteers in the Congo contribute to our ecocide, etc. Three, all should re-read the paragraph above which begins with Paul Kagame’s name, especially its last sentence; Congo’s next. Four, the misleading images/concepts perpetuated by high profile, highly praised entertainment (”Hotel Rwanda”) and mainstream news outlets cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged any more than Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels should have been permitted his Propaganda Line.

Educated citizens seem to forget that although Hitler didn’t care for Hermann Goring’s drug addiction…he had more in common with the Commander of the Nazi Luftwaffe than he had differences w that obese Gestapo Mastermind. Just so w U.S. citizens who pay for the “luxuries” of this USer life –and tolerate the status quo– whilst complaining ’bout this or that glitch in a given leader’s profile. The Uneducated…speak (& act) for themselves…too.

In closing, I’d like to point out that pointing out that the author didn’t use an umlaut above Goring’s name, and wasn’t consistent in associating the name of a Latin American dance with the DRC is…beside the point. The point here is for the reader to figure out the point.
Hint: It has something to do with genocide (w or w/o the imprimatur of the U.N.). And the horrid hypocrisy of an ongoing double-standard. And what we’re doing to ourselves.

We are in very black waters, indeed. Jeremy Scahill, another Gem of Intrepid (Informed) Integrity, can provide more “first steps” into Our Collective Pool @ Lines.