Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?
by Lisa Massaciuccoli

The perfect advertisement for the final week of the presidential campaign would be a simple coupling of two photographs, head shots. A grimacing (pained) McCain adjacent to the familiar smiling, winning visage of Barack. The caption would simply read: TRICK OR TREAT?

With John’s routine facial expression providing a natural mask of horror, the contrast would speak volumes to voters viscerally, sealing the deal for Democrats.

The problem is that once voters returned home to tear open the wrapping around their take… the sweets would soon… sour. The hour is close at hand when citizens will have to face the nothing that is the difference between what has been and what lies before us.

For sure. For the voters — as virtually everyone on the Left reminds us daily — must put pressure on whoever is elected to embrace ethical, sustainable policies.

And the fact is that not nearly enough voters in uncontested states are taking advantage of their easiest opportunity for doing so. That is, to vote for a Third Party candidate. In record numbers.

Such simple, sensible action would make this upcoming election a true historic treat. Provide a much better post-Halloween scenario than “the trick” we seem to be slated for… once Mr. (”Lesser Evil”) Eloquent takes off his ear-to-ear smiling mask, unmasking the disingenuous demeanor that is determined by very determined Democrats… and others.

The notion that because Barack is half-Black he’s about to accomplish an historic feat is… a very scary interpretation of what’s going to come down with the upcoming election results.

That idea is to our reality what a frightening pumpkin is to a serial killer.

Lisa Massaciuccoli can be reached at Note: I use the word scary above because it’s very unsettling to learn how many people have bought into this orchestrated absurdity. Intelligent, compassionate, well-meaning people. Obama didn’t need a mask; he just smiled while spouting out the horrific messages of a monster during his campaign. That, with atypical eloquence, was apparently enough for citizens (starved for a hopeful face) to not question his inappropriate warrior words. Not knowing history has allowed people to actually believe that his campaign rhetoric could do a “180″ once in office. Many, many people have “explained” to me how he’s just been saying what he has to say to get into office. And none of them have taken the trouble to even check out my recommended reading (Google PAUL STREET OBAMA ZNET)… which easily and definitively puts such nonsense to bed.

Afterthought: Y’know, maybe sensitive citizens in the U.S. shouldn’t vote at all anymore… as per the surveillance horrors that are already in place, what can be done with the records that are probably being kept (concerning how you vote)… as per the BBC’s THE LAST ENEMY. And… with such considerations having to be weighed… there’s the added discouragement provided by Mark Crispin Miller (… and many others; is a good starting place for those inclined to take action. Voting (as it stands) is now (whether or not the powers-that-be — controlling the machine tabulation — decide in favor of this or that candidate) not only meaningless, but dangerous. The people I know who scoff at that idea are not open to receiving the documentation for my assertion… which has been embraced by very reputable researchers, scholars, et. al. People are sheep… being led to the slaughter. Boo? Bah!