There Are Many Reasons

There Are Many Reasons
by The Maine Moxie

There are many reasons why you should be nice to your children. Many reasons why you’d think anyone would want to be sweet to the angels. I feel the same way about neighbors. People in general.

But let’s say that you’re not nice. Let’s say that, in fact, you’re quite abusive. Giving the kids reason to build up resentment, hatred. Bringing out the worst in the neighbors… exacerbating tensions, playing power games, humiliating, etc. You know the drill. You know, the routine. [Comma intentional here.]

You might get away with nastiness, lousy parental skills or an inhumane attitudinal set for a bit. But — eventually — chickens will come home to roost. [As per Ward Churchill's description of the World Trade Center catastrophe, Homeland Security's claims to success notwithstanding.]


Imagine that you’ve been so unkind, uncaring and cold to your children (or neighbors), and, then, you ask them to feed your puppy while you’re away on a month-long trip to… Disney World. Yes, Disney World.

What do you think they might do with those keys in hand, the neighbors? With access to your house… they might do what you — apparently — expect: simply feed the dog regularly.

On the other hand, they might destroy something. Intentionally. Take something.

Something you care about. Something irreplaceable.

That’s kind of the situation you’re in vis-a-vis the nuclear reactors you’ve got housed in your very vulnerable living room. [That's me waxing and waning poetic.]

Stop hitting your kids for a moment, resist abusing your fellow-citizens of the world temporarily, long enough to glance at

Excerpt: “The first jet to crash into the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 flew DIRECTLY over the one dead and two operating reactors at Indian Point, 45 miles up the Hudson, plus the three spent fuel pools there. Terrorists close to the attack—including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed—have confirmed that reactors were originally targeted, but they changed their minds ‘for the moment’.”

[Boldface and underlining mine.]

There are many reasons that I’m relocating far away from Lawrence Livermore Labs.

Have you checked out It’s not current, does not delineate nearly enough, but… it might be a start for you.

The Emperor IS wearing clothes. In fact, they’re quite GQ these days. But they are toxic. And His Majesty is rubbing up against your bare skin, baring nothing of the truth.

There are many reasons. [ .]

There are many reasons.