Don Quixote Comes to California

Special note: This article was written for a local group which had some question about whether or not funds were available for their agenda; hence, the spotlight on money. Virtually all the pieces on this site were written for specific audiences and very particular purposes, and without knowing the original contexts… much of the work can appear puzzling or off-putting. This archived site is no longer fully functional, but I often recommend this or that article to supplement in person contact.

Don Quixote Comes to California
Not interested in campaigning, not interested at all in politics as we know it

“People who have no clue as to what’s being done at Lawrence Livermore Labs, who have no idea whatsoever who Obama’s General Stanley McChrystal is, who think electromagnetic pollution is just another trade-off, who have no imagination… will look at your sense of urgency as just so much Chicken Little Syndrome.” — The author’s neighbor

“A free man, Sancho Panza philosophically followed Don Quixote on his crusades, perhaps out of a sense of responsibility, and had of them a great and edifying entertainment to the end of his days.” — Kafka on the authentic object of the Knight’s quest

“The first Governor of California with heart and mind in a healthy place could do more for citizens of the state and beyond in a month unilaterally than 40,000 citizen groups could accomplish in four full years pleading with politicians.” — Thomas Pynchon

Simple stuff. But not simplistic. One must dream The Impossible.

This is walk-talk, not talk-talk. I love books and articles and lectures and videos and the like, BUT there are entirely too many publications, etc. out there… which go nowhere… and/or which are overly ego-centered… created, essentially, in lieu of hands on, risky — and sufficiently comprehensive — action. TOSCA (Taking Over the State of California) is necessary ’cause everyone knows in their heart of hearts that we’re moving at an arthritic snail’s pace in too many realms which demand urgency. Replacing “the regulators” with ethical officials, transforming police and firefighter profiles/practices, encouraging the establishment of more than one supermarket for the 30,000 residents of West Oakland, ending our abominations abroad (I can’t wait to tell you how!), placing a moratorium on the death penalty, damning dams for salmon and the like. Supporters do NOT have to agree on lots of issues. Only one, for starters. That’d be the money* available for survival and sweet pleasures instead of waste and wanton destruction, the children of greed. Citizens in solidarity on this one matter can be at odds over the issues above. And many others. For what will come of soulful people at the helm in Sacramento will override virtually all foci of all interest groups. A new window will be opened for reinvigorating air, never breathed before in this state.

*Money, as I write, has more rights than people do.

There’s lots of money available for… you name it. For the honest, necessary purposes you would put it to. Like providing for your personal health care, the decent education of your loved ones, an environmentally sound/sane way of life, and so on. Lots.


Interested parties can contact me directly, and I’ll be happy to delineate the easily accessible sources. We have been lied to about the money available… forever.

The challenge is to get our hands on it by working in solidarity. Geez, I’m talking about five minutes worth of heartbeats together! Doing so wouldn’t solve all of our problems, but such an effort/accomplishment would obviously set lots of sweet wheels in motion. Enable us all to breathe, and come up with some fresh this and that. In time.

So… in the name of all that, I have a proposal. A proposal which — obviously — does not preclude other work… if people are so motivated.

I don’t like to sound bite that which demands devilish details, but here goes:

People on my end want to put a non-politician in the governor’s seat in Sacramento, CA. A person like you, a person like me. Not a gangster. Not a self-serving, disingenuous and/or incompetent soul (See

Almost anyone with a heart could do a better job than any governor who’s served to date in California. And, in doing so, would set off ripples not only throughout the country, but throughout the world. It is a highly influential state, to put it mildly, AND — unknown to most — a Guv of California can do tons of stuff unilaterally. The Guv and the group could have an over-the-top impact on everything from gender issues and GMOs to military invasions (See for starters… to get a sense of what could be done unilaterally… without having to compromise with overfed thieves, disingenuous dullards, et. al.).

Our governor, in my mind’s eye, would only be a figurehead. Someone who could speak well, maybe sing well too. Someone who understands why the arts, not other traditional disciplines, should be at the core of any educational curriculum, not wasting away on the periphery. Imagination and singularity honored finally! But most of all, NOT a politician. Not a politician. Not a politician.

He/She would serve with about ten others. Advisers. Experienced souls in various fields such as labor, health, education, etc. They would all make decisions in tandem. And all discussions would be recorded by cam or the like. Legit transparency.

I am convinced that such a person can be ushered into office without campaigning. Without any money whatsoever. Without dependence on mainstream media support. Put into office as a total shock to the system… to put it mildly. Creating an historic event out of nothing. A watershed moment in the history of the world. Details upon request, of course… but not before.

Seriously, one must ask oneself what it would do for one and all if such were accomplished with no funds. For starters. Only those totally bereft of imagination will fail to see the difference between generating citizen involvement on the basis of political success achieved with no finances and achievement in the electoral arena (of any kind) with money.

That group — the Guv and the advisers — would help everyone to self-educate. Their DAILY reports, news shows, etc. for public benefit would be unprecedented, and make a huge dent in the nonsense provided by our mainstream media. Which is propped up and perpetuated by our run-of-the-mill educational system., compounding ignorance with ignorance.

We could all take a new turn, not down a new road, but rather a new universe.

No real promises. We can see what happens. We could not possibly do worse than what we’re doing now, except by staying on the same track*.

*This is a highly debatable point for some, but not for me. And I can easily provide definitive documentation to back up my Chicken Little stance.

I believe that plenty of people out there understand that if things are to improve, we must embrace some new angles. That there is an urgent need to do so, and that our present momentum/direction does not bode well. Not at all.

The big challenge, again, however, is overcoming our atomization
. Our fragmented existence, our inclination to keep separate from one another.

I say this can be overcome overnight.

Hold tight now.

You can begin by:

a) letting me know who you’d like to see as part of the Guv’s group… which would include a Guv, a Lt. Guv and several advisers. Want to volunteer to serve?
b) what priorities you’d like the group to push.
c) passing the word, sending others to me.
d) registering to vote.

This will NOT take lots of heartbeats. And, again, will require ZERO dollars.

Oh yes, one of the charmers in this whole thing is that we intend to pull this off with a write-in candidate as the figurehead. With no affiliation whatsoever. No necessity to gather signatures, etc.

Yes, it’s all very much in the vein of Don Quixote. And it makes me very proud.

I want to do this thing before I die. And, if I may be so presumptuous,… so do you.

Blessings in solidarity,
Ricardo The Ox
(Richard Martin Oxman)
P.S. Please keep in mind that you can contribute an enormous amount to the above with only five minutes of your heartbeats, no money, no meetings. One minute’s worth of emails, and four minutes of action will do it. AND you can be a part of this whole shebang even if you reside outside of California. Even if you’re outside of the U.S. And… at the outside, even failure of a particular kind would prove transformational. Give me a chance to explain this point, please.