Shell Game

What Would You Do If Kobe Bryant Endorsed Royal Dutch Shell?

Probably nothing, I imagine.

Partly out of ignorance. Partly out of atomization. God knows what.

But that kind of thing goes on incessantly in these here parts. Celebrities making big bucks out of endorsements which help monsters to PR their image. And ordinary citizens enabling it all.

Well, it would be much harder for Kobe to endorse such abominable corporations, and less likely for citizens to not reconsider their choices if, say, the Governor of California spoke out regularly — in the days leading up to Shell’s upcoming trial in NYC (See

In fact, I think that we all know in our hearts that if a Governor of California — even a Governor of California — spoke up about such matters (jumping out of his assigned parameters) (s)he’d be liquidated in short order. Certainly he/she would if it were kept up following the trial, undermining their interests nationally, internationally.

But then… maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps we’d be able to protect her/him.

BUT… just like Kobe has to practice his shots, his moves… with all of his experience behind him, citizens of the world need to spend some time on the floor of the real world… exposing themselves to information that’s only provided by people who are willing to die over certain communications.

People who I try to recruit for activist causes often ask me where I get my information. “What are your sources?”.

My alternative info is, for the most part, from people who are willing to die. Sweet souls who, in many cases, have already been executed for their efforts. Reporters and common folk, neither of whom are primarily concerned about careers or job benefits. People who are not into money, and who don’t treat others or their stories as commodities.

I would like to see you be a person who is unlikely to be offered an endorsement opportunity from a corporation guilty of intentional mass murder and more.

For that, however, you’re likely going to have to be informed by people you don’t already know… on a regular basis.

And refuse to play ball.

Thimblerig is to be avoided at all costs.