Think Local First, Then Think About TOSCA

Think Local First, Then Think About TOSCA
by Richard Martin Oxman

I just discovered a local organization which has as its mission to get residents of Santa Cruz County to think local, to buy from local merchants. See for other aspects of their activity.

I totally support their efforts. For one, their success guarantees a reduction of fossil fuel use.

Santa Cruz, California is uniquely positioned to push such an agenda , but everyone everywhere should consider embracing the spirit of Think Local First.

In California, however, I think that the group — even though (for a number of reasons) they are compelled to remain apolitical — should get behind my TOSCA* plan. Not formally as a group, but rather as individuals, citizens within the organization. Doing so would lead to taking care of money worries, improving community spirit, etc.

*Taking Over the State of California (See and

I promised one influential TLF member that I’d put together a brief outline of where there’s money to be secured… so that Think Local First and everyone else in California can begin to breathe during this so-called financial crisis. An old acquaintance/friend, Mark Zepezauer and Arthur Naiman came out with a gem of a book awhile ago which is the primary source I’m using here; contact me for a copy.

Think Local First lives and dies on $$$. So does just about everyone else. There are billions upon billions of dollars easily accessible, however… which having our own Governor in California ( and would enable us to draw from. People simply do not really know how much fraud is going on, the degree to which their politicians are gangsters. In fact, the vast majority of citizens do not have a meaningful take on exactly what a billion dollars means. This… and/or they’ve become resigned to the fact that they can’t do anything about it. A humane Governor could walk citizens through the steps necessary to push progressive moves through all the inhumane resistance we’ve learned to count on, accept. Yes, “humane” is the perfect choice of word.

One does not have to agree with the idea of tapping into ALL of the potential sources below to move in solidarity in the name of securing MOST of what should be directed our way in Santa Cruz County. You’ll have to use your imagination to visualize a different attitude/practice toward public funds, and you’ll probably have to spend a few heartbeats with me to have certain notions reinforced sufficiently for you to take action. BUT… the window of opportunity is there. Unquestionably.

Here goes (with the necessary details, elaboration provided upon request):

First of all, those infamous institutions that received all those billions of dollars to remain afloat (under Obama’s auspices) are not too big to fail. I can “prove” that upon request. Having our own Governor in office would go a long way to making sure such waste never occurs again. Beyond that there are other sources to tap into:

1. Military Waste and Fraud, including unofficial (unaccountable) funding

2. Social Security Tax Inequities

3. Accelerated Depreciation

4. Lower Taxes on Capital Gains

5. Agribusiness Subsidies

6. Tax Avoidance by Transnationals

7. Tax-Free Muni Bonds

8. Media Handouts

9. Excessive Gov’t Pensions

10. Insurance Loopholes

11. Nuclear Subsidies

12. Aviation Subsidies

13. Mining Subsidies

14. Oil and Gas Tax Breaks

15. Synfuel Tax Credits

16. Timber Subsidies

17. Ozone Tax Exemptions

There are loads more. It’s as if your backyard is three-feet deep in hundred dollar bills, and you miss it ’cause you’re spending all your time mowing the front lawn. Sure, the grass out front needs attention to some degree, in some way… but not in lieu of picking up those backyard bucks.

Look, it’s a no-brainer that Obama is more eloquent than Bush. And, on several counts, you can compliment him up the kazoo. BUT… just as with that bit above about back yard vs. front yard… you don’t want to neglect the business bottom line by congratulating yourself to distraction for doing a good job in some particular realm.

And that’s what’s going on right now. The average progressive citizen is so enamored of the accomplishment of getting Obama into office that he/she is hypnotized into ineffective citizenship. So hypnotized that they can’t see that Obama is not about to change any of the funding found above. Argribusiness will not sacrifice a penny in the future for the welfare of Santa Cruz County citizens… as things stand. And our military waste and fraud, and all the other rip-offs, will continue unabated.

Unless you do something about it. Which you can. Which would only take five minutes of your heartbeats during the next 365 days or so. More, if you like, but more is not necessary for you to be a part of what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about ending your financial woes. And the financial woes of all those around you who complain from morning till night.

I’m talking about Heaven on Earth. ‘Cause the financial aspect is just the tip of the iceberg of what would be changed if citizens embraced TOSCA.

This is about money. And this is not about money. Again, upon request I’ll explain. But, in short, once one saves one’s financial butt… there’s still the challenge of incorporating real beauty into one’s life… into the life of one’s community.

That’s what TOSCA is really about.

I just thought that I’d address people’s fears about lack of abundance first. Take care of people’s concern about money… and then, only then these days, do we have a shot at demanding, looking for natural beauty in our lives, harmony, sweetness.