Whatever Your Cause….

Whatever Your Cause
“Trying to rise above cynicism and resignation AND the notion that working well-intentioned, competently in “a little corner” is — these days — not enough, that one can expand one’s influence enormously with virtually no extra effort. Easy as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. Whether your focus is helping Palestinians abroad or immigrants at home, securing equal rights for gays and lesbians, saving our oceans, terminating the death penalty, reducing electromagnetic pollution, supporting the production of organic food, transforming education, “minimalizing” our military budget and abominations, addressing racism meaningfully, encouraging composting, honoring the arts, honoring Native American treaties, embracing renewable energy sources, protecting animals, firmly ensconcing labor rights, reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation, freeing political prisoners, funding “alternative approaches” to cancer, and/or creating a universal single-payer health system. Anything. This should all be brought under ‘one umbrella’. [Pause.] Yesterday.” — Richard Martin Oxman, from his new play Un-American Idol.

1. Keep doing what you’re doing. Know that I applaud your efforts/accomplishments.

2. Acknowledge that it would be an asset for you to have a Governor of California speak out on behalf of your cause… daily or weekly. With conviction… in detail… putting her/his imprimatur on your agenda, urging public support, etc. That it would benefit us all to have a large number of gubernatorial “advisers” working 24×8 at helping the public to self-educate respecting the above+.

3. Acknowledge that no Governor in California (from Burnett in 1849 to the present) has ever served the people’s interests sufficiently, as well as was possible. To put it mildly. That, in fact, ALL of those politicians were self-serving and/or gave priority to corporations and elitist interests over the average citizen’s concerns since the latter part of the nineteenth century. To put it mildly. I am so tempted to use the word gangster.

4. Determine whether or not you agree with me that in the foreseeable future:
a. No candidate of either major party will act significantly different.
b. All third party candidates, as things stand, are doomed to be marginalized.
c. We have an urgent need to be represented by an honest, competent governor, especially if that governor is a non-politician figurehead, merely fronting for (about) a dozen other (non-career) non-politicians… all making decisions together… with complete transparency for citizens… a coalition, some of whose individual members will be available 24×7 for the purposes of public inquiry.

5. Feel free to request documentation/details for any of the above.

6. Let me know if you agree that there is a tremendous sense of urgency called for with regard to many of the major environmental, social and other issues of our time. That you agree that there is a kind of “deadline” respecting certain matters. That many problems we’re facing (which are getting worse daily) could and should have been addressed yesterday That you and/or people you know could do “a better job serving” than a career politician.

7. Glance at “Don Quixote Comes to California” at http://oxtogrind.org/archive/310, but pay greater attention to “Gubernatorial Powers in California: Some of What Your Guv Will Be Able To Do Unilaterally” at http://oxtogrind.org/archive/311.

8. For the moment, put aside the understandable question of how we could possibly secure the Sacramento Seat without any campaigning, funding, party affiliation or media support, and let me know if what’s directly below in italics is doable for you. Note that whether or not you are a resident of California or a U.S. citizen participation on some level is possible. For we’re talking about a write-in candidate here (no $ or petition work required)… which “outsiders” can contact resident friends to support… easily.

A. You tell me what you want to change in the state. And what your immediate needs/concerns are.
B. You tell me who you’d like to be the next Governor of California. Ideally, it should be a non-politician; he/she will not have to “compromise” with disingenuous politicians.
C. We agree upon who we’re going to put into the Governor’s seat in Sacramento in 2010, and who is the best choice for Lieutenant Governor. If you like, you can recommend that certain people be considered as key
advisers. Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Bill Blum, Jennifer Loewenstein, Derrick Jensen and many other high-profile individuals/groups are already on board. Let me know if you want to be considered as a candidate, a paid or volunteer adviser (as part of the coalition described above). See http://oxtogrind.org/archive/336.
D. You send me two other people to do the same.
E. You register to vote OR confirm your registration status.
F. Just prior to the 2010 election you remind your “two people” to do the same.
G. You keep me posted on your evolving personal needs, interests, etc. before and after the election.
H. You vote.

That’s enough for now, I believe.

Blessings in solidarity,
Richard Martin Oxman
P.S. If the above 8 steps take more than 30 minutes of your heartbeats over the next 365 days… that will be a lot*. See the links provided above, please. Here is hope. And not the false hope under the auspices of Obama as per Paul Street’s http://www.zmag.org/znet/viewArticle/21576. Seeing through that “false hope” is our greatest challenge, not the blatant, destructive actions generated by the so-called other party. The “promise” of the sterile seeds of marginalized third parties is also a huge obstacle.
*Since the Guv could –unilaterally — put an end the death penalty virtually overnight, I would expect active members of groups such as Death Penalty in Focus to give this… their life’s blood. [Update: Sorry, folks. Looks like that organization is... too far gone.]