Adrienne for Governor: Know Your Enemy?

Adrienne for Governor
by Richard Martin Oxman (66)

“My lucky number is now THREE, and my favorite color is now (as it’s always been) GREEN.” — The Ox, in response to Dirnt’s ‘I feel like a good test to see if an adult has lost their inner child is if they don’t have a lucky number anymore or a favorite color’”

First of all, let’s be clear about Adrienne. I hardly know anything about her. Just what I quickly gleaned from rushing through a Rolling Stone (May 28, 2009) issue.

But that’s a major part of my point here. That is, it doesn’t matter who runs for Governor as per (”Whatever Your Cause….”). Virtually anyone could do an infinitely better job than anyone who’s slated to become Governor of California as things stand.

So… we pull the fucking legs out from under IT… so that IT can no longer stand.

Permit me to switch now to BJA. The powers that be will not be able to withstand what we will set in motion if Billie Joe Armstrong* runs for Governor of California as a write-in candidate. No major petitions required. Things will fall apart easily in a very positive way, as the powers that be are forced — just short of being strong armed – to give way to a Beautiful, Unprecedented Wave.

*Adrienne’s husband, Assistant Little League Coach, Papa, Green Day lead singer+


You wouldn’t have to campaign. You wouldn’t have to spend or raise a dime. You wouldn’t hardly have to show up in Sacramento. And you certainly wouldn’t have to compromise with the gangsters there… or anywhere. I have quite a few ideas about what you could consider doing that would give us all a lock on this proposition, but that can be shared in person… in confidence… so as to make maximum use of that crucial element in battle… the element of surprise.

I’m quite serious about all this.

Even though I’ve made this proposal to a number of celebrities, and it’s gone nowhere, I have a feeling that the timing is right with Green Day now returning to the touring scene. What a launching pad for spreading the word!

I understand that Billie Joe has an upcoming Rock Opera slated for the Berkeley Rep. Well how ’bout TOSCA? Not as in Puccini, but as in Taking Over the State of California.

Derrick Jensen is already on board as a potential “adviser” (See, and he (and about a dozen others) could easily share the burdens imposed on any governor… helping with appearances, assisting in discussions, making decisions, etc.

This is serious shit. In spite of the so-called daunting odds (which often serve — even in the music industry, yes? — to keep people paralyzed) my plan is the only proposal I know of that could actually work.

Yes, the Devil and God and all else are in the details. But, again, I can promise interested parties that I’ve got that wired well.

You can be the judge at a rendezvous. The only thing I’m not open to is sound biting the guts of this over the phone… or in any other additional writing.

But I am able to tell you one other thing with certainty. I said above that I didn’t really know Adrienne. Well, for sure, whether she’s Guv or her husband is, we can all count on not having to feel any pressure about changing our favorite color or lucky number.

Blessings in solidarity,
Ricardo Bueyhombre
P.S. This is something that John Lennon, more popular than Jesus, could have done back when, but didn’t/couldn’t… for a number of reasons. Times have changed, and Billie Joe Armstrong could now usher in a true Green Day for one and all, being way less popular than battle-scarred Jesus at this juncture. And still play whatever music he and the band like… whenever they like. Dress like they like. If I don’t answer the phone, Billie… Adrienne, please try again. Hey, by the way, that drummer might serve us well, yes? Maybe he could be our candidate if you guys aren’t interested in the office; he’d certainly make a very Cool Lt. Governor. Or Head of Energy. And let’s not forget about Dirnt. I mean we are talking about taking office in 2011. As in Two Thousand and ELEVEN**.
Late links inserted on Monday, June 8: (heartbeats in a sweet place) and (on a possible candidate, “J”) and (Derrick has agreed to serve as one of a dozen or so “advisers” vis-a-vis this maddest of plans). People are full of excuses… or suffer from myopia… or have no imagination… or whatever. The fact is that this is a supremely easy proposal to implement. As long as your heartbeats are in a sweet place, you haven’t lost all sense of the beauty of community, solidarity, you know why I use the word urgent in relation to all this, and… you know how to have fun.

**Anyone who doesn’t get the ref to the “11″ can contact me. I never read Rolling Stone either.