What a Rush!

What a Rush!
dedicated in Benjamin Rush http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Rush and Rachel Carson
no money needed, no waste of heartbeats

Slow down. Don’t be concerned yet with HOW we’re going to accomplish this. First get on board with the idea, then I’ll lay out the devilish, devine details for you.

On a personal level, I like to move like a peacock does as a semi-truck approaches it roaring down the road, oblivious to the danger… above it all. As per my own clock. I often kid about how people who are late for appointments with me don’t have to worry ’cause I’m on Brazilian Time. Meaning, no rush, no worry.

But with regard to my new political activity, I have no time for people who aren’t in a rush. Who embrace the “If it ain’t today, it’ll be tomorrow” attitude. Who are all about — or primarily about — planting seeds for the future. Who can’t relate to pushing the envelope with vigor. Who don’t see that although many things take time, many matters could have been — and should have been — addressed yesterday. In short, in trying to make an impact in the disgustingly dirty electoral/political arena… I’m Mr. Urgency. A Legit Chicken Little in a lousy disguise.

For, for one, 40 % of our oceans are now heavily dominated by plastic, the percentage growing daily. [That's 25% of the earth's surface, if I'm not mistaken.] And, as you know, that’s just one of many pressing issues in more than a gross of realms which demand immediate attention/action following a new paradigm. Over forty years having passed since the publication of Carson’s Silent Spring, only the seriously uninformed, ethically deformed citizen can ignore such calamities as the growing ocean of pesticides in our bodies… in our lives. Only the very “weakest” among us should be saying nothing’s to be done, nothing can be done… with damning, pitiful resignation.

So… a group I know plans to take over the State of California (TOSCA as per http://oxtogrind.org/archive/315) with the idea of, then, being able to do more (following new models) to stop our unacceptable/horrid momentum. The Governor of California — without any compromising with the gangsters in Sacramento — can virtually overnight move unilaterally on many fronts, pushing the agendas of well-meaning organizations light years ahead of what they’re slated to accomplish at their current pace*. WITHOUT OUR BEING “INVOLVED” IN POLITICS! To be elaborated on, upon request.

*I’m fond of characterizing the pace of many socially/environmentally-conscious groups as proceeding at an arthritic snail’s rate of speed, but… it’s no joke. The TOSCA idea emerges from our clarity about the need for urgency respecting lots of issues… like the Human Rights abominations delineated in Dahr Jamail’s http://www.zmag.org/znet/viewArticle/21755. Those victims can’t wait for the next great revelation to be published, or for well-intentioned, hard-earned seeds of reform to sprout.

One premise I am operating on is — to pick one example at random — that a union worker in Pittsburgh can’t be “okay” if he/she gets that raise and those benefits… if salmon go the way of the Great Auk. Or if the air in Cairo becomes truly intolerable every day. Or the indigenous people of the Niger Delta continue to have their resources ripped off. And so on.

For THE major problems are dire challenges for us all, significantly intertwined with our private agendas. And I am certain that those who can see this can catch fire, and put aside peripheral differences in the name of creating a watershed in history.

A Governor of California (with a heart in a decent place), contrary to popular perception, can have an enormous impact immediately… worldwide. From the issue of capital punishment to the threat of nuclear annihilation. From the farming of excellent local produce and statewide transportation to international cultural exchange and foreign debt.
Spelling crap out forcefully, creatively, repeatedly. Revealing the connective tissue between issues. And moving people to unprecedented action …which has zero to do with her/his career.

Lots of people are doing fine, necessary work in their chosen realms. Yes. Good. TOSCA has to do with getting about a dozen people into a position of influence in California overnight… so that the public can be encouraged to self-educate and be in on decision-making in an unprecedented way, nurturing and/or forcing many historic transformations. In time.

Meaning, before it’s too late.

There’s nothing else that I know of that’s slated to do that. Hence TOSCA.

Below is a list of the dozen souls alluded to above (one would wind up being the figurehead elected, but… decisions would be made together as much as possible as per http://oxtogrind.org/archive/315). [There is still a little time left for you to submit the names of candidates... to serve within the group; a candidate for Governor, a candidate for Lt. Governor and advisers.]

You don’t have to be a resident of California to be involved in this
. AND… if you get involved you can choose to spend no more than five minutes worth of heartbeats on the project leading up the gubernatorial election in 2010.

My tentative list below — in process — will give you an idea of what we’re after, what we can promise in good conscience. In alphabetical order:

Adrienne Nesser Armstrong http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrienne_Armstrong and Billie Joe Armstrong http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billie_Joe_Armstrong of Green Day

Angela Davis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Davis

Mike Davis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Davis_(scholar) and http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/03202009/watch2.html

Chellis Glendinning http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chellis_Glendinning

Michael Hudson http://www.counterpunch.org/hudson06222009.html

Derrick Jensen www.derrickjensen.orG
whose (with co-author Aric McBay) What We Leave Behind could serve as a “textbook” for TOSCA; ditto for select works by Mike Davis.

Dave Lindorff http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Lindorff

Wallace J Nichols

Paul Street http://www.zcommunications.org/znet/viewArticle/21576.

Patricia Thomas, a journalist and author (What’s in this Stuff?, etc.) in the field of alternative and environmental health. She is the editor for the Ecologist magazine, where she writes the regular column Behind the Label.

Nothing above is written in stone. Ideally, we should end up (by August?) with about a dozen or so residents of California. And with a respectable representation for the LGBT community and so-called people of color… which would include Native Americans; all marginalized groups should have a huge voice.

In addition to wanting to receive recommendations from you concerning possible candidates, we’d like to know what changes you’d like to see in and outside of California.

For FAQs, …ask.

Richard Oxman can be reached at headburg@yahoo.com
P.S. With Tosca in mind, may I remind one and all that at its beginnings opera was very revolutionary, not elitist. Yes, TOSCA

Good dialogue attitudinally:

Hey, I don’t agree with you on this issue. But as far as THAT goes — the traumatic overturning of our status quo cart — I’m with you, anal-retentive details to be worked out at a later date… once something truly new and encouraging for the Big Picture is in process. After all, working miracles in California will ‘massage’ the whole world.”