Mike Davis to the Depp(th) Degrees Over Rising Redundant Seas

Mike Davis to the Depp(th) Degrees Over Rising Redundant Seas

Shortly after his election in November 2003, Schwarzenegger rewarded SUV drivers and dealers (some of his most important campaign contributors) by repealing recently enacted car license fees. The resulting $4 billion budget shortfall in the state budget was compensated with cuts in vital services for the poor.” — from Mike Davis’ In Praise of Barbarians: Essays Against Empire [underscoring one of Arnie's more mild indiscretions]

“TOSCA — using the metaphor provided by Puccini’s opera — addresses man-made tears, encourages Grand Passion, and insists upon/resonates with incomparable touches of beauty in our lives.” — The author’s final words in Taking Over the State of California (TOSCA)

Our new outcast proletariat — perhaps 1.5 billion people in 2004, 2.5 billion by 2030 — is the fastest growing and most novel social class on the planet. By and large, the urban informal working class is not a labor reserve army in the 19th-century sense: a backlog of strike-breakers during booms, to be expelled during busts, and then reabsorbed in the next expansion. On the contrary, this is a mass of humanity structurally and biologically redundant to global accumulation and the corporate matrix.

It is ontologically both similar and dissimilar to the historical agency described in the Communist Manifesto. Like the traditional industrial working classes it has “radical chains” in the sense of having little vested interest in the reproduction of private property. But it is not a socialized collectivity of labor and lacks significant power to disrupt or seize control of the means of production, much less to reorganize modern industrial life upon the basis of its own class culture. It does possess, however, yet unmeasured powers of subverting urban order and disrupting vital global flows of people and information. And is quite capable of doing even more.

In the above two paragraphs you have — to a degree of 99%+ — the work of Mike Davis (from Haymarket Books’ In Praise of Barbarians: Essays Against Empire). I use his words here to let the reader know that the proposal delineated in http://oxtogrind.org/archive/331 is aiming to “help” these unfortunate souls… and address all of the issues touched upon therein. In a new way.

By taking over the State of California first. So that, for one, the public can be encouraged to self-educate about all those matters. Part of that education including the fact that no one will be able to escape the impact of so many people becoming “redundant” on earth… even behind gated communities, even if you’re on Johnny Depp’s yacht in the Bahamas headed for his private island.

No more than any of us will be able to escape the damning ramifications of climate change or the growing (now Africa-size!) Eastern Garbage Patch of plastic in the Pacific Ocean… which connects with the North Atlantic, yes?

I live in Santa Cruz County… which has a reputation for being on the cutting edge in terms of environmental/social-consciousness. FRAUD. No, the people here voted to the tune of only 5% for Peter Camejo last gubernatorial time out. The citizens of this county cannot be counted on to acknowledge our crises sufficiently. To act appropriately, increases in recycling notwithstanding. Ditto for the vast majority of others… without a radical plan on the table.

TOSCA is that radical plan. It starts by creating a revolution of (significant) sorts in California. From there ripples will be created… having as much of a positive effect on the world as anything presently on the table which can be considered truly viable. Much more so, I believe.

Where it will take us no one can tell. But I do believe that it gives us all a chance in hell to avoid the Hell implicit in rising waters and redundancy.

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