Date Rape Sound Bite & Feral Howl for TOSCA

Date Rape Sound Bite & Feral Howl for TOSCA
by O’Xman
Dedicated to the Berrigan brothers… whose progeny will no longer have to suffer so to change the world

“…maybe what we need is a feral howl, or the transformative power and real precision of poetry.” — Arundhati Roy

“The only potential obstacle to success is each individual getting distracted about what others might (or be likely to) do or not do, speculating about human nature, historical patterns and the like. Especially when you smell Treblinka oozing through your floor boards morning, noon and night.” — Richard Oxman

“In the face of the indifference of Nature, I turn myself inside out and I invent a meaning.” — Peter Weiss’ Marat in Marat/Sade [Truncated, guillotined quote.]

This is for people who know that we don’t have much time. For those who know the depths of our problems, and the futility of following old paradigms for protest and change.

This is the sound bite requested by some. For elaboration see with its links.

It’s like my wife says, everyone seems to have been date raped. Yes, and the drug isn’t wearing off.

But, actually, the fundamental problem is not Obama’s rape, sleight-of-hand/eloquent mouth. No, as always, it’s the longstanding hypnosis about America that has to be overcome.

We shall overcome.

TOSCA would provide the necessary shock that would give citizens a chance to reconsider their… outlooks, attitudinal set. Shock on the order of Trade Towers 9/11. If you don’t see that, you don’t get TOSCA.

1. Shock. The element of surprise, and all that entails. Write-in candidate with no party affiliation — ON A ZERO BUDGET — wins the gubernatorial seat in California! Or, at worst, garners enough support — out of nowhere — to warrant international attention. Little to lose, everything to gain… gaining a huge, unprecedented spotlight for dangerous ideas on an ongoing basis (Pristine Organic Farming Standards, Parecon, IRV, Reparations, etc., etc., etc. And, of course, ETC.).

2. Our Governor and Lt. Governor will be working figureheads, working alongside (on an equal footing) with about eleven others. Ah, a spotlighted primary figurehead with twelve apostles? Apostles of anarchism? THE POINT IS THAT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY A CROSS SECTION OF CITIZENS, NOT AN INDIVIDUAL, WILL BE MAKING DECISIONS TOGETHER.

3. All decision-making meetings will be filmed for immediate public consumption, live.

4. All decision-makers will be non-politicians, none interested in political careers, fame or money.

5. There will be a sense of urgency associated with all contact. And major issues will be addressed DAILY (on our own unedited media outlet), vigorously, creatively. [The best music on earth might very well be heard in our realm too.].

6. Citizens will have deep, immediate access — NO GENERIC FORMS/CONTACT — with influential people serving the public 24×7. And not just residents of California.

7. Virtually everything addressed will keep the national and international scenes in mind, creating — as often as possible — ripples in those realms. My God, imagine what the battle of AIPAC vs. OUR GOVERNOR would sound like, bite off, accomplish! Or MONSANTO vs. OUR GOVERNOR. In short, a spot-on non-politician (with twelve other like-minded souls) in Sacramento could do more to push the country toward “progress abroad” than any disingenuous president* put forth by Democrats or Republicans.

*The only variety we ever get.

8. If TOSCA did nothing more than abolish the death penalty in California and free all political prisoners* and make vigilantism unlikely and significantly reduce official (and unreported) police brutality (within a month), the “project” would be worth the heartbeats. Fact is, we will do a helluva lot more.

*This can be accomplished unilaterally without as much as a discussion with unprincipled politicians. See for a taste.

I have asked, and continue to ask for only ten minutes of heartbeats TOTAL from those who want to be a part of TOSCA. Such minimal input will be highly valuable, deeply welcome. However, this is the space in which to underscore that what I really want is for everyone — EVERYONE WHO CAN GET THIS — to make TOSCA a top priority in their lives, if humanly possible.

Imagine if Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Howard Zinn, Bill Blum, Michael Parenti, Michael Albert, Derrick Jensen, Mike Davis, Glen Ford, Jeffrey St. Clair, Jennifer Loewenstein et al. ONLY wrote about TOSCA for a year. Or anything close to that. If they made TOSCA a highlight in their lectures and their private conversations in cafes. Actually, a mere four percent of their output would do the trick, tick off the incredible payoff. A morsel from each would do? From a few, not caring what the others do?

What if they could see that a REVOLUTION was at hand? A legal, non-violent variety.

This IS the Revolution everyone yearns for. The first blatant step up and down that road… even though this “revolution” would be unlike anything ever experienced on earth.

If you’re a creative thinker you have the imagination to see that this can work [I pray that that doesn't sound too negative, that the words above don't seem presumptuous... for TOSCA cannot afford to lose you.].

Blessings in solidarity,
Richard at
P.S. If I don’t get back within 24 hours something’s amiss.
Consider me a link between the gorgeous writing of dedicated world citizens and necessary, meaningful action… on the streets, as they say.