Taking Over the State of California (TOSCA)
Going beyond writing articles, giving lectures, fund raising and attending conferences
by Richard Martin Oxman (author of Creating a Watershed in History)

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“Even if you don’t care about your own groundwater, the increasing likelihood of getting cancer unnecessarily, you must act against our atrocities respecting other people… past and present.”
— A core member of TOSCA from India

“The challenge might very well be comparable to what one encounters when confronting an inveterate smoker about reconsidering the habit for her/his own and others’ health.” — The author’s Uncle Julio

This has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with politics or the (fraudulent) electoral arena as you know it. But it has everything to do with using the electoral arena to take over the State of California — legally, non-violently — to radically transform life not only within its borders, but far beyond that realm.

The fact is that, as everyone knows, anything which is embraced in California enthusiastically has an excellent shot at having a serious impact nationwide, and even internationally. The influential Governor of California, as too few people know, can make many changes in the state unilaterally. Her/his broad-ranging UNILATERAL power ( enables the “leader of the state” to do things like place a moratorium on the death penalty without so much as a discussion with the gangster* politicians which envelop the Sacred Seat in Sacramento. AND… when that governor wants to take actions which require the support of antagonistic career politicians… if the governor is truly popular enough statewide — wildly popular with the vast majority of voters — citizens can easily force those gangsters to play ball. Especially if the governor personally coaches the constituencies respecting HOW to exert the proper pressure.

*I use this adjective because it is — in almost every single case, throughout the history of California (and elsewhere) — appropriate. See

OUR GOVERNOR will be wildly popular. For one, “our governor” will be a non-politician, the first state governor anywhere not interested in a career. [Do consider all that that means before proceeding.] Furthermore, OUR GOVERNOR will not be a single individual; see below for elaboration on that point. But perhaps the single greatest assurance that OUR GOVERNOR will be “wildly popular” is that s/he will have secured the Sacred Seat of Sacramento on a zero budget; see below for elaboration on that point too. But before you do look below… think about the difference between winning the state’s gubernatorial election with no money and working on campaign finance reform. Here is where your imagination must kick in to be able to tune in to the impact that OUR GOVERNOR will have on each and every citizen, whether or not they’re into politics.


Slightly tweaked excerpt from

1. Shock. The infamous “element of surprise,” and all that entails respecting self-education among citizens. A write-in candidate with no party affiliation — ON A ZERO BUDGET — wins the gubernatorial seat in California! Or, at worst, garners enough support* — out of nowhere — to warrant international attention. Little to lose, everything to gain… gaining a huge, unprecedented spotlight for dangerous ideas on an ongoing basis (Undermining ALL Manifestations of Imperialism/Racism, Pristine Organic Farming Standards, Parecon, IRV, Reparations, etc., etc., etc. And, of course, ETC.).

*Most people don’t know what it would mean (on an ongoing basis) to secure more votes than all “other parties” combined. With very little “extra effort” an incessant international spotlight would be created. To be elaborated on, upon request.

2. Our Governor and Lt. Governor will be working figureheads, working alongside eleven others (on an equal footing). Ah, a spotlighted primary figurehead with twelve apostles? Apostles of anarchism? THE POINT IS THAT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY A CROSS SECTION OF CITIZENS, NOT AN INDIVIDUAL, WILL BE MAKING DECISIONS TOGETHER.

3. All decision-making meetings will be filmed for immediate public consumption, live.

4. All decision-makers will be non-politicians, none interested in political careers, fame or money.

5. There will be a sense of urgency associated with all contact. And major issues will be addressed DAILY (on our own unedited media outlet), vigorously, creatively. [The best music on earth might very well be heard in our realm too.].

6. Citizens will have deep, immediate access — NO GENERIC FORMS/CONTACT — with influential people serving the public 24×7. And not just residents of California.

7. Virtually everything addressed will keep the national and international scenes in mind, creating — as often as possible — ripples in those realms. My God, imagine what the battle of AIPAC vs. OUR GOVERNOR would sound like, bite off, accomplish! Or MONSANTO vs. OUR GOVERNOR. In short, a spot-on non-politician (with twelve other like-minded souls) in Sacramento could do more to push the country toward “progress abroad” than any disingenuous president* put forth by Democrats or Republicans. It is one thing for an NGO to comment on an abomination, it is quite another for the Governor of California to do so… from her/his very bowels.

*The only variety we ever get.

8. If TOSCA did nothing more than abolish the death penalty in California and free all political prisoners* and make vigilantism unlikely and significantly reduce official (and unreported) police brutality (within a month), the “project” would be worth the heartbeats. Fact is, we will do a helluva lot more

9. TOSCA will not fail. See for an explanation.

The understandable question regarding HOW we intend to win the gubernatorial election is not the first thing to address. The first question — for YOU personally — is whether or not the above resonates in your marrow. For if it does not, perhaps you aren’t aware of our present momentum as a society. And/or perhaps you’re out of the loop as far as the state of our ecocide goes. And so on. In which case, we don’t want me to waste heartbeats going over the HOW, do we? I mean if our agenda is not wildly attractive, what’s the point of delineating the devilish details, explaining how Don Quixote can actually ride into town and make a significant difference in time? In time… because we do have a deadline. We are no longer living in the sixties when it was sufficient to be engaged in a socially/environmentally-conscious enterprise. No, we must be effective in making a difference IMMEDIATELY on a grand scale. For we NOW do have a deadline, to say nothing about an obligation to all those who are suffering unnecessarily every day, suffering to an extent that dwarfs the worst excesses of what’s come to be known in WWII History as The Holocaust.

I will close at this juncture to encourage contact ASAP regarding further details. There is no substitute for direct one-on-one delineation of TOSCA. That kind of contact is going to form the core of communications throughout our unprecedented campaign, and throughout our tenure in office.

Other articles which tackle TOSCA from different angles are pieces which were written for very specific audiences… for specific purposes. Without a proper context they may be off-putting or puzzling at best. However, that said, you certainly are welcome to glance at them. provides a list of high profile people who have given TOSCA their imprimaturs. is an early description of TOSCA which does do a decent job, I believe, of outlining how little time one has to invest to contribute to TOSCA’s success. Its title is “Whatever Your Cause…..” because it underscores how we can move in solidarity… easily… effectively, without taking away from whatever someone might be doing regularly, at present. is (indirectly) a poetic appeal to Arundhati Roy to join hands with us. It also addresses the beautiful notion of the “impossible” being possible, and includes a Philip Larkin poem to die for (about surprises/hope in life). provides a long list of who we know will be supportive of our unprecedented campaign; what groups, what individuals come to mind easily. It’s by no means definitive/comprehensive, but it’ll give the reader an idea of how many people will find that our attempt at creating a watershed in history resonates with them.

CONTACT RICHARD OXMAN AT or at at your very earliest convenience. No, immediately! We don’t have a moment to waste if we’re going to stop the powers that be, our abominable momentum. There is an urgent need to put together “a ticket” of thirteen citizens who can be spotlighted as the coalition which we’re calling OUR GOVERNOR. The very good news — I should think this would represent a delightful option for readers — is that YOU can be in on selecting the composition of that team, AND platform/issue positions.