The Attempt and Not the Deed Confounds Us: WHY TOSCA WILL NOT FAIL

The Attempt and Not the Deed Confounds Us: Why TOSCA Will Not Fail
The Ox

“As I see it, neither co-optation nor assassination nor the threat of capital flight will be able to stop TOSCA as long as core members make its revolutionary focus their top priority.” — Kirk Jones, Writer/Director of Waking Ned Devine

Macbeth: If we should fail?
Lady Macbeth: We fail?
But screw your courage to the sticking place,
And we’ll not fail. — Macbeth, I,vii,58

Unlike the Macbeths, we are not going to murder anyone… even though the people who we are going to replace are guilty of murder and other abominations. That’s a fair description of virtually all the past governors of California… even though school children will never learn of their horrors. [Sarcastically.] I wonder why.

But enough of my being down on others. The only reason I mention the above at all is to underscore the importance of not failing respecting TOSCA Between our carcinogenic groundwater* and our institutionalized inhumane treatment of non-humans and other human beings alike… there are plenty of reasons to make sure that we turn things around. Climate change threats aside, the 2010 gubernatorial election in California is perhaps the only opportunity we have left to begin taking hold of the reins… for the purpose of changing directions.

*If one considers ONLY this growing problem (nationwide, worldwide), we have ample reason to use a radically different approach to government. For neither Democrats nor Republicans nor representatives of well-meaning but marginalized other parties can help us. And we cannot allow our momentum to continue. That would be tantamount to not wanting to know if and when you got cancer. And, by the way, on that note about terminal disease… one of the things that TOSCA will address is the disingenuousness and dangers associated with medical professionals in the cancer community.


1. If the people we contact insist upon speculating about what other citizens will do. “Oh, Richard, people are going to look at your candidate and tell themselves that they don’t want to waste their vote.” Yes, those excuses are a deal killer. And I ask each and every reader to consider that voting for anyone other than our TOSCA candidate is a wasted vote… considering the ecocidal, suicidal track we’re on.

2. If people who come on board with TOSCA insist upon having meetings. The heartbeats that would be spent on (unnecessary) gatherings will drain too much energy from our essential task… which is to devote as much time as possible with one-on-one contact, bringing others on board. SPECIAL NOTE: AS TOSCA GETS UP AND RUNNING BEWARE OF THOSE WHO TELL YOU THAT MEETINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. Please contact me directly if you’re tempted to succumb to such utter nonsense. Time-consuming meetings, as much fun as they might be… as much as they might satisfy some socializing inclination… go entirely against the spirit of TOSCA.

3. If recipients of my missives are anal-retentive attitudinally*. If those on board insist upon playing Felix Ungar (from Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple) or some approximation of TV’s Monk… we are doomed. Everything will not be explained ahead of time. There will be lots of strands sticking out, much unfinished business along the way to the Sacred Seat in Sacramento. But things will work out. And even if they don’t, our premise is that we can’t possibly do worse than how past governors have been handling their mission to serve the people. Increasing carcinogenic groundwater — without even as much as a public discussion about the issue, acknowledging our dire challenge — is proof enough of that. And I can give you a hundred and one other examples.

*For example, if we suddenly announce that our coalition (serving collectively as Governor) will be comprised of 14, not (the originally stated number of) 13 citizens, and someone objects thusly: “You’re not keeping your word! You’re not clear on the fundamentals. You can’t keep switching gears this way and that.” Silly, yes. Deadly, yes.

4. If core people within the realm of TOSCA forget that our plan is unprecedented (for very good reasons), and fall back into an arthritic snail’s pace… as if we have time to merely plant seeds for the future. Write, talk, protest in a little corner of the universe. We must put ourselves into a position where we can implement radical changes immediately. Actually, sooner

5. Personal short-sightedness could do us in. It has two aspects. One, there’s something I call territorial trauma, which kicks in when activists want the spotlight for their chosen group. Two, there’s the simple aspect of career considerations, advancing one’s personal agenda. Consider what the Beatles said about “fussing and fighting” in We Can Work It Out.

The attempt and not the deed
Confounds us. — Macbeth, II,ii,10

The master manipulator in Shakespeare’s great dark play is saying that to attempt the murder of Duncan and not succeed means ruin.

Well, well, well… we are not going to murder anyone. However, we must not fail to murder The System as it stands. Enter Kali.

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