The Emergency Party: And the Stars Shone….

The Emergency Party: And the Stars Shone….
by The Ox
“My time is running out and I die despairing…. I have never loved life so much!” — E lucevan le stelle (And the stars shone), Puccini’s Tosca (

“Addressing our ‘emergencies’ will simultaneously address most other issues plaguing the public, but the greatest challenge is getting people out of their state of denial. Just like with a substance abuser, the first step is acknowledgment. It won’t do a bit of good — rather, enough good — to provide employment, for instance, embrace gay marriage, or make a dent in vigilantism… or even bring the troops home if we don’t admit that our groundwater is toxic. That shortly we’ll be up the creek not only without a paddle, but without water. Technology can’t save us, if we don’t immediately change our behavior. If they stay in denial, the vast majority of U.S. citizens will experience what much of mankind is currently experiencing… no potable water. This is an EMERGENCY!”. — Santa Cruz County Water Expert

Special note: Readers with a short attention span might want to skip down to the little story in boldface… if they are paralyzed by the thought that others will not move in solidarity with them, thereby making their efforts all for naught.

The TOSCA effort as per could easily place its agenda under the umbrella of something called the Emergency Party… if we were willing to go through all the hell required to establish a new political party. No, even though the votes that write-in candidates garner are arguably the easiest to NOT COUNT, we’re going to put our energies to better use, and let the phenomenon of electoral fraud take its course.

For if we win, nothing short of a thunderbolt from Zeus will keep us from taking office. That’s because in the process of organizing we’re going to be creating a truly singular group. One that’s committed to addressing the emergencies of our time, not just focusing on recruiting voters for a particular election. Even if we “lose” we’re going to be an unprecedented force to contend with, for we will get our way. We must. Political platitudes, habit and the like will have to take a back seat. We’re going to need to drive unencumbered.

In fact, TOSCA is only peripherally interested in the Sacred Seat in Sacramento, California. Our goal is — for the first time in history — to have citizens bond with one another statewide to stop ecocidal/suicidal momentum, and to radically change personal/societal behavior immediately. Legally and non-violently, if humanly possible. And YOU can help on that count in a very serious way.

We will ask people to temporarily put aside disagreements on issues which are of personal importance, but which do not immediately threaten Mother Earth and all of her living creatures with extinction.

Among the issues which DO threaten our survival and/or which are causing extreme, irreparable damage unnecessarily are the following (in no special order):

1. Nuclear issues.

2. Ocean acidification.

3. Plastic in the oceans.

4. Groundwater toxicity.

5. Carcinogenic air.

Each and every one of the above, in isolation, are sealing our fate. And there are many more issues which demand immediate attention. Issues which cannot be addressed at the arthritic snail’s pace which we have adopted. We certainly cannot tolerate the disingenuous and/or criminal and/or ignorant approaches which dominate legislative and other realms. The days of everyone doing their own destructive thing are over. Neither the powers that be nor technology can save us unless we capture the spotlight in the 2010 California gubernatorial race (maybe before that by other means!), and give the public a real chance to self-educate. Only then will citizens have a shot at acknowledging the Hell we’re headed for in time… by embracing meaningful action soon enough. Nothing else is on the table.

Underscoring these priorities doesn’t mean that we’re not open to adding YOUR priorities* to the mix. But you must contact us immediately, and we must move in solidarity expeditiously.

*We fancy that one of the great contributions we’ll make in the process of making TOSCA a success is the effect it’ll have on society’s increasing atomization. With each passing day, isolation becomes more and more in vogue, pleasing the powers that be to no end. We will end that horror, the unacceptable, unnatural transformation taking place in front of our eyes.

A closing image:

Imagine that you’re on a boat — YOU ARE! — and you know most of the other passengers.

It sinks, and all of you wind up floating in shark-infested, rough toxic waters, barely treading water to survive.

There’s one option.

There’s a huge wooden platform floating nearby. If everyone in the water (or at least a majority of the people in the water) can reach the platform, and then — together — holding on to it, and kicking simultaneously… so that the platform moves toward the visible shore, you can all survive.

You look at Joey. Then you look at Jane. You know them. You know them all too well, and your “knowledge” puts you into a fit of despair. For you cannot imagine them having the will power or the strength to reach the platform from where they are in the water. And others are much further away than they are, weaker looking, already seeming resigned to death in the watery depths.

What do you do?

There’s only one thing you can do for starters. It’s quite the no-brainer.

Why, you swim toward the platform. Even though you know that the platform is likely to go down in the storm with or without the others pushing it toward shore… you swim toward the platform.

You DO NOT get absorbed with second-guessing about the others’ behavior, their capabilities under stress, or anything of the like. Nor do you speculate about human nature. And you probably don’t make writing about the situation your top priority.

Nay, you simply start swimming toward the weak, crumbling wooden platform.

See you at the platform.

The Ox (Richard Martin Oxman) can be reached at OR at Contact him there via email, then he’ll give you his home #, and you’ll be able to reach him at any hour. By the way, THE LAND that those imaginary people are headed for in the story above is very toxic too, but… one thing at a time, please. For “hope” see and