Scatting California Today (SCAT): Who Said There Are No Guarantees?

Scatting California Today (SCAT): Who Said There Are No GUARANTEES?
by The Ox (unedited, first draft)
In response to the lack of broad, meaningful response to Taking Over the State of California (TOSCA), and in response to encouraging suggestions from Mark Smith

You can stay or you can leave, but — regardless — you should leave. As in “The War is Over, if You Want It.” It’s got to be embraced on that level — your own anti-war sentiments — ’cause 98% of the anti-war activity (and it’s terribly miniscule at that) is all about a particular war, and/or tweaking some aspect of the War Machine. Virtually nothing is on the table with regard to eliminating the U.S. economy’s symbiotic relationship with — total dependence upon — the Pentagon System. And that GUARANTEES weapons testing on the battlefield, militarization of our society, incessant war, ongoing abominations.

It’s over, man. Woman. But it’s never going to be over if you’re waiting for the Godot of Solidarity. Solidarity will come, if it ever comes, from your doing your personal gypsy best to scat out of the sick U.S. Momentum today. I highly recommend that wherever you are at the moment… you give the U.S. 24 hours to get out! Out of your life. For the smell of our Treblinka and Chernobyl is clearly coming through the floorboards. And, short of your dropping out, you’re way complicit in all of our atrocities.

As far as fundamental environmental issues go, the main problem is that people actively working on solutions are primarily focusing on technological approaches in lieu of demanding deep lifestyle changes. The latter are — for all practical purposes — totally excluded from the dialogue. Bike riding, recycling and using a different light bulb notwithstanding, at the end of the polluted day the Big Picture is grim. Public policy is not slated to improve matters, to say the least. The disingenuous and ignorant efforts here and there simply GUARANTEE oblivion, or — at the very least — life not worth living.

The bike should be ridden, the taxes not paid. Yes. Well-intentioned souls should be encouraged to “contribute” on such counts. BUT… along with all that should be a clear acknowledgment that institutional change is obligatory.

We’re going to have to insist upon nothing short of most of what we’re used to… collapsing. Without insisting upon GUARANTEES concerning what comes next.

You can begin taking steps into that realm by refusing to vote. At least on any level that’s bigger than your immediate locale. Like, perhaps, a vote for a small town official, or school* board member. An excerpt from a Mark Smith email (dis)respecting voting can be found at the very bottom of this article, below my name. Feedback would be very welcome.

*Hmm. School is a serious problem though, no matter who’s at the helm. Please contact me about this for some necessary deep dialogue. hints at what the problem is, but focuses on higher education. For all levels, in short, the “problem” is the focus on obedience, the murder of true independence.

Which leads me to the one guarantee you can count on. That’d be your own sweet independence. Your true freedom.

I want to encourage the socially-conscious reader to continue with efforts at creating solidarity, but to make certain that those efforts are emanating from a foundation which is built out of uncompromising integrity, refusal to support any institutions which compound ignorance with ignorance… perpetuating our horrors, guaranteeing our momentum.

This solitary action, seems like the best first step toward movement in meaningful solidarity. Obligatory, I say. On which the survival of the planet depends.

Richard Oxman (The Ox) can be reached at in the name of not building any more walls against which we can (too easily be encouraged to) bang our heads. In the name of cheering Life for not providing guarantees.
If anyone wants to revive some aspect of TOSCA, the barn door will always be open.

“Some of the main objections to “stop voting,” with my answers are:

1. It’s my only voice in government.

No, it is a poor substitute for a voice in government and keeps you from having a real voice in government because you think you already have one.

2. If I don’t vote, the bad guys will win.

But you DO vote, and the bad guys win anyway.

3. You’re trying to take away my precious right to vote that people have fought and died for!

Nobody ever knowingly fought and died so that you could vote for tyrants you couldn’t hold accountable, in faith-based elections with secret vote counts where you can never be sure your vote was even counted, and where, even if your vote is counted and your party/candidate “wins,” the election results can be set aside by the Electoral College, Congress, or the Supreme Court.

4. I have to vote because the other candidate or party is worse.

Yes, the bad cop is much worse than the good cop. But they are both on the same police force, on the same team, and they use different techniques to break you down because they’ve found it is more effective. The bad cop’s job is to frighten you, the good cop’s job is to sympathize, but the goal of both of them is to put you in jail so they can close the case, finish the paperwork, and go home and turn on the TV and have a beer.

5. If enough of us voted, we could bring about change.

When the choices on the ballot are war or war, it doesn’t matter how many people vote or who they vote for, the outcome of the election will be war.

6. People who don’t vote are apathetic.

No, it is voters who are apathetic. People who are willing to hand over the keys to the treasury, command of the military, and personal decisions, to officials they cannot hold accountable, are the ones who don’t care about themselves, or anyone else.

7. Even if nobody votes, the government won’t cede power.

True. But would no longer be able to claim legitimacy. Protesting a government to which you have, by voting, delegated the sole legitimate use of violent force, is self-defeating.”