Dick, Ursula and Harry all know the obvious. That we must free our Economy from the Pentagon System which demands unwarranted, suicidal subsidies. And has no moral or financial accountability. In the name of Humanity, Sanity… and in the name of freeing up funds for healthy living.
by Richard Martin Oxman

“All roads led to Rome so that Roman legions could march four abreast into any of the provinces to put down rebellion. Not for any other reason that should be discussed at present.” — George Weber, the author’s mentor, during the U.S. invasion of Vietnam

Yesterday, someone asked me — it’s such a FAQ — “Where do we start?”. I should have answered differently than I did. The best answer is below.

There is plenty of money to be had for our mutual purposes.

But our Department of Defense — the greatest single polluter on earth — must be forced to give up a huge portion of what they receive (on and off the books) first. Their abominable activities at home* and abroad are supported by the incessant, disingenuous spreading of fear. And a lot of gangsters (bankers, CEOs et al.) connected with them are making unconscionable fortunes while we have to deal with disgusting budget cuts and the prospect of hell-on-earth.

*As of 2002/03, the world’s largest polluter was generating 750,000 tons of toxic waste material annually, more than the five largest chemical companies in the U.S. combined. They already — as of that time — had made uninhabitable a (total) land mass the size of Florida. And the situation has gotten infinitely worse with Bush and Obama.

I can document definitively… everything.

The stakes are high. And it’s not a pretty picture. You try to get your money spent the way you want, they’ll try to kill you, the powers that be. Literally. You try to make humane institutional change, and you may be putting your life on the line. But the odds of succeeding and not suffering horribly in the process is contingent upon our numbers and resolve. Upon solidarity, upon an insistence on not being atomized as citizens.

I submit that virtually all of the differences which exist between you and I — whoever you are — are truly minimal relative to the value of taking control of our tax money, embracing a more humane vision.

At the end of the day, you have nothing to fear but the fear instilled by the self-serving Pentagon System. Quite simply, you have to decide whether or not you want to subsidize large corporations’ research and development*, unsustainable breakthroughs in technology, violations of international law… and worse.

*Details regarding this and all else, upon request.

Richard can be reached at tosca.2010@yahoo.com for:

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“It’s sometimes argued that a decent single payer system would be functional to U.S. capitalism, since industries like the auto sector would be liberated from the burden of health costs. There are scores of decent policies that would be functional to US capitalism. But the soul of US capitalism is wedded to indecency. Consider torture and the death penalty. Critics of these procedures sometimes argue that they don’t work, or are inefficient. People spout out lies amid their torments. Innocent people die in the gas chamber and the justice system is injured in reputation thereby.. But the real allure of torture and capital punishment for the owners of the system is to instill fear and compliance precisely by the demonstration of vindictive irrationality.”
— Alexander Cockburn http://www.counterpunch.org/cockburn08142009.html

P.S. A lot of well-meaning, highly educated citizens — some in prestigious, influential positions — miss the boat entirely respecting Our Enconomy*. They often simply do not see the degree to which American elites will — as things stand — always demand military spending instead of social/environmental spending, nor why. Even if it turned out — as would surely be the case — that using taxpayers’ money for socially/environmentally-conscious (useful) purposes was more profitable than sending it through the military system, that still wouldn’t change the decision to prefer military spending. Why? Because social spending and (too much) environmental spending is going to interfere with the basic prerogatives of power. Social spending, for one, is likely to give citizens more breathing space with which to organize popular constituencies. With which to move in solidarity… once each individual is not totally absorbed with personal survival, atomized out of necessity. The “minority of the opulent” as per http://oxtogrind.org/archive/357 has no interest in slacking off on its control of things. For those readers who can handle questioning the intentions of our so-called Founding Fathers, I highly recommend that you glance at that article, and then get with me. It touches upon one of several crucial conceptual matters which are extremely challenging, but essential to address… if we are to address our survival from a new angle. [It is not easy to question one's ground of being.]

*The entire Summer, 2009 issue 50 of Yes! (Magazine) is an excellent example. If you’re pressed for time… just glance at the Executive Editor’s “The New Economy Starts Now.” Heartfelt, eloquent and socially-conscious, it neither acknowledges the nature of our economic downturn (http://www.counterpunch.org/whitney08102009.html), nor the firmly ensconced power interests of our elites.

I can clearly see that it’s not just my job to rally “progressives” together… or activists. The need is for citizens of all stripes to join hands in solidarity on this… if we are to have a chance at all of improving matters. Of course, people whose main payoff always comes from generating the response that they’re good little boys or good little girls for doing such and such will be excruciatingly challenged. Why? Because — perhaps for the first time in their lives — they will have to be willing to be labeled as troublemakers.

I’m not in favor of Big Government. I’m all about decentralizing power. But at this particular moment in time it would be highly dangerous to dismantle the state system. And that subject can be discussed… later. For now, the urgent task is to –if possible — take advantage of the fact that the political system (with all its horrific flaws) does offer opportunities for participation by the general population (http://oxtogrind.org/archive/353) which other existing institutions, such as corporations, don’t offer, can never provide. That’s why the powerfully entrenched far right wants to weaken governmental structures. Because… if you can make sure that all the key decisions are in the hands of Microsoft and General Electric and Raytheon, then you don’t have to worry anymore about the threat of popular involvement in policy-making. Take advantage in the electoral arena OR come up with something else. In the face of the increasing privatization of power… that should be our urgent theme song.

Too much blah blah. Enough. Time for action.