Who You Are
by Richard Martin Oxman (The Ox, http://oxtogrind.org/archive/305)
This is unedited. Read the last two lines (at the very bottom) first?

Use your imagination. What do you think the impact would be of having a record high turnout for the next gubernatorial election in California, followed by a record low turnout in the presidential election…recommendedby our Governor?” — The author’s mentor

“A large part of the problem is that even well-educated, well-meaning citizens really have no idea just how carcinogenic local elements like air and water are, too little knowledge of our abominations abroad, less of a clue regarding our momentum, and zero faith in their own power, power ‘discouraged’ by the powers-that-be.” — The author’s neighbor

I trust that this will help the reader to see the value of action in solidarity (which follows a new paradigm).

1. Even though we face the likelihood of massive electoral fraud (and worse) in our attempt to take over the State of California… courtesy of the corporations which control our state and federal governments, the United States does provide an opportunity to turn things around (in time) vis-a-vis our electoral arena. A legal, non-violent revolution of sorts is possible*. One has to be totally bereft of imagination and/or not know anything whatsoever about the powers inherent in Executive branch of California to not be able to see how TOSCA’s agenda (http://oxtogrind.org/archive/353) could change our horrid momentum, locally, nationally and internationally**.

*And necessary. To be elaborated on, upon request; we have a singular way to deal with the inevitable electoral fraud.

**For one, we could have unprecedented success with boycotts. In general, the public does not know or care about which corporations are complicit in which abominations. A Governor of California could help on both counts worldwide.

2. Neither of the two major parties will offer anything significant enough in 2010 in California. To put it mildly. And the marginalized “other parties” will only be able to plant additional seeds… which will not bear fruit in time. Indisputable facts. Therefore, everyone who voted in the last gubernatorial election (or not) should consider voting next time around for TOSCA’s unaffiliated, write-in (non-careerist) candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. We can tell you ahead of time exactly how we plan to address your deepest concerns, AND — once in office — you will have 24×7 access respecting all issues which arise, your input seriously considered in dialogue with a person. No generic communications. All decision-making –ALL– will be filmed for immediate public consumption/feedback.

3. There is great urgency for us to overcome our atrocious atomization in society, and to move expeditiously in solidarity… following a new paradigm. Old, traditional models for such action are not working/will not work. Well-meaning citizens should continue with what they’re doing, BUT must also embrace TOSCA (or some equivalent*) so that an attempt is made to seize power on a large enough scale to affect institutional change, not just piecemeal reforms.

*I’d LOVE to get wind of some “equivalent.”

4. TOSCA’s success without mainstream media support and WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY TO SPEAK OF would have the potential to — virtually overnight — have a 9/11-level-impact on citizen consciousness. We’re not talking about Obama-like pseudo-citizen involvement here. Again, only someone totally bereft of imagination can fail to see how such success via such means* could transform and inspire. We do not have to have an anal retentive plan for each and every aspect of our challenges. An inspired public would lead us down a healthy road

*Because of the means used (and attitude toward government as per http://oxtogrind.org/archive/366), even if we fail to secure the Governor’s seat we’re likely to have an ongoing spotlight, and growing (unprecedented) citizen influence. That said, it is extremely important that we win in 2010. Life and death, really.

5. HOW would we accomplish our goals? Forget that question for now. For now, simply resolve to be a part of something truly new. Don’t second-guess what others will or will not do. Spare us your take on the negative sides of what you deem to be human nature. And please don’t try to tell us something instructive about the electoral scene. Only 39% of eligible voters came out last time ’round. We’re not thinking about motivating the others along lines that have been tried before. No, we’ve got other tricks up our sleeveto be shared in person upon your embracing the thrust of TOSCA. Leave your resignation and your cynicism at the doorstep, and, then, step in.

6. We are absolutely doomed if we don’t move on this YESTERDAY. Upon request, I can provide plenty of documentation respecting that viewpoint, starting with a very recent statement by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. But everyone who is in touch with the pulse of the Earth knows that in their marrow. Forget about tomorrow. For all the beauty that abounds, it’s plenty bad enough today. You want your children and/or the children of others to have a worthwhile life. At the very least you are obliged to honor Life, yes?

7. Closing on a personal note, I’m not going to allow any more carcinogens to enter our groundwater. Yes, you heard that right. And I’ve got a least a thousand more environmental issues which are of mutual concern to us. But… also, the inhumanity locally must be addressed. AND I promise you… I do promise you that we will put an end to the abominations abroad. Too many well-educated, well-meaning people I talk to (95%?) have no clue as to just how bad it is overseas… courtesy of our tax dollars and totally unnecessary military invasions, etc. Our legacy.

8. You’ve got nothing to lose. Spongebob could do a better job than anyone who’s served the people of California as Governor since before the Gold Rush. Seriously. And we’re going to have the sweetest souls on earth serving everyone. People like Wallace “J.” Nichols (http://www.wallacejnichols.org/wallacejnichols/About_J..html). Make him all kinds of colors, genders and ages, etc. and, then, multiply him times twelve or so. Then you’ve got it. Then, maybe, you’ve got it. Depending on WHO YOU ARE.

Contact Ricardo immediately at tosca.2010@yahoo.com
P.S. You don’t have to live in California to participate in TOSCA. Also, we’d like feedback on who we should run as candidates AND what positions we should embrace. See (?) http://dissidentvoice.org/2009/07/taking-over-post-arnold-california/ . The people who are on board with us at http://oxtogrind.org/archive/336, including Howard Zinn (U.S.), Devinder Sharma (India), Gustavo Esteva (Mexico), Afshin Rattansi (Iran), Marie Trigona (Argentina), Henry Giroux (Canada) et al., beg for you to give us your attention. Considering their life’s work, their imprimaturs deserve that, should count for something.