Lily and Jordan Meet “J” and Peter on the Moon

Lily and Jordan Meet “J” and Peter on the Moon
by The Ox

“You look for the moment when you can take all the hearts, the Queen of Spades and the Jack of Spades as well.” — Abbie Hoffman teaching the author the shoot the moon aspect of Hearts, soon after the Attica Prison Riot

Bouncing off of the article I asked my neighbors what they thought about NASA’s anticipated bombing of the Moon on October 8th.

“Oh, that’s gonna make a lot of surfers really upset.”

“I’ve got to check that out. Where did you hear that? That’s hard to believe.” [Once I pointed out that the U.S. hadn't ended nuclear testing, the person came out with, "Mmm, maybe I'm in denial."]

“I have only four words to describe this: Ludicrous beyond all comprehension. I really cannot believe that intelligent people could seriously conceive of this idea, let alone act upon it. $600 million? Hell, that could but us like 15 more minutes in Iraq. These people sure don’t have a shortage of ideas for how to squander precious resources during the worst economic crises in the last 80 years. Unbelievable.”

We’ve got problems. NASA says it’s going after water. But we all know that it’s doing the Pentagon’s bidding, testing weaponry. And… even with respect to the water story, what the hell are we doing going that route in lieu of conservation and the like? I won’t even get into the metaphoric horror. For me, in a real sense, it’s worse than the so-called reality.

We’ve got other problems. The people who put together the article are impossible to contact. Where is their contact info? You go to their site and… there’s no way to reach them. As bad a problem as the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and the Labor/Community Strategy Center not getting back to me after repeated attempts to connect.

And still other problems. My neighbors are going to go back to sleep.

I mean, I’ve got a hundred horrors equal to the Moon Shot which I could offer up from the top of my head. But my neighbors will not be moved to do anything about any of them. I can tell. No matter how I approach it all. Any of the issues.

For all of the issues — to do something about them — require institutional change. And my neighbors will shut down immediately if I broach such territory. The only way to get to them is to “take over” a realm which they cannot ignore… which they are forced to participate in whether they like it or not. And I must say I cannot afford to care whether they like ending things like our wars, abominations like that and the Moon Shot.

Take over as in TOSCA

TOSCA can be started without my neighbors. They’ll eventually get involved, I think, but… first… I’ve got to pull in people like Jordan and Lily. [See some of their work at]

But… when our dozen unaffiliated, non-politician citizens sit in the Sacred Seat of Sacramento, what’s in it for Jordan and Lily?

Here goes (in no special order):

1. Moratorium on the death penalty. Immediately.
2. Release of thousands of prisoners immediately.
3. Immediate discussion/action concerning more humane treatment of prisoners.
4. Regular pleas for other governors to do the same.
5. Repeated showings of Lily’s new films on the Governor’s own media outlet.
6. Daily reports by Jordan on the Governor’s own media outlet (from a location of his choosing).
7. 24×8 public access to at least one of our dozen insiders.
8. Creation of free public housing for many victims of Katrina/FEMA in the name of taking humane steps to compensate (minimally) for the abominable way in which the powers-that-be treated the residents of New Orleans, all the while helping the public to self-educate about what happened and why. Which will help one and all to self-educate about other abominations… with similar roots.
9. Immediate steps taken to push for DIVESTMENT IN ISRAEL, simultaneously with a push for boycotts and sanctions. As a powerful factor among the Regents for the University of California system, our Governor will be able to accomplish a lot along these lines unilaterally.
10. Paid positions for Lily’s and Jordan’s pet projects (which will be connected with the interests of California citizens).

This is just ten from the top of my head, penned to pull in interest… in the name of creating a Core Group. Lily and Jordan, I know, without really knowing them at all, can help me immensely in putting together something very essential. Something which demands immediate attention. That is, candidates for the positions of our dozen public servants. Candidates who will fit well with the likes of Wallace “J.” Nichols and UCLA’s Peter McLaren

I do this with everyone I possibly can. Using a shotgun in fogged-up moonlight.

Use your imagination here, please. Imagine Lily and Jordan connecting with “J.” Imagine Peter meeting me for the first time with “J” sitting across the table. Imagine Lily and Jordan walking into the garden. With the two friends they’ve brought along. People I’ve never met. New faces too for Peter and “J.”

What beauty!

And to think… I might then invite some of my neighbors over.

I’ve been dealt a number of high cards. I do believe we’ll be able to shoot the moon.

Ricardo The Ox can be reached at for revolutionary blah blah, unless he’s playing the game of Hearts.