You Give This A Title And Add Your Name While You’re At It

You Give This A Title And Add Your Name While You’re At It
by Richard Martin Oxman

“When Anti-Nuclear activist/scholar Helen Caldicott associated with Robert McNamara in the name of influencing Washington insiders, the effort was destined to be counter-productive, to say the very least. The same dynamic is operating when a Jamie Oliver (for all his wonderful work vis-a-vis obesity and the schools, etc.) serves up dishes for the G-20 at the behest of Gordon Brown. Ditto for Michael Moore begging the public to vote for John Kerry, his great intentions and good works notwithstanding. One has to be permitted to criticize such sweet souls at a given moment regardless of their record. We can no longer advance if we don’t put those contributing within the parameters set by the Obama Administration into perspective.” — from a TOSCA pamphlet

You cannot separate fighting climate change/environmental challenges from fighting those who support military abominations overseas, including torture. They must be addressed simultaneously because the same people* who are A PROBLEM for us respecting environmental issues are the same people who are supporting our unnecessary wars.

*See the line about Boxer and Kerry in the last paragraph of the very middle-of-the-road article at limate_talks/. Virtually all Republicans and Democrats fall into this category, and — this is very important — because members of well-intentioned, spot-on third parties are slated to be marginalized on an ongoing basis… we have had to give birth to TOSCA. See below.

To stage mass protests trying to appeal to the powers that be to do the right thing vis-a-vis Mother Earth is pretty much a waste of energy. Just as that is the case with regard to anti-war demonstrations. It’s not that such efforts do not so something positive, they do. BUT… it’s too little. Something else must be done simultaneously. Something which deserves the major thrust of our heartbeats, something which is worth risking our lives over… or at least ten minutes a week.

I submit that that “something” is our effort to “take over” the State of California (TOSCA), legally and non-violently, as per Lots of high profile figures worldwide have given us their imprimaturs for TOSCA — See for a short list of supporters — and we invite anyone reading this to join hands with us in solidarity.

Do what you’re doing that’s socially/environmental conscious. Writing, lecturing, staging protests, organizing, making a major motion picture, whatever. WITH OUR BLESSINGS. BUT… either take part in TOSCA too, or let us know what else to do… that will follow a new paradigm. The old models for action are inadequate in their little corners. A revolution of sorts is begged for… which demands movement in large scale solidarity. Movement that is pregnant with potential. Movement on matters which can be implemented immediately.

To not do something new is to place your imprimatur on what’s bringing about the end of the world as we know and love it, and to endorse torture* and worse at this very present moment. Forgive me if this sounds like guilt-tripping; the intention is to make a difference.

* is one of many sources which I can provide to definitively document our complicity in unnecessary, counter-productive, inhumane/intolerable horror… not as well known as the horrors of climate change.

The above far exceeds the abominations of the thirties and forties in Europe and elsewhere by any standard. And to not do more than you are doing right now is to be complicit in this atrocious orgy of death and inhumanity.

Contact me, please, to show me where I’m wrong on this point, or join hands with us in solidarity. Help me to understand why you have no heartbeats for TOSCA (or something comparable)… so that I can consider dropping TOSCA, and joining you in your quarter.

Our immediate need is to put together a group of California citizens (a dozen) who will — if we’re successful — serve the public in lieu of a single self-serving careerist. We’d like one and all to recommend unaffiliated, non-politician citizens to be candidates for our group of twelve. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RESIDE IN CALIFORNIA IN ORDER TO SUBMIT RECOMMENDATIONS.

We intend to have an impact on the entire world. We intend to create a watershed in history expeditiously.

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