If Noam and Daniel Had a Baby….

by The Ox (Richard Martin Oxman)

“People don’t like to take the time to read what takes time, especially if it exposes their addictions, their ignorance.” — The author’s young son

“Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice.” — from “Falling Slowly” (from Once)

“The 9/11 attack was doubtless unique, in many respects. One was where the guns were pointing: typically it is in the opposite direction. In fact that was the first attack of any consequence on the national territory since the British burned down Washington in 1814. Another unique feature was the scale of terror by a non-state actor. But horrifying as it was, it could have been worse. Suppose that the perpetrators had bombed the White House, killed the president and established a vicious military dictatorship that killed 50,000-100,000 people and tortured 700,000, set up a huge international terror center that carried out assassinations, helped impose comparable military dictatorships elsewhere, and implemented economic doctrines that destroyed the economy so radically that the state had to virtually take it over a few years later. That would have been a lot worse than 9/11. And it happened, in what Latin Americans often call “the first 9/11,” in 1973. The numbers have been changed to per capita equivalents, a realistic way of measuring crimes. Responsibility traces straight back to Washington. Accordingly, the—quite appropriate—analogy is out of consciousness, while the facts are consigned to the ‘abuse of reality’ that the naïve call history.” — Noam Chomsky, from The Torture Memos http://www.zmag.org/zmag/viewArticle/21609

The U.S. is still creating 9/11s all over the globe regularly, and setting its own population up for more 9/11s at home. THAT is one reason why we must only consider what is said by ALL politicians, leaders. Obama, his associates, his major (player) opponents, his successor (from whatever party) on our own terms, not on those excruciatingly limited ones which fall within the parameters set by the powers that be… in government, in business, in the media, in our schools.

Our own terms should blend with human decency. And survival.

If you glance at the “proof” provided by Noam Chomsky in the link above (”The Torture Memos”), it’ll remind you of our history of indecency, and our present indecent path. Consider http://oxtogrind.org/archive/366 as decent supplementary material.

For the issue of survival, I ask you to read Daniel Ellsberg’s “American Planning for a Hundred Holocausts: An Insider’s Window Into US Nuclear Policy” (http://www.zmag.org/znet/viewArticle/22585). This is not a bit about the possibility of Nuclear Winter, but, rather, a lucid/convincing picture of increasing insanity and the increasing odds that we’ll be annihilating ourselves shortly.

Then there’s an ugly mountain of stuff like http://www.counterpunch.org/ginsburg09112009.html — which, among other things, has to do with getting yourseven if you care nothing about decency, even if you don’t believe… the obvious, definitive documentation. Stuff that we can (and should) do something about right away.

YOU CAN STOP READING AT THIS JUNCTURE. YES, YOU CAN CONTACT ME AT TOSCA.2010[ATATATAT]YAHOO.COM. AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS WITH ME. What’s below is unedited. Okay, I guess you could read the boldfaced paragraph three paragraphs below.

This is why TOSCA (http://oxtogrind.org/archive/364) urges one and all to participate in “taking over” the State of California in 2010. It is crystal clear that we cannot be decent, that we will not survive… as things stand… with our present momentum (slated to get worse)….

I’m going to have to lose someone in advocating a revolution of sorts. Going to have to do without those who will continue to insist upon saluting the flag in spite of the above and the history lesson at http://oxtogrind.org/archive/366.

Those who do not recoil in horror from reading about how our practice of torture has increased are not my audience. And those who are not paralyzed from the likely, unimaginable scenario which Ellsberg tries to delineate… they are not my audience.

Those who have no compassion are not my audience.

I am not interested in people’s cynicism, resignation or fashionable nihilism. Or any of the first cousins of those attitudinal sets. Their ugly “knowledge” about human nature, their flip take on the state of the world, so convenient for carrying on business as usual… I reject.

I am not interested in violence. Or in planting seeds which will not blossom in time.

I am not into talking to people whose minds are closed. It’ll be hard to hang with those who are completely devoid of intellectual curiosity AND common sense.

I’m not into socializing, discussing “the issues” at coffee shops or online or anywhere… if such doesn’t hold the potential for taking action.

It will not be easy to talk to people who are locked into thinking of themselves as part of this nation state right or wrong. Who are in such fear about… whatever… that they feel compelled to cling to what Martin Luther King called the most violent country on the face of the earth.

I am not into putting all of our electoral eggs into permanently marginalized “third party” baskets. Meaning, I expect members of the Green Party, the Peace and Freedom Party, the Socialist Party and some others to come on board with TOSCA for the next gubernatorial election.

I am not interested in people who refuse to acknowledge that the sky is falling.

I am into creating a 9/11-level type shock — Like what a TOSCA success would bring about! — legally, non-violently… on a zero budget… so that we can give the public another shot at self-educating, encouraging them to move toward what enlightened self-interest demands. As soon as possible.

With such a project we cannot lose… even if we lose.

We must let the face of God shine through. Whether or not we are religious. Whether or not we like poetry.

Me? I am the child of Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg. I am also the child of the Tom Waits character and the Roberto Bernigni character in Down By Law. And the baby of the vast majority of the world… where U.S. policies condemn billions to immiseration and death….

Oh Happy Day… that there is another way.

Such thoughts will penetrate through the mountains, cross the oceans, and travel through the world… as we embrace them in our caves.

We can melt down in love and still take action.

I am the most fortune person on earth.