Engels’ Bells, Engels’ Bells, Engels All The Way….

Engels’ Bells, Engels’ Bells, Engels All The Way….
by Arnold Pepper and Richard Martin Oxman

“Revolt against the honor to obey.” — from Green Day’s Know Your Enemy

The U.S. military is arguably the greatest single polluter on earth. It provides the base for as much corruption as any other institution on earth. It is responsible for an abominable, wretched width of human devastation and immiseration, unparalleled in human history. It appeals to some of the worst instincts among the young, and it hypnotizes parents into offering up their own offspring for unnecessary slaughter. It fully intends to militarize space… forever, increasing the likelihood of nuclear winter. That’s for starters in the negative column. [Read the first paragraph again before proceeding.]

You can put down whatever you like to accentuate the positive. Johnny Mercer and Howard Arlen would just love that. But I submit that we don’t need them for protection. Quite the contrary. I’d be more than happy to take my chances with being guarded by other means than millions of killers, many of whom force their traumatized souls into our citizen realm regularly. I’d be more than willing to suffer the consequences of having no oil-based hegemony. One glance back at the first paragraph above makes that quite easy, actually.

I know very well that the U.S. military has all the big bats in its lineup. It’s a hyper-powerful, hyper-vigilant force backed up by tradition, fear, hypnosis and all of their daunting, disgusting first cousins. Still, one can undermine something that represents all of the horror represented in the first paragraph above. You’ve got something to work with, something going for you. Like the truth of the matter. The truth about what keeps reigniting the ugly fires in everyone.

It’s quite like having a roaring nicotine addiction midst a society that prizes the cool of smoking (with the psychological dynamic attendant thereof), and vowing to spread the truth like Jeffrey Wigand. Or Lowell Bergman. Both suffered for years for their pains in different ways trying to help the public to self-educate as per what the The Insider portrays. But their heartbeats produced an honorable, long-lasting result. That is undeniable.

People still smoke. But though people might still kill themselves wrapped in our flag, maybe one day — because of our efforts — less of them will kill others, less of them will die. Addressing the issue of secondary smoke head on is not very different than resolving to tell the truth about who we’re smoking and why. It can lead to institutional change.

People die incessantly in some of the largest numbers attributed to any single cause on earth because of our cancerous military. Yes, it is destroying Mother Earth’s immune system. And if it is allowed to proceed along its present course, it will certainly desecrate Her off the face of the earth. She, herself, will feel Life is no longer worth living.

Enter Engles:

“Friedrich Engels (28 November 1820 – 5 August 1895) was a German social scientist, author, political theorist, philosopher, and father of communist theory, alongside Karl Marx. Together they produced The Communist Manifesto in 1848. Engels also edited the second and third volumes of Das Kapital after Marx’s death.” As usual, Wikipedia doesn’t tell the whole story, the deeper story. The darker story… which forms the most interesting fundament of all bios.

Engels never diverged from the view that the revolution would triumph only if the proletariat succeeded in defeating the armed forces of the state.

Well, the so-called proletariat has been totally transformed. And no one, regardless, has a shot in hell of winning any battles at the barricades. Not in the long run.

But what Engels embraced in old age — the notion that states’ armies could be subverted from within — can still become a reality. It must.

And we should do that dance with bells on whatever our political persuasion or national allegiance or theoretical outlook.

For this has nothing more to do with categories or point of view than the U.S. military does. It has to do with survival.

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You don’t have to necessarily sabotage our military from within. For starters, you could join hands in solidarity with people like Lawrence S. Wittner as per http://www.zmag.org/znet/viewArticle/22660. Regardless, no matter what, you shouldn’t be going to any Blue Angels shows any time soon. Or anything of the sort.