When Devinder Sharma Speaks

When Devinder Sharma Speaks
by Richard Martin Oxman

I am, arguably, Devinder Sharma’s biggest fan. I mean, if I could I would give him a loudspeaker… with which to reach international decision-makers, to encourage citizens to look at corporations like Monsanto from a different angle of vision. I truly believe that embracing his message is essential to saving the world.

The problem is that the powers that be have no intention of heeding Devinder’s words, no matter how eloquently presented. In fact, up till now they have guaranteed that — in terms of action — Devinder Sharma’s work will be marginalized, his many appearances before august bodies notwithstanding. Just enough so that the status quo does not change appreciably. So that our horrid momentum vis-a-vis industrial agriculture increases daily. Abominations guaranteed.

I have a megaphone that can change all that. It’s called TOSCA… as in Taking Over the State of California. As per http://oxtogrind.org/archive/364 and http://dissidentvoice.org/2009/07/taking-over-post-arnold-california/.

In short, citizens of the world are going to have to “take over” the reins. Legally and non-violently they must put themselves at the helm. THEY must put themselves into a position whereby they can pressure the powers that be following a new paradigm. A new model for protest/change because the old ways of trying to bring about reform are doomed; that’s all that’s allowed within the parameters as they presently stand. Parameters set by the powers that be, whether in the electoral arena or elsewhere.

Imagine Devinder Sharma’s priorities being communicated — unedited (not sound bites) — to citizens across the United States of America… vigorously, creatively and repeatedly. Daily. With an international spotlight weekly. Horrors like Monsanto would be given a battle they never envisaged. A fight they would be unprepared to deal with, incapable of dealing with. They would — to use the vernacular – go down. Details upon request, of course, but — for now — I ask you to ponder whether or not such a payoff is worth getting on board with TOSCA over, as many high profile figures (worldwide) have done already… as per http://oxtogrind.org/archive/336.

When Devinder Sharma speaks, I want him to move people to action*. Immediately. For, as everyone knows, there is much to do, and little time remaining. We have serious deadlines to meet.

*Give them something to do other than sign petitions and attempt contact with their disingenuous elected officials

When Devinder Sharma speaks, I want to give him a megaphone, a loudspeaker, the world.

Blessings in solidarity,
Richard Martin Oxman
P.S. TOSCA is not at all about electoral politics as it stands. Not at all. Giving Devinder an electoacoustic transducer (or anything of the sort) is about giving him a voice, an audience which is denied him et al. at present, which is out of reach… by definition, necessarily, courtesy of the powers that be, successful inroads made by him (and others) notwithstanding.
In all humility — truly — I am open to tweaking my attitude. I am not attached to TOSCA. Feel free to send me in another direction, if you like, but… something new must be tried.