Plagiarizing Howard Zinn et al.

Plagiarizing Howard Zinn et al.
by Richard Martin Oxman

We will go a long way from spectator democracy to real democracy when we organize all over the country — with a clamor for change even greater than the labor uprisings of the ’30s or the black rebellion of the ’60s — and shake this country out of old paths into new ones. With a 9/11-level feral howl. [, "Date Rape Sound Bite and Feral Howl for TOSCA]

A singular “GOVERNOR” OF CALIFORNIA — with heart and head in a healthy place — could encourage deliberate, supremely conscious, highly organized, creative use of constructive dissent in such a way as to motivate millions to call upon the untapped power which resides in their very souls. Not just for citizens in California or the U.S., but worldwide. For everyone, this “GOVERNOR” OF CALIFORNIA could delineate EXACTLY WHAT TO DO TO FORCE CHANGE legally and non-violently.

Our intention to “take over” the State of California in 2010* by using the electoral arena in an unprecedented way to put twelve unaffiliated, non-politician citizens at the helm in lieu of having — once again — a single self-serving careerist calling the shots.

*TOSCA, as per and

It is essential to do this — IMPERATIVE, IMMEDIATELY — because the world has deadlines. Not only in terms of climate change and war-related matters, but in terms of our momentum vis-a-vis atomization and (potentially) irreversible resignation.

This goes way beyond the gentility of the ballot box, and is wiser, I trust, than following any of the paradigms that have been employed to date.

What I need you to do — whether or not you live in California — is to recommend (and put me in touch with?) people who might serve in our coalition of a dozen citizens.

Blessings in solidarity,
tosca.2010 [atatatatat]
831-688-8038 at any hour in Aptos, California