Keb’ Mo’ for More

Keb’ Mo’ for More
by The Ox
Dedicated to citizens of the world, not just the souls of California

Here we go. [Me hear the Choo Choo.]

I will help to sell creations by Keb’ Mo’ and… secure appearances for him. So that he can entertain others. And I commit to doing (unauthorized?) PR for Playing for Change, pushing their agenda as per their wishes. [In all humility, I know I'll be quite good at that.] But I have a hidden agenda, an ulterior motive. Perhaps I should just say additional interest which lies beyond their immediate priorities.

From Bob Marley via Timothy White’s Catch a Fire:

“[Marley] believed that you are never handed your destiny but that you have to chase it like a moving train; you run until your legs and lungs ache, and if you are extremely lucky you might catch it, thereby living the life intended for you.

Just so, I submit that Keb’ Mo’ and all souls associated with Playing for Change should consider coming on board together — All aboard! — for the purpose of going beyond their immediate priorities. To put themselves into a position of not having to wait for the political powers-that-be to do the right thing. To “take over” in the capacity of… engineer… guiding… helping others to self-educate in a way that’s above and beyond what they’re already doing.

Continuing with present priorities, without having to divert limited resources/energy/heartbeats. On a basis that will suit their purposes. But making sounds on other tracks that will be heard… and danced to.

As per the thrust of the lyrical One Love Party. As per the prosaic Manifesto for the Muddy Music Industry.

This is not really about Keb’ Mo’ for Governor. Rather, it is about Keb’ Mo’ for more, much more. And if you get that you’ll be able to see where the train is headed, what line we’re workin’ on in this song.

Blessings in solidarity,
Richard Martin Oxman

P.S. There is change, and then there is loose change.