Open Letter to Keb’ Mo’

Open Letter to Keb’ Mo’
by Richard Martin Oxman
A plea for something which is not very much like Rock the Vote or Vote for Change or anything that’s come before…. Dedicated to A Brand New America and Keb’ Mo’s heartfelt emotion.

I trust all is well. [Pause.] I thank you for your efforts and accomplishments. And not just for the beautiful strides you’ve made on behalf of PEACE, but with regard to much more.

This may seem quite presumptuous, but I beg you… I beg you… I beg you… to arrange a rendezvous with me to discuss your running for Governor of California in 2010 or getting behind someone else doing so. At your very earliest convenience. I am not asking you to become a politician, and — as strange as this will sound initially — I am not asking you to even campaign. Certainly not along traditional lines. Rather, I am asking you to take part in an unprecedented effort in the electoral arena, following a new paradigm. On a basis that will suit your purposes.

This is not something that’s sprung full-blown from my head alone. Nay, high profile people worldwide such as Howard Zinn (U.S.), Gustavo Esteva (Mexico), Devinder Sharma (India), Marie Trigona (Argentina), Afshin Rattansi (Iran), Henry Giroux (Canada) et al. have provided their imprimaturs and input respecting our effort to “take over” the State of California (TOSCA). Our short list of supporters/endorsers, I trust, will provide some credibility for our legal, non-violent attempt to make a difference in this world. Make a difference along lines that you yourself have advocated… blended with an approach which has never been tried before.

I fear that my previous missives to you and Mark Johnson and the people at Playing for Change (in the form of articles* on this archived, very dated site) may have done a very poor job of representing what TOSCA is trying to do. But I trust you can overcome their deficiencies. [Pause.] It must not be that I lose your interest because of my personal inability to communicate well enough.

As I have underscored to your colleagues, my friends and I are not attached to TOSCA. The bottom-line with us is that we want to create great art (with a humanistic heart) in the real world. For the purpose of moving us all closer to PEACE. In time. [Pause.] None… of… the… beautiful… seeds… being planted… at present… will bloom… soon enough.

As your fellow-musician from India says in the opening of Playing for Change’s inspirational video One Love, “with a great art there is always Heaven.” Yes, I expect us all to create Heaven on Earth, to help everyone see what is clearly spread before us by the Father and Mother of Creation. [Pause.] And by us.

Do not let me lose you with my words. Let us bond in meaningful action unfurling/following a new model.

Win or lose, we will ALL win with what we will do.

Blessings in solidarity,
*Below are some of the articles referred to above. “One Love Party” “Manifesto for the Muddy Music Industry” “Keb’ Mo’ for More” “Welcome Home, Mark.”