SPECIAL NOTE ADDED ON 12/21/09 AFTER TALKING TO JOHN IN THE L.A. ROCKPIT QUARTER. Please see http://oxtogrind.org/archive/455, and note that… with regard to homelessness:

TOSCA has relief for the homeless as a top priority. And on that count, I’m obliged to underscore that a Governor of California can legally (and unilaterally) make hundreds, if not thousands, of places available to the homeless (using both private and public facilities) virtually overnight. Creating a spotlight for a number of things I’m sure you would approve of, including: the general need to self-educate about the homeless; laying the groundwork for an unprecedented addressing exactly how our capitalist habits create homelessness; inspiring others elsewhere to follow suit. Among other things.

No one else is proposing to do what we intend to do
. Rage Against the Machine could be at the forefront of our effort, encouraging others to jump on board. Not for a single event… the energy for which and from which dies the following day or week. No, an effort that would be ongoing, creating a watershed in the history of music and with regard to all other aspects of life*. Focused on change, not fashionable protest.

*The death penalty, incarceration rates, subsidies for nuclear weaponry studies, divestment abroad, etc. are just a few examples….

RAGE+ (Second Draft)
Dedicated unconditionally to Brian Lisi, Daniel Catullo and Peter Bowers whose umbilical cord to Zack, Tom, Tim and Brad… would make it possible to set it up the best Derrick Jensen/Blood Meridian lunch cum Chomsky-chomp-romp-of-an-activist munch that any of them have ever had… with Arundhati Roy’s feral howl (http://oxtogrind.org/archive/350) for desert.
by Aurochs

“…maybe what we need is a feral howl, or the transformative power and real precision of poetry.” — Arundhati Roy

“To me, Rage is the only rock band that has maintained an active commitment to its activist roots.”
Mickey Z on 12/19/09 [Mickey's site is www.mickeyz.net.]

Rage Against the Machine. Rage about Abominations and God-awful Momentum. Don’t just rage, but do something. Something new.

Enter me. And you?

Doesn’t matter whether or not you agree with Alexander Cockburn point for point in his Turning Tricks, Cashing in on Fear http://www.counterpunch.org/cockburn12182009.html. Not important if you see holes here and there that you’d like elaboration on, that you outright disagree with. For the thrust of his last comment is worth much more than all the tea and progress in China:

“Properly speaking, the Copenhagen dogmata are a farce. In terms of distraction from cleaning up the pollutants that are actually killing people, they are a terrible tragedy.” [Boldface mine.]

Hey, it’s true. You can put aside all the controversy about Climate Change, all the nooks and crannies connected with it. I’d say you should. You can choose to simply focus on toxicity which is unquestionably killing people, other creatures, etc. at present… and you will be addressing what must be addressed immediately. And… if that includes dealing with emissions which are heating things up and the like… well, that’ll be part of your package. But you don’t have to engage in debates about Climate Change to change the world in time. To make a difference as per ALL of our deadlines.

People who want to tell you that a half-hour from where I am (over the mountains) in Silicon Valley the air quality doesn’t rank in the 90th percentile for carcinogens afloat (in all the U.S.)… well, you don’t have to argue with them. For the scorecard’s in on that as much as it’s in on acidification of the oceans, institutionalized racism, wage slavery, mean-spirited martial music and about 40,000* other abominations. Horrors which make (or are making) the earth uninhabitable.

*I always loved those lines which Hamlet screams at Laertes: “Forty thousand brothers/Could not with all their quantity of love/Make up my sum.” [Forty-thousand says something that Fifty-thousand cannot, yes?]

Quite seriously, we must take the bull by the horns post haste. As you know.

What to do? Something along the lines of what’s outlined at http://oxtogrind.org/archive/364. Something along those lines. Something that follows a NEW PARADIGM. RATM and EATM (Engage Against The Machine)… from a new, unprecedented angle.

I do hope that Brian Lisi will share this with Daniel Catullo and Peter Bowers. And seriously consider coming on board. For they are in a position to create a watershed in history. They could take steps they’ve never taken before… and lead others to lead others to lead others to lead others to save the world. With no leaders.

For with or without Climate Change, a world worth living in is coming to an end with all the leadership we’ve managed to keep in place… blatant, eloquent and otherwise.

Terminating, that is, unless enough people like you and me overcome the indifference associated with the powers-that-be contributing to stuff like the extinction of species and the spreading of cancer to 40 to 48% of the population of southern Iraq. That kind of thing. Those kinds of (totally) unnecessary, intolerable things.

It is true that “when there is a great art there is always Heaven.” As per http://www.playingforchange.com/episodes/3/One_Love. Yeah, if we’re going to have a curriculum, art should be at the very center not marginalized on the periphery. [Pause.] But now… now we must do something in addition to creating great art.

Contact the author in the Vienna Woods area of Aptos, CA for lunch reservations (or whatever) at tosca.2010[at]yahoo.com.

RATM lines sent to me by a very good activist friend:

“Anger is a gift”

“If we don’t take action now / We settle for nothing later / Settle for nothing now / And we’ll settle for nothing later.”

“It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here, what better time than now? All hell can’t stop us now.”