Babies By Any Other Name

by Richard Martin Oxman

I trust that activists will forgive me for my sarcasm as per my choice of title here. [Pause.] But something has to shake up the (protest) pot.

It’s a good question that Thomas Mountain poses about Angelina Jolie: How much did she pay for the baby?

I have another excellent question: How much did Medea and her Gaza Freedom March people pay for their recent trip? Financially and emotionally. Thing is, if we don’t answer that question, and deeply consider the implications… we’ll never be able to address the horror that the Jolie-related question raises. For there are TONS of GFM-like activities being conducted daily, in small corners and (being planned for the future) on large scales.

Let’s deal with the GFM finances only here. [Pause.] After you multiply WHATEVER x 1300 (taking into account different distances and the various modes of transportation used)… let me know.

“More than 1,300 people from over 40 countries are in Cairo as part of the Gaza Freedom March.”

That line is taken from a report on Democracy Now! In fact, to tally up the cost of the whole shebang, one would be obliged to factor in the heartbeats associated with all the activity, including fund raising which took place prior to the trip by all the individuals who supported the GFM idea, AND the lifeblood of reporters et al. who are currently following up on the confrontation in Egypt.

This is no small matter. But it is an issue TOTALLY ignored by the so-called alternative media outlets.

The things is, virtually everyone on The Left is stuck in applauding, supporting and taking part in obsolete paradigms for protest/change. They believe that planting any kind of seeds in any manner or form is admirable. [Pause.] Although that is true in a narrow sense, it is NOT true that old models for action make the best use of our limited dissenting heartbeats.

I ask the reader to imagine what would have happened in the plus column for the people of Gaza and the West Bank IF ALL THAT ENERGY, ALL THAT MONEY, ETC. HAD GONE INTO TAKING OVER THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA… considering the impact that The Regents of California (headed by a Governor with head, heart and soul in a healthy place) could have on the region vis-a-vis the BDS Movement. As in, for starters, divestment actions taken by the UC system.

Use you imagination. Get outside of that fucking box. You’re driving me crazy, well-intentioned, well-educated, highly experienced activists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings in solidarity (without kowtowing to misguided ventures),
P.S. I just got wind of something being planned for March 4th on a huge scale… to protest the tuition hikes, etc. at the University of California. [Pause.] Hey, they can do that — I’ll even pitch in as per their wishes! — BUT… there’s no reason on earth that all those involved can’t be simultaneously getting down with TOSCA. Or something unprecedented that moves one and all in solidarity. Something that will do more than simply change the diapers for the latest bit of poop that’s come down the pike, courtesy of the powers that be… having no potential to undermine the dominant culture… no chance in hell of having babies worldwide blossom and thrive. [If you take the time to listen to the audio... make sure you make note of the wish expressed by the overwhelming number of children in Gaza.]