Unedited Random Thoughts Regarding UC-Berkeley, Etc.

Unedited Random Thoughts Regarding UC-Berkeley, Etc.
Written for J.N.’s consideration… to be shared with others, if at all, cautiously… at the moment.
by The Ox

1. Who are The Regents? I mean, what are their reasons for living? Do members of the Coordinating Committee understand that one cannot (likely) become a member of The Regents and have student/worker interests as a top priority anymore than a Governor of California can afford to…? [You fill in for the gangster, if you will.]
2. Who thinks they’re going to get anywhere putting their bodies on the chopping block? I mean, I’m all for direct action, but… let’s talk about the various forms available… yet untried.
3. What percentage of the student body will not be affected by tuition hikes?
4. What CUTS have been made with regard to employees, classes, etc.?
5. Who is on the Coordinating Committee? How did they come to be on the CC?
6. Can everyone on the CC be trusted to keep the necessary confidence?
7. What fees/costs are expected to rise in addition to tuition hikes?
8. How many members of staff, faculty and other employees are WITH the students in protest? What formal statements have been issued by those people?
9. Why was March 4th chosen as the date for the upcoming BOYCOTT? Jeannette Rankin became the first woman in the House of Representatives in 1917 on that date. Know who she was?
10. What is planned for the 5th, if anything?
11. Has anyone discussed the possibility of asking Bill Gates, Exxon, Oprah and the like to pull the UC out of their hole? [NOTE (new) notes added below which offer an alternative to bothering Obama's Oprah.]
12. What about four members of the CC (or four protesting students statewide) being part of TOSCA’s twelve gubernatorial candidates in 2010, and advertising that fact simultaneously with action being taken on campus? That way we have a shot at BEING THE REGENTS. Or putting unprecedented pressure on them, controlling the Sacred Seat in Sacramento. No money, no time required to enter into that loop. And participation — to whatever degree — can be… well, to be completed upon request.
13. In the spirit of Jeannette Rankin, what about underscoring the obvious link of our wars with the ongoing UC dilemma concerning funds? What about having every other statement spotlighting our abominations/insanity abroad, shedding light on the false financial claims of the UC power brokers? In other words — to give just one example — how about demanding that for a few years the Feds stop funding nuclear weaponry subsidies for the UC and other institutions of higher education in the state as per http://www.zmag.org/zmag/viewArticle/23269? For the purpose of, then, having the $$$, then, to divert to relieving the UC crunch?
14. What are the major areas of study — disciplines — represented by members of the CC?
15. What about some individual members of the CC getting together prior to the 10th with the Ox?
16. Do CC members believe that the powers that be can possibly negotiate in good faith? Do they understand that the Mafia Principle (as delineated by Noam Chomsky in Paul Street’s http://www.zmag.org/znet/viewArticle/23504) precludes the UC from granting any $$ concessions (under pressure from students) even if its in their financial interests to do so, even if it becomes possible to do so?

Following a new paradigm successfully means accomplishing your goals without getting arrested, without establishing a record, without getting physically mauled, without being bought off by accepting limited offers which shortchange segments of your protesting group. And goals should incorporate demands for institutional change over time. That’s where TOSCA can serve as a great asset. So… as you march forward with your immediate demands met, you simultaneously address the fundamental ills plaguing us all… so that advances made aren’t rolled back in the future, so that the world one successfully navigates into upon graduation is a world worth living in. This represents a huge threat to the powers that be ‘cross the board — not just the UC people — and is the main reason why our “first meeting” begs to be secure, dialogue taking place in confidence. A new paradigm will be developed by our collective collaboration. A new world will be born.


Last paragraph referred to in email is directly above.

Regarding the Democracy Now! blah blah

And money is being funneled into the compensation of the star faculty and the star administrators, because in the UC system there’s over 3,000 people who make over $200,000. And many of them make $400,000, $500,000. A lot of them are mostly administrators and staff, and so the university has—basically has fewer and fewer faculty, more and more students and more and more administrators…,

how ’bout proposing that “the stars” be subjected to a similar kind of “surprise” to what the students experienced (in the form of a 32% CUT in pay)?

Regarding “the university says that it’s poor, that it can’t spend money from its other areas on students, on instructions,” …how ’bout attacking all vulnerable aspects of/elements in the university immediately — on an ongoing basis — until the powers that be DO spend money taken in from other areas — generating record profits — for undergraduate education, proper compensation for union workers, and so on, so on, so on? Following a new paradigm for attacking, of course.

As per the information included in just the blah blah at http://www.democracynow.org/2009/11/20/students, it’s clear that there’s money available, that criminality and mendacity, to say the least, are ruling the day. There’s a relatively easy way around this mess, but not via the old models for forcing change. ENTER the singular dialogue which will take place on January 10th. In private.