Dearest Noam Chomsky

Dearest Noam Chomsky:

I am scheduled to speak to University of California students, faculty, staff, parents, labor et al. on Saturday, January 23rd in the United Labor Center Building regarding a possible statewide general strike in response to fee hikes, cuts and layoffs. The current turmoil at educational centers on all levels throughout the state is intense, and it presents a singular opportunity to link on-campus concerns to larger societal issues, including the need for institutional change. A possible (uncompromising) hunger strike is even being discussed at the present moment.

My plan is to urge one and all to move in solidarity behind TOSCA (our effort to Take Over the State of California as per so that we can simultaneously reverse the horrid momentum in educational circles, help the public to self-educate and pave the way for our gubernatorial success.*

*Even an electoral loss will provide invaluable lessons, including the fact that citizens can do miraculous things on a ZERO BUDGET AND VIRTUALLY NO EXPERIENCE.. We hope to attract a number of marginalized parties in the process… stirring up unprecedented trouble… together.

In short, we intend to have twelve unaffiliated, non-politician citizens serving as Governor together — on an equal basis — in lieu of having a single, self-serving careerist at the helm. That goal, we trust, will provide a single unifying element for the currently fragmented/independent activities planned (for educational centers statewide taking part in a March 4th call for action).

Today Paul Street, Vijay Prashad and others joined hands with people who had previously given us their imprimaturs (as per It would be an enormous asset if we could add your name to that list, which includes Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Henry Giroux, Jennifer Loewenstein, Bill Blum, Afshin Rattansi, Gustavo Esteva, Marie Trigona and many others. We are preparing to soon secure solidarity with Rage Against the Machine and Green Day, among others, and we know that your “green light” would do wonders in recruiting in those realms and elsewhere. All that aside, your imprimatur would, unquestionably, help me on the 23rd. If you do not receive this or respond prior to the 23rd of January… your approval will still be invaluable, of course.

Thanks for your kind consideration. And heartfelt applause for your efforts and accomplishments throughout the years. I could not have come up with TOSCA without your inspiration.

Blessings in solidarity,
Richard Martin Oxman
1713 Jennifer Drive
Aptos, CA 95003
831-688-8038 at any hour

P.S. It’s very interesting to note that January 23rd is Paul Robeson’s death date. I have a “connection” with him that goes all the way back to Peekskill in ‘49.